dreadlocks journey

This is just a lil thing i wrote bout a month ago or so about a hairs journey to dreadlocks


all my life i was just a hair

but somehow i knew i would get there

i was always so straight so fine

perfectly combed into a straight line

along came a breeze and blew me here and there

but for once i was left where i fell without a care

ive always been pushed back out of face forced into place

but now i can go wild be free to knot at my own pace its not a race

i wrap around my neighbour and rub up against her oh wow this feels great

we tighten our grasp tighter and tighter i think i found my mate

but alas our mairiage is not our fate we come apart and feel a loss

but another has come to wrap and carress with a careless head toss

this time the bonds hold our union fortold

shafts penetrating loops pulling eachother in tight

its love that pulls us together not force or might

others gather round us uniting together

th sun the wind the rain the weather


its nature that holds this family together


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11 Responses to dreadlocks journey

  1. Bo says:

    I’m trying to grow freeform dreads sorry for not posting it in the first comment.

  2. Bo says:

    Hi my name is bo I have African Texture hair but it curls up and gets frizzy and the small knot that formed come out. Am I using the wrong shampoo or something. I use okay black Jamaican castor oil moisture and growth shampoo. I have a small afro.

    • soaringeagle says:

      over moisturizing makes it slippery, now most people with African type hair think they have to over moisturize, and under wash. so id definitely recommend an actual dread shampoo
      but your length might need to be lil longer to hold in knots too

  3. Mari says:

    Im trynna get my afro to freeform like how bob marley fro was

  4. taisley says:

    I’m about two months in. It has been a rough ride due to the fact that most people can’t quite understand my intentions. I have found inner peace in my journey, however, and feel like this is the best decision I have ever made. I’ve never felt more beautiful! It’s actually quite liberating. I have about 11 baby dreads trying to form, but the rest of my hair is taking off to a slow start. Patience is definitely not one of my strongest areas but I feel that the whole process has really instilled in me the ability to be patient, to let things happen on their own time. This is just the beginning, folks! I absolutely cannot wait to see what my future has in store. I’ve looked to this site for advice and comfort many a time. I appreciate all of you and your feedback so much! Thanks much, and to all of you I wish the best of luck with your journey. Peace, love, and locks!

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      your nit slow your around average altho some dread in days or weeks a couple to few months is perfectly average
      often dealing with others attitudes id the hardest part but its what makes you stronger

  5. katya says:

    love this :)) lovely read

  6. Gabriel says:

    thats beautifull my friend

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