soaringeagles dreadlocks videos

soaringeagles dreadlocks videos

this vids from around when my dreads turned 20 years old my dreadlocks formed in just weeks while camping in the wilderness at a rainbow gathering in vermont

I’ve never done much to them except washing and seperating.

this was around when my dreads turned 21 years old also it shows the best tam i ever had made by 1 of the members at dreadlockssite who sells them in our dreads shops


this is a lil vid i made of many of the members of dreadlockssites dreads explaining the truth about dreads including why dread wax is bad

it not only has photos of amazing beautiful dreads but features some incredible drumming from dun dun villiage at the rainbow gathering (california i think?)

i have had dreadlocks for 21 years now and learned so many things along the way, one thing i learned about dreadlocks themselves is its best to keep things simple. There are sites that recomend complicated regiments with 20 products 20 tools 20 techniques and many hours of effort to force the hair to look like dreads in a hurry. but the reality is that all this effort and expense backfires they actualy dread slower if at all (but look more dreaded being glued in wax or woven with crochet)

the less you do to dreads (within reason washing and perhaps seperating are still recommended) is the best thing you can do for them most products sold to speed up the process actualy slow it down and make it take more effort to see any results at all. lets take wax as an example. the idea behind dread wax is it will hold the hair in place allowing it to not fall apart while being washed so it can dread. then your expected to palm roll every day. the reality is anything that holds prevents movement, and its washing that helps dreads dread, water running through the hair helps it tangle wghen its free to move and not glued in stiff wax. now palm rolling is used to simulate tightening. think about what happens when you apply wax (esantialy a glue) and palm roll hair into wax you compress it it hardens and stiffens  this hardeness can seem to be tighteness to the untrained eye, but no new knots have formed from day 1! you just compress the backcombed knots into wax and it hardens.

naturally hair when washed tangles, if you backcomb it can loosen alot before it tightens but backcombing was never needed so its ok.

but this is the backcombers biggest fear, that they will fall out and all the effort be wasted (unesacary effort is wasted effort by definition) so they turn to wax to prevent it from falling apart and the hardening fools them into thinking it helps them tighten.

as hairs washed and tangles ine knot will tend to pile up on another due to the resulting diferentg lengths and uneveness. this causes looping which is how they dread. this is where some sites say to start crocheting to fix the looping (the signs that they are actiualy dreading) replacing dreading with weaving

the next thing that happens is after you wash eventualy you sleep, when you sleep you compress the knots tightening them. this will flatten the dread temporarily when loose but as yu move in your sleep night after night it flattens 1 way then another and alother causing a rounding tendency overall (usually) so palm rolling is used to mimmic the compression diuring sleep and the movement from being awake (movement now prevented by both stiff wax, and forced extreme tightness by crochet)

so now you have dreads that would normaly dread by the cycles of life (wash be awake go to sleep) instead need hours and hours of forcing them to do what they already were trying to do



why complicate a simple process?


they make you believe its hard and complicated requiring a lock technician loctician to do it right charging up to $1000 dollars for a disaster.

they scare you away from going natural insisting it takes 4 years always (even though u often see dreads in 4 days! or 4 weeks) they tell you it looks rediculous scary and dirty (as aposed to liberty spike wax coated backcombed “dreads” that stick straight up over a foot..and due to wax trapping dirt can never be truly clean)

in short..its greed..they can get rich off of making you believe dreads are hard work




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  1. Lupita says:

    How do you condition your dreads? 🙂 and when should I start?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      depends on hair type and how much they need it if your african american u will need to alot more often in not then probly wont till mature unless very dry
      u can use
      jojoba oil
      aloe vera
      olive oil (not best)
      cocoa butter coconut oil
      aloe or jojoba are best
      the soap i use from has a special clay as well as beer in it so it works in hard water and u rarely need to condition cause t makes your hair so healthy

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