the old I dont have patience for natural dreads thing

the truth is more often then not natural dreads don’t take too long often faster then you expected.

in some rare cases it does take longer but for those who it did they really feel they earned their dreads and cherish them forever


its kinda funny to me when ppl say they don’t have the patience to go natural when growing dreadlocks  cause very often it takes no patience at all


recently many freinds started growing natural dreads, and nearly all of them were amazed by how fast the hair dreaded naturaly, some found dreads by day 4, others by day 7 and a few by day 14

and yea i said day..not week..not month

every 1 of them was excited every day by the changes they saw.. it wasnt any agonizing waiting game, no it was constantly being surprised by the constant evolution  on their heads.


its kinda  funny to me that they dont have the patience to just let things happen, but they do have the patience to have their hair pulled for 9 hours straight, then to work on them 4 hours a day every day month after month..


makes me wonder how they would feel if they only tried doing nothing a few weeks

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  1. Sheldon1 says:

    Hey I just started dreading about 3 weeks now,naturally.So I have seen a lot of progress my hair is very coarse so yeah.but the problem is after waking up….you know the bed head what should I do about it I wouldn’t wanna disturb the process I wash my hair every three days and it responds well now

    • soaringeagle says:

      the bed head will compress knots tightening them, just make sure its not causing a bunch of sections to form into 1 big dread.. separate if needed but only if needed

  2. riles says:

    I’m a little nervous to start dreading my hair. I’ve been reading up on all types of techniques and I think naturally dreading it will be best for my hair. I have curly, Caucasian hair that is about an inch or two past my shoulders. My hair is very thick and that is why I’m a little nervous to start because I don’t want to look like I’m just neglecting my hair and creating a big puff ball. Another concern is that I have Seborrhea which is a dry/flakes scalp. Should I continue to wash with medicated shampoos or will that mess up the process? I also don’t really know how to start, do you just wash your hair regularly but stop combing it and putting product in it? That’s kind of impossible for me because my hair gets very frizzy. Thanks.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      you want it to get frizzy and look crazy at 1st
      you want to stop the medicated shampoo, use an all natural herbal 1 that will treat it better like teatree and rosemary or patchouli (stop using hot water too)
      most shampoos contain sls wich actualy will cause it even while treating it
      wash and go let it get messy then dread

  3. Spiritual healing says:

    Well, speaking of patience I have a problem. My hair hasn’t grown since it was cut in April. I have African textured hair, and before attempting to have free form locks my hair grew normally. Now it’s not growing at all, and my locs come loose every time I wash them. Please help soaringeagle

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      when dreading it shrinks not grows till they are mature they will loosen some as you wash then tighten try to only scrub the scalp not the hair

  4. Huguini says:

    Is it ok if i just use regular shampoo and put my hair in a bun during the day ? I want em to turn to dreads but I don’t wana do a thing to my head or . my hairs already long pass my shoulders is too late to do the freeform?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      regular shampoos both have residues wich build up and cause dread rot, and condition
      no longer hair dreads faster
      u can put it in a bun but 2 things will happen 1 it will slow progress they need to hang loose and be free to move if u must ddo a bun do it loose and take it out as soon as u can though a loose pony tails better
      the other risk is it dreads into a dread bun, 1 big knottedmass
      the more its up the more u will have to separate to prevent a monodread

  5. Stefanee says:

    so last year I started to dread my hair using the twist and pull method and my hair looked awful and would break all the time the more i played with it so i took them out…This year ive started again but doing it naturally with a little crochet. Im headed to the beach in about nine days and I wanted to know if there is anything to look out for while in or around all that sand or salt water…. any feed back would be awesome!!!

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      crochet will make them weak and break faster then anything its extremely damaging just wash out the sea water afterbeing in it dsand should shake out when dry
      never ever crochet
      if tnr made them break you probably werewashing wrong and playing with them way too much or severely overusing sea salt
      tnr is gentle (tnr=twist and rip aka twist and pull) crochet is brutal its like using a jackhammer compared to the feather light touch of tnr
      unfortunately crochet recovery takes a very very long time

      what were you washing with and how when the tnr dreads were breaking

  6. Wuan says:

    Soaringeagle i am African American and starting my dread journey. I am going to order the liquid shampoo you speak of, but I wanted to know what I should use to moisturize my hair as it will get very dry. I saw you approved of someone using shae. Is there anything else you would recommend?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      get the bar not liquid the liquids made to dry out other hair types
      jojoba oil argon oil these are great
      but with the bar u shouldnt need much

  7. Melina says:

    Hello, I came upon your site. And I like the advice you give to others. I like your story as well.. after 7 years, I finally decided to start my journey.. I put the brush and comb down since Sunday, also said goodbye to conditioner. I bought hemp shampoo and African black soap to wash my hair when it’s time. Are these okay? I’ll be using one at a time. I went to an organic store, and I couldn’t find any dread lock shampoos..

    • Melina says:

      I noticed I posted in the wrong section lol oops.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      it depends the hemp shampoo probly not if u have hard water the black shampoos tend to be loaded with shae wich is great if yoir african american if not it will prevent dreads is what i recomend above all others the liquid eaerly on unless your african american then maybe the bars the liquid dries the hair to dread faster

    • Melanie says:

      I have had dreads for 8 years. Natural. I do cherish them. My secret, I wash my dreads, once every 4 months…unless I went in the ocean or a pool, or if someone threw crap in em. I wash them with dish soap. Best stuff I’ve found. It washes purely. Breaks down oils. You NEVER want to do wax or any crap. Was never washes out. If you were to cut a mature dread that has used wax. The inside of the dread would be gross…I am actually against everything aside from dish soap no extra shampoo additives, regardless. And it cleans very well. And…it makes your normal hair feel amazing. Check out my dreads or contact me on instagram. SKTCH

  8. Madge says:


    I just wanted to thank you for having your websites. They are a really useful resource for someone like me, who after years of hankering after dreads has decided to finally take the plunge! So, big love to you! Xxx

    I am at the very beginning of my journey ( it’s literally only 3days!!) but I am so surprised to be seeing some results already!!

    I have simply twisted / twiddled my long hair into lots of thin strands, which seem to be holding together on their own, I re-twiddle when I notice one has come apart, and I’m noticing that, 3 days in, they are starting to knot/dread together!! Especially at the bottoms, where my hair is driest / most brittle. Which is very exciting!!

    My question is: my hair is very thin and so therefore my strands (which will eventually become my dreads) are also very thin. Am I likely to obtain success, and eventually end up with nice dreads, if they are so thin, or should I start again with thicker and fewer strands? (It’s not too late for me to smoother out what I’ve started?)

    (BTW: twiddle is in official term!!) ;0)

    And I know you say not to twist, so I wondered if I have made an error by doing this?
    It just seems a good way for me to get them started as my hair seems to be naturally sitting really comfortably in these strands? Thanks for any advice…x

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      what your doing isnt harmful like tight twisting but isnt nesacary either in days or so it would have sectioned itself naturally then started to dread they will thicken up to the size of the sections at the scalp (toughly)
      i wouldnt redo it if they fall apart just let them find thier own way

  9. Andre says:

    I have stopped combing and brushing my hair for over a week now. I’m African American but my hair is naturally curly. I only have an inch on top and less then that on the side, but I am enjoying seeing my hair in its natural state. It seems stronger as the gather together to appear as a thicker curl, and it feels stronger. I have a long way to go but I look forward to some congos!

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      awesome just remember fat congos are harder to care for and can cause problems

      • Andre says:

        Could u go more into detail please?

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          over an inch thick they take way longer to dry and are harder to clean at 2 inches they take forever to dry and are very likely to get moldy
          they can pull unevenly causing pain be very hard to clean the scalp beneath sich a thick base unconfortable to sleep on etc etc

  10. beth florance says:

    I have stopped combing my hair about weeks ago but the dreads arent looking very good. It just looks like a big rats nest in the back of my head. What can I do to make them look neat and small/tight.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      its only been weeks u need to give it months and months but seperate often so u dont end up with a huge dread

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