Natural dreadlocks

Natural dreadlocks

The term natural dreadlocks is often very misunderstood and misused. Salons and locticians often offer natural dreadlocks meaning any dreadlocks that are real hair,not synthetic.others mean no wax or perm and consider crochet natural

but, natural dreads dread naturally


natural dreadlocks

natural dreadlocks no wax


they start from loose combed hair and become dreads orgaicly

sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes months they begin the transformation by allowing it to happen at its own pace in its own way

i’ve actually seen hair become dreads in a night if it wasn’t braided before bed every night. not mature of course but it became baby (monster baby his wanted to dread so fast it would have been 6 massive dreads in days)


it’s funny to me in a way how some people go years wanting to dread then when they finally decide to want to rush through the process..the journey then want to dreads in a day


natural dreads

natural dreads

My dreadlocks began in the wilderness, camping a few weeks in the mountains of Vermont

only the back was long enough to dread at the time but it dreaded real fast by just adding beads to loose hair

the rest dreaded as it got long enough over next couple months

I separated alot early on so ended up with tons of dreadsĀ  the number always changing at times over 200

but last few years hardly at all letting the roots thickenĀ  up alot more to in the 50s range

but still new babies are born all the time

no effort needed its what hair wants to do


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445 Responses to Natural dreadlocks

  1. Monterrious says:

    Thanks for helping my journey I decided to use apple cidar vinegar and baking soda. My question now is it ok to dry hair in circular motion while trying to freeform what would you recommend as far as a way to dry hair while freeforming?

  2. Monterrious says:

    Can you freeform with using just warm water?

  3. Troy says:

    Hello my question is, can someone begin to freeform if there is thin/bald spot in the front of their hair by the hairline. What are your thoughts on that? Would trying to freeform be a waste of time if hair is thinning right there?

  4. nattydread says:

    im african american and i was just wondering how long should i do the towel rub method?

    and is sea salt spray good for my hair?

    i have a mini fro and its very thick

    i dont have no money for shampoo so i just mimic the trees and just use water

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      u should only towel rub once ti start then leave them alone
      sea salt dries out caucasian hair so it dreads faster it will do the same for yours but yours is dry..too dry by nature so i wouldnt recomend it at least not often

  5. Boogaloo says:

    Hey Soaring Eagle. First I want to thank you for pointing me in the right direction 18 months ago when I decided to dread all naturally based on your advice. I started with the sea salt spray and the liquid shampoo from, and I’ve been using the bar shampoo for a few months since that ran out. My dreads are all between 10 and 13 inches each now, which I’m thrilled with.

    Wanted to check in after all this time and see if there’s anything else I should be doing or not doing to continue on the path of healthy natural dreads. I usually was my hair once a week with the bar. I find that I haven’t needed to separate two dreads at the root for a couple months now, they all seem to be growing very independently. My hair is quite a bit thinner on the top of my head. I wouldn’t say I’m balding, yet, but it’s definitely noticeable at certain angles. Anything to combat this?

    Appreciate any advice man, thanks!

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      i only separate after using the liquid wich makes them all try to instantly congo
      the thinning u never did any root maintenance right no twisting or rubbing
      u can try biotin that should help

  6. Marques says:

    I am a black male trying to freeform my hair i have recently twisted my hair into what i would call baby dreads no rubberbands used at the roots and now i am letting them grow. I am not sure whether or not they are locking yet but my head is itching which could be because of this recent change i have made my scalp experience. I want to wash with my shampoo and conditioner both are mane n tail btw but i’m terrified of my hair untwisting and being setback.This is my hair grateful for any help.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      washings the best thing for dreads but u might want a dread shampoo mane and tale are no good for dreads
      with the bars from you shouldnt need conditioners (they ship super fast)
      dont worry bout them coming out twists arent dreads and they will dread without the twists

  7. Franklin says:

    Hey so my post disappeared. Wondering what’s up? Let me know so I can repost. Got some important questions for you my friend.


  8. Franklin says:

    Hey man. I just started my dread journey about a week ago and I have a few questions for you. First off, I’m a white guy with naturally straight hair so I was wondering if there is anything special that I’ll need to do because of that. Now, when I started my dreads I had a friend start with the backcombing method and honestly she didn’t do a very good job with the roots. There are a lot of loose strands. Should I have someone do something about that or just let them go and do their own thing? I’m going to stay away from using any kind of wax products and I still haven’t washed them yet. I do plan on getting some Dr bronners liquid soap tomorrow though unless you have any advice on something better to use. Also, the tips of my dreads are whisky and I was wondering if eventually when they mature if they will grow into themselves and look more like little snakes.

    I know this is going to be a long journey and I’m definitely excited to take this path. Sometimes I get caught up in the whole instant gratification thing and I get a little impatient. So I thank you for your wisdom and inspiration.

    Any advice would be much appreciated my friend.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      the roots will be loose for many months definitely do not do anything to them except keep them separated
      bronners wont work in hard water is bestthe liquid will help it dread
      the tips sre best offloose as then water drains out blunted tips make them take 5 times longer to dry

  9. Franklin says:

    So I just saw something on here that said I need to comment twice to prevent spam or something. So yea.

  10. Franklin says:

    Hey man I’m glad I found this site. I just started my dread journey about a week ago and I have a few questions for you. I definitely want to make my process as natural as possible, but I did start them out by backcombing. my friend who started them didn’t really do the roots very well so there are a lot of loose strands and there sectioned off randomly. Some bigger than others. My first question would be, should I have someone redo my roots or just let them go and do their own thing? I think its day 7 now and I haven’t washed them yet but based off of what I’ve seen here I do plan on doing that tomorrow. I’ll have to pick up some Dr bronners unless you have advice on anything better to use. I don’t plan on using any wax either. I’m a white guy and my hair is naturally straight so I was also wondering if there is anything special that I will need to do because of that. I’m kind of lost on what to do right now so hopefully I can get some good info from you that will keep my spirits up along this journey. Any advice would help at this point man. I know I have a long path ahead of me and sometimes the whole instant gratification thing gets the best of me. thanks for the inspiration and help.

  11. kingj says:

    Hey there im african american male and i have grew a small fro

    I stopped combing my hair and started doing the towel rub method

    But everytime i wet my hair it unravels

    I have some knots in the back of my hair but the front doesn’t seem to knot unless i do the rub method

    I shampoo with shea moisture’s african black soap deep cleansing shampoo

    I actually bought that yesterday

    I use to wash with suave shampoo but i felt that wouldn’t help my hair knot

    Is there anything i need to stop doing?

    I trained myself to wash my hair 2 times a week

    This is my 2nd freeform journey so i want this set of loc to

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      although african hair does tend to need extra moister too much prevents dreading oils conditioners etc make the hair slippery harder to hold knots
      your washinjg often enough so many with your type hair especialy those who do the salon locs dont wash the 1st 6 months to a year then only every 2 months after
      (and they call freeform nasty dirty etc)
      the shampoo might not be the best..suave absolutely wasnt
      towel rubbing creates a general knotty mess but then next towel rub can rub away the knots u created before when u wash try to mostly scrub the scalp and not disturb the hair as much as u can makes an excelent dread shampoo the liquid tho has sea salt for fast dreading (in my type hair) it would dry yiurs out wich would make it dread faster but could get too dry and brittle the bars might be better though alotta african americans report that washing more they need less extra products like shae or oils so if u find that your not excessively dry if u dont use the moisturizing shampoo then id try to avoid the extra moisture if u can
      other then that id consider stop rubbing and start waiting u sleep on the back so the back dreads fastest
      if u rub it in then wash it out then rub it in and wash it out u get nowhere u make no progress at all but if u leave it alone it will progress on its own u just wont see the visible results after each wash ..also it might help for it to grow a tad more african hair dreads short but still needds enough length to dread starting with twisties u can start real short but freeform 1/2 inch more can make a big difference
      in the end it all comes down to time and patience thoughh

  12. Ariella says:

    Hi there! Two months ago, some friends ‘put in’ dreads for me using the methods of backcombing and root-flipping/interlocking. I’ve since learned that root-flipping is a really bad idea, but it’s non-reversible, and they are still knotting up–a little too well, in fact! Some dreads are so tight near the roots that they are pulling awkwardly, making my scalp constantly tender. If I lightly tug on a dread, the perimeter hairs especially hurt and feel as though they ‘don’t fit’ comfortably into that dread–so I cut or break those few hairs most of the time. The top dreads do look a bit gap-y; and I don’t wear hats or do anything to my hair while I sleep except move it out of my face.

    Also, as is common, my head itches. A lot. Washing helps (I use Bronner’s liquid and/or bar), but not for long. I do not towel dry–just shake ’em like a dog, so fun!–or put any products in my hair. There’s a pretty good amount of dandruff partying on my head, too.

    Seeing as my dreads have all been root-flipped and there is stress on them from tight roots which have dreaded up past the root-flipped point, all combined with horribly uneven sectioning…do you think it’s worth leaving them in? My head is so irritated; I can hardly stand the tenderness and itching, and that shaver is looking’ mighty tempting…

    Thanks so much for any and all advice! Be well!
    PS, your dreads are fucking fantastic.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      well although interlocking is absolutely horible its not an automatic death sentence in 3 months those roots will loosen up and me more confy
      stop using hot water and wash a lil more often
      and tell those freinds how horible root flipping is

      everytime i hear “put in” or worse “installed’ i cringe

  13. Lamont says:

    I’ve been told by a couple of my younger siblings that my hair feels rough. I’ve been dreading for about 6 to 7 months and I wonder if this has anything to do with me not conditioning? when I started my “freeform” journey I was told to not condition them, I also wonder if its because I do have a significant amount of congos and maybe that’s why they might not feel as smooth as smaller dreads? is there anything I could use to soften up my hair that’s natural and if this is something I should be worried about because I wash frequently with dread shampoo(and oil on some occasions) but wonder if there’s anything else I may be missing? please and THank you

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      assuming your african american your type hairs excessively dry so still needs moisture to avoid it getting brittle what shampoo are you using some dread shampoos just suck u can use a lil jojoba or pure aloe straight from the plant added to a rinse
      depenbding what shampoo u use u might want to change thast as well

      • Lamont says:

        yes I am African American. i have coconut oil and jojoba oil but in like a shay butter form. I use shampoo from the dreadlocks shampoo site, I was recommended it by a friend who said you recommended it to him, its the liquid kind.

  14. Tim says:

    I’m in the process of looking, for another job. I fear they won’t accept that I’m gowing dreads. Some companies frown on dreads. Is there anything that I can do to keep from having to cut them off? If i had to to get rid of them to get a job, and start the process again regrowing them. After, I have regrown my hair do you recommed doing the comb coil method. And from that point let dread.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      legaly they cant descriminate if your dreads are grown forr religios or spiritual reasons thast may also include cultural
      thats why the over mainttaining backfires cause thenm its a meaningless hairstyle nothingmoiee but natural dreads are spiritual so protected by law they cannot make u cut them if they even say you should then they cant not hire u or risk a lawsuite
      now ill tell u i had mnany freinds cut for jobs..and nevber get the jobsw others refused to cut and gotr the job
      very few jobs wiloko frown on them and then its the individual not the job
      some may have company policy like no distractingf styles if it doesnt specificly state dreads then u can ignore that..if it does saty dreads thats a violation of your rights

  15. Aaron says:

    Just stopping by with an update on my locs
    Check out my 5th month

  16. Tim says:

    I have a few questions for you, how can you tell when hair is fully locked? And at what point, does the dreads become longer? As I stated earlier, I have two y shaped dreads, some thick ones and some small ones. I have been growing dreads, since June of 2013 and this past will be one year.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      i dont think fully locked is even s coirrect term since u are always going to have some hairs not locked hoiwever matures typicaly a year or 2 thats when they stop acting crazy stop changing so much and settle down around then they stop shrinking goough a short zero growth stage then grow tyoicaly by year 2 youve regained a good bit of length

  17. Tim says:

    Hey Soaring My hair is forming dreads, without twisting or help from a Salon. It’s been a year this past friday. I have some dreads that are two together on the back of my head. They are y shaped. Glad that I took your advice about twisting, and just wash it and go.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      im glad too so many twisters will end up with balding issues
      i have lket many of mine combine as many as 6 into 1 but they were real thin to start off

  18. cinetech says:

    I’ve had my dreads for four years. They are small/med size – 20 inches long. Every month I’ve had them washed & twisted at a salon. I’m ready to go free form. How should I proceed? I have appox 120 locs. Can I stop twisting and palm rolling? Will free form give the thick locs I want?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      well you should never have twisted them! twisting causes traction alopecia and slow but sure balding (it takes years to become permanent)
      120 locks will always be thin if not alowed to combine (congo)
      but you absolutely must stop both twisting and palm rolling (and salons!) to have healthy dreads tho theres been plenty of damage already at least the scalp will recover slowly from the twisting trauma (it kills thje capilaries that provide bloodflow to the follicles)
      palm rolling actualy does nothing at all except cause damage well unless wax was used then it compresses the wax into the core ..if wax was ever used then it must be removed
      id suggest u join in the featured vids watch the twisting interlocking root tightening dangers vid
      post your photos and let us know how thick youd want them and we can help u get thick healthy locks naturally

  19. Frank says:

    Hello there,
    I luckly came across this website when searching for something. I love dreads for a long time but couldnt start one till recently. Im an African and got to know the only way that works for our hair texture is the twisting. I have about 3″ hair lenght and have been twisting for shortly over two months now. I wash them every two to three weeks and each time i finished washing they end back in the same way i started. Then i have to re twist them. I will be extremely glad if i can get a little help from an experienced or an African textured hair dreadlocks wearer, pls.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      it absolutelu is not the only way and retwisting should be avoided at all costs
      retwusting causes traction alopecua the roots thin and the scalp gets bald gaps between dreads wuch progresses into wisde spread balding
      all hair dreads naturally
      wash and go do nothing else and it dreads separate as needed
      stop twisting now
      if wax was used or any products containing wax uoi must remove it
      go to click featured videos
      watch the 1 called twisting interlocking root tightening dangers

      and stop retwisting

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      also besides stopping the twisting you should wash more ..weekly at a minimum but 2-3 times a weeks best

      whoever told you that twistings the only way didnt have a clue

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