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When you grow your dreads naturally they stay healthy, When you force your dreads to dread your dreadlocks become weak, thin and sometimes you may even go bald.
The dreadlockssite community doesn’t care if you started your dreads in unhealthy ways, we only want to help you take care of them right! No price-tags, no products, no expensive and damaging salons. Just wash and wait.
Although most of the dreads in this video were started naturally, some were not, but have chosen to continue their journey naturally for the sake of their dreads health and happiness.

If you want healthy dreads there really is only 1 place to be:

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22 Responses to New natural dreads video

  1. WorriedDread says:

    hey there, im trying to start dreads but here’s the catch. i ve got african really dry twisty hair and have been growing an afro since july 2016 (now it s december 2016). so there was a lot of combing and conditioning. but it seems to damage my hair and i’m getting tired of that. it’s about 3 inches long now when i stretch it.
    So can i start natural dreading midway or do i have to cut down and start from scratch?

    • soaringeagle says:

      the longer it is to start the faster it will dread
      only disadvantage is longer hair (i’m talking waist length not 3 inches) can shrink extremely drastically and dread so fast you have to separate several times a day to prevent it from forming 1 huge dread
      at 3 inches in your hair type that’s a very good length to start

    • WorriedDread says:

      i read through some comments and pages, and i guess i can. and if i get it right, i think i need to start by cleaning my hair once and for all from residue. Any tips please?

      • soaringeagle says:

        any clarifying or anti residue shampoo will do but these are not the same as non residue dread shampoos anti residue or clarifying shampoos are very toxic meant to be used a few times a year max
        also don’t use that nasty mango lime crap is best but you want the bars, not the liquid

        • WorriedDread says:

          alright, thanks a lot! i wasn’t expecting such fast replies, that positively surprised me.
          i’m glad i found your website. always wanted dreads but never got to do them because i was afraid of the “don’t wash your hair” part. grateful to you for showing how wrong it is. you’re a life changer man keep up the good work

  2. Should i use a sponge with shampo too wash my hair when making natural dreads

  3. Should i use a sponge with shampo too wash my hair when making natural dreads

  4. Vico says:

    Please how long will it take for an african short hair to dread via freeform… am like a month and into the freeform journey… Am from Nigeria

    • soaringeagle says:

      typically all hair takes about a year to mature but can start dreading in hours days weeks etc the fact that its short may slow things a bit
      the longer it is the faster it reads.. African hair dreads much shorter then straighter hair under an inch compared to 6 iches though depending on your texture you might need more like 2 inches before it dreads
      in any case.. 1 months way too early to be worried how long it will take
      if you got enough length and see no progrees in 3 months then you might want to worry if something your doing is interfering with the process (wrong shampoo or something)

  5. Luis Acuña says:

    Hey! How you doing? About 10 months or so I started the wonderful journey of leave my hair be and start growing natural dreadlocks. I have one question, I have thin wavy hair and almost all my dreads are in a zigzag kinda shape. I read that that is a part of the process that after some time more hair is going to cover the zigzag shape and its going to become round. Is that true?? And also some people told me that coconut oil is good for your scalp to maintain your head hydrated, it doesnt interfere with the dreadlocks process??

    Thank you very much!

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      that’s called looping its essential to the process its not that hair covers it they suck in and tighten up
      most go away a few might stay if your really lucky as they are amazing
      any oils will interfere with the process till mature but if the scalps in need just spot treat te scalp
      what do you wash with and how often
      what temp water hot or cold

  6. Courtney johnson says:

    I considered the backcombing process but after one dread it was more effort than i was willing. I like the natural dread idea but how do i get the nice looking dread end result? What if you want your dreads a certain size? I have very curly long hair. Do you just pull them apart to make the ones you want? I dont want to mess this up!

  7. Noa Lynn says:

    I just started my free form journey yesterday but im confused on thw beginning process. I have thick curly frizzy hair. When its not wet it can get really big and poofy. Do i just leave it like this and wash it a few times a week. Or do i section them off first?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      leave it it will section itself in afew days to a weekor 2
      then start to dread you willl then want to seperate so they dont grow together unless yiou want true freeform wich can get very thick and be very hard to care for

  8. Megan M says:

    I’m not sure how to start a new question, so I’m just replying to this one lol
    But I am about a month or so into my natural dread process, I’ve messed with several of them, by backcombing and twisting & ripping
    Probably 4 of them.
    I have very curly red hair & the ones that i have neglected have bcome like flat matted curls, but they aren’t too bad looking yet.
    I’m worried they are going to look strange if I don’t do something with them!

    I’m trying to remember to just enjoy the journey & not stress too much, but a little guidance would be awesome!

    Thanks <3

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      when a dreads flattened 1 way then another and another it tends to get rounder over time ..but the 1 dread that refuses to and stays flat will be your fave just cause its not boring and round like the rest

  9. Cheyenne says:

    i havent washed my hair in about a month, as of right now my hair is about 10-12 inchs long is this a good length to naturally start growing my dreads???
    2nd: i have naturally curly hair, will this change the style of my dreads if i wash them???

    im currently on the journey to finding myself and i feel that this is where my next phase begins :)))

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      you absolutelyu want to wash but wash properly on theres a washing guide wich will really help you
      keep in mind clean hair dreads best
      yea dreading really helpsyou be your true natural self
      its not about finding yourself but allowing yourself to be who you are

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