Natural dreadlocks

Natural dreadlocks

The term natural dreadlocks is often very misunderstood and misused. Salons and locticians often offer natural dreadlocks meaning any dreadlocks that are real hair,not synthetic.others mean no wax or perm and consider crochet natural

but, natural dreads dread naturally


natural dreadlocks

natural dreadlocks no wax


they start from loose combed hair and become dreads orgaicly

sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes months they begin the transformation by allowing it to happen at its own pace in its own way

i’ve actually seen hair become dreads in a night if it wasn’t braided before bed every night. not mature of course but it became baby (monster baby his wanted to dread so fast it would have been 6 massive dreads in days)


it’s funny to me in a way how some people go years wanting to dread then when they finally decide to want to rush through the process..the journey then want to dreads in a day


natural dreads

natural dreads

My dreadlocks began in the wilderness, camping a few weeks in the mountains of Vermont

only the back was long enough to dread at the time but it dreaded real fast by just adding beads to loose hair

the rest dreaded as it got long enough over next couple months

I separated alot early on so ended up with tons of dreads  the number always changing at times over 200

but last few years hardly at all letting the roots thicken  up alot more to in the 50s range

but still new babies are born all the time

no effort needed its what hair wants to do


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445 Responses to Natural dreadlocks

  1. donald says:

    hi , i v got a year “natural” afro but wanna start natural locks. but the question is must i jsut let it do wateva it wanna do or must i blowdry my afro before starting the journey?

    • kelvin says:

      hi , i v got a 8months natural fro but wanna start natural locks. but wants it the same as bob marley but i learnt he had a blown afro before starting his journey can i also do the same with conditioners or just le it do wateva it wants to ?

      • soaringeagle2 says:

        theres no “must” abouit it u can do either

      • soaringeagle2 says:

        well conditioners slow or stop the process they are made to make hair “managable” meaning less knottu but african hair requires some moisture so it doesnt get too dry and brittle
        so i wouldnt use stoee bought conditioners instead jojoba oil or aloe (straight from the p,ant) and only as much as needed to prevent excesive dryness

  2. Arghya Superramp says:

    Hi, been in the journey for 2 months now and it feels great to live this free life, I dont care any more if my hair dreads at all or not(though its already starting I guess). Here’s some short queries,
    1. I did to dreads by backcombing at the beginning just to experiment, and I dont like one of them now (natural ones are the sexiest one), is there any way to undread them now? I dont want to cut it off from the root…..

    2. In india by the name of vinegar they seem to be selling only synthetic acytic acid and water solution, is here something else natural which I can use instead of vineger as conditioner after a soda wash? Tried to get something from online but including the shipping it costs me few months meal ticket to get them down to India……

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      that maybe good enough to use im not sure can you get dr bronners there? u can use that instead of the soda wash (diluted 12-1_ but not if you have hard water these are amazing the shipping’s high if u get 1 but its bulk rate so if u get 5 or 6 its the same shipping price
      as for the backcombed dreads yes you can soak that 1 in conditioners or olive oil (not just vinegar something more conditioning) then comb it out carefully slowly and gently from the tip up towards the roots

  3. Tim says:

    I have a Question for you, I hope you can answer it. I see a lot of black people who, have dreads but they don’t look like matted knotted hair. When you look at Bob Marley’s dreads or even your dreads they look like matted knotted up hair. These people’s dreads look like twisted hair. 2nd Question How long does it, take for the hair to lock up? I’m in my sixth month, and it doesn’t seem like it’s locking up. Thanks for your answers.

  4. Tim says:

    After twisting for 2 weeks, it seem like most of my dreads were gone. After I stopped twisting and using the Tea Tree from they started to grow back rappidly. I started back using the bar Patchouli soap. Why I don’t know, but the Tea Tree was making my hair to soft. Almost like baby hair. The bar soap makes it more coarse. Also, I purchased a wool sweater at a thrift shop for $5.00. Hopefully, this will help with knotting. Do you know anyone, who has had this experience?

  5. Pedro says:

    hi! i’ve been growing dreads for over a year, but i still have no dreads! i use shampoos and soap from, wash once per week. my hair is separated into super super baby dreads since the begining but it doesnt seem to change from this. some even break and become loose hair. i cant seem to get to the phase 3 of the natural dreads. any tips? what can i do? maybe twist and rip? thank you! =D

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      are you using the bar or liquid
      when you wash ae]re you mostly scrybbing just the scalp?
      or are you scrybbing all the hair
      how longs the hair
      how are you drying are you towel drying
      do u tie em back or wear a hay alot
      tnr is an option but lets look at what u might be doing wrong 1st

      • Pedro says:

        thanks for the answer =D
        i´m using the liquid and the bar, mostly only the liquid and sometimes both because of dandruffs.
        i scrub just the scalp.
        my hair is about 1 hand below the shoulders but it is not even.
        i tie them back maybe 1 day a week and do not use any hats.
        i towel dry then i try to dry in the sun (i say try because sometimes thats not an option).

  6. t.j says:

    Is it ok for my scalp to itch? If not what can I do to prevent it?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      some itching maty happen as your scalp adjusts but teatree rosemary and pepermint will all help if u use the shampoo i mentioned or the baking sodsa with teatree androsemary (essential oils) it shouldnt itch
      when it does its time to wash
      also cut out the hot water wich dries out the scalp

  7. t.j says:

    So I came across dr.bronners organic soap at the local vegan market. Can I use the bar soap on my hair? And what should my hair look like after about 5 days of not brushing my curly hair? It just looks like some of the curls are curling together but no signs of locking

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      bronners vdepends on your water type in hard water u wont be able to rinse bronners out it will leave u sticky and oily also the liquids better if u dont have hard water so u can dilute it alor
      alr=ternatives are or the baking soda method on
      its way too soon to expect locking for all but the fastest dreaders the curling togethers sectioning its what happens 1st if u got sectioning happening in 5 days dreads will soon follow
      but..whats soon mean? weeks? a month? its anones guess but sectioning in under a week or 2 is a good sign

  8. Tim says:

    I found another way, to treat my scalp with the Jojoba oil. I’m using a spray bottle, I put a little water and a couple of drops of oil and I spray it on my scalp. It’s better this way, so im not touching my scalp, and I’m not disturbing hair that’s trying to dread. I also signed up with the dreadlock site.

  9. Tim says:

    I hope I’m not bugging you, but theres so much information on the internet on dreading hair. Some of it good some bad. I can’t ask other people with dreads, most of them have Salon dreads, or have twisted their hair. I’m glad that I came a cross, your web site in June of this year. Your web site, started me on the right path to dreading my hair the natural way. Thanks for all your help, and I hope that my hair will lock up soon.

  10. Tim says:

    I am currently taking 5000 MCG of organic Biotin, along with 600 MCG in my organic multivitamin. Can too much Biotin, cause hair to not dread? I’m thinking about stop taking Biotin and using Jojoba oil and just wash every seven to ten days and see if I see some improvement. Nov 21 of this year will make it my sixth month and I’m not seeing improvement.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      no biotin only helps it grow
      over using jojoba will prevent dreads using it at all in noin african hair wil prevent dreads
      you have arfrican hair if i remember right so need something to combat dryness just use the bare mninumum u can
      your taking biotin to increasee growth>/ how long is it how long have you taken it

  11. jake says:

    so this is my 3rd day natural dreading and after. washing my hair with baking soda its really this suppose to happen? and will my hair lock up like this? I have pretty curly hair too

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      no it sounds like you did it wrong
      mix 1 part baking soda 10 parts water (1/2 a cutp to 5 cups as an example)
      pour over head soak 10 minutes then rinse
      now if your naturaly oily skip acv if not mix only a spoonful or 2 to 5 or 10 cups water pour on and rinse right away

  12. Tim says:

    How do you know, when your hair is locking up?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      when individual strands stop being separate and are all “locked in” together
      if you mean filly mature its when they stop changing so much all the time are done shrining

  13. t.j says:

    So iv been trying to naturally dread my hair and I have thick curly hair that’s about 4 inches.I haven’t layed a comb or brush on it for about 2 weeks. Iv washed it twice in this time using acv and baking soda can someone tell me exactly what I need to do every day?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      just what your doing (dont towel dry tho) how are you mixing and using the bs/acv though
      as long as u use the right ratios in th e right ways your good

      • t.j says:

        Well I’m using some recipe online with 3/4th cups. Of ACV, 1tsp of sea salt, 2 tsp of lemon juice and 1/4th cup of baking soda all in a large bowl of warm water and sorry I have another question, is it true that curly hair locks up faster? Because Icant see any “dread” looking areas on my hair. Just big curls

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          oh noooo ok thats alll wrong yikes
          1 baking soda combined with acv creates a volcanowo a violent chemical reaction resulting in carbonic acid..not what you want! wherever u found that you need to set them straight
          baking soda and acv must never mix! again lemon is a acid that should never combine with the alkaline baking soda lemon is a scronger acid that seeps into the hairs core and disolves it from the inside out weakening it

          ok this is the proper way
          mix 1 cup baking soda to 10 cups water (must be a 1-10 ratio 1/2 cup to 5 cups etc)

          pour that over wet hair
          soakl 10 minutes thenm rinse (no scrubbing)
          after rinsingf the baking soda out use just 1 or 2 tables[oons acv oin 5-10 cups water
          pou on then rinse emediately (skip acv if excessive oiliness is an issue ..for a week or 2 till its less oily then eesume)
          once the dreads are matuire after rinsing baking sioda use the same ammount acv as baking soda soaking 3 min b4 rinsing

          ypu can add to the baking soda esential oils like teatree riosemary lavander pepermint etc as needed fpr dandruff or whatever u need to treat

          make sure u corect that site u saw that on!
          they were ruining your hair

  14. Tim says:

    Which type of Tam would you recommend to a person? I work in a dusty enviorment, and I don’t want all that dust in my hair. Also, I found out for myself, that twisting is more work than most realize. Everytime I washed I had to redo them. And After watching a video of a lady, that has been dreading for 11 yrs simply by washing and seperating. A whole lot easier, than twisting. So I don’t have any plans, on twisting anymore. And I won’t allow myself to be pursuaded by others to twist.

  15. Tim says:

    I meant to ask you, if you wait for 2 weeks before washing your hair does it help to lock up the hair. I have heard that if, you wash it too much that it can undo hair that is trying to dread. Is there other ways to clean your scalp aside from running water throught the hair?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      washing is what makes it dread tho if u force start them washing loosens them 1st
      salons sometimes recomend not wetting or ashing for a year!
      but if your growing natural dreads washing more oftwen is best

      • that guy you know says:

        what salons say you shouldnt wash for a year? I have never heard of something like that, even basic knowledge of hair would tell you to wash. I think you have some misinformation yourself here about that at least. That being said i love this site.

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          actualy many do especialy ones catering to african hair some just 3-6 months but many d=say not to even wet the hair for a year the salons then use witch hazle on the scalp every month or 2

  16. Tim says:

    Have you ever heard, of Jojoba Oil? I purchased a bottle of it, and it has Canola Oil,Sunflower Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil,Grape seed Oil,Horse Chestnut Seed Extract, Seabuckthorn Extract,Green Tea Extract,Nettle Extract,Ginko Biloba Extract, Fragrance. Is this safe to use on hair, for someone dreading? Oh, yeah have you ever heard, of people have their hair sowed with yarn in an attempt to get dreads?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      jojoba is the closest thing to your natural oils
      for african hair yes its great other types not till mature
      the sewing with yarn is to make temporary dreads to see if you like dreads i mean would you want yarn stuck in yours forever?
      not all salons tell u they arent real dreads either

  17. Tim says:

    Where can I get, some good Tea Tree Oil (organic that is)? Mainly I will use it after washing to keep scalp moist. Also, I purchased a bottle of the Pink Sea salt spray some months ago. When I use it, the second day my hair starts to smell. Why is this?

  18. Rebecca says:

    Hi! I am doing neglect/natural dreadlocks. I haven’t combed my hair for 4 months. I wash it about every 3rd day. I just need to ask this: The hair on the top of my head are dreadlocks, but the under layers of my hair are “normal” hair, they don’t form into dreadlocks. Is this natural? Will they form with time? Also, the dreadlocks I have are very “poofy” and lot’s of loose hairs. Like REALLY poofy/fluffy. Is this also normal? They also try to create a “mat” in my scalp, I try so separate them often but they still do… Thank you!

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      underneath layer meaning around the hairline? hairline hairs finner and silkier so dreads slowest
      also if u wear them up alot or back that may affect things
      also you touch it more
      it will catch up
      4 months are just babies people who tnr or backcomb tend to loosen even fall apart the 1st 4 months before redreading
      the matt at the roots is ok as long as the interconnected webbing doesnt extend up between 2 dreads you cant seperate whats flat against the scalp only whats connecting dread to dread
      if your concerned go on (my main site) and post photos in the forums

      • Rebecca says:

        Thank you for your answer! No I mean the hair that’s above my ears is dreads, but the hair in the back/near my neck is not. It’s kind of hard to describe, hope you understand what I mean. I’m from Sweden and my english isn’t that good. I maybe will post some photos there or do a youtube video or something. thanks!

  19. Tim says:

    Oh yeah, forgot to ask you, what do you think about people who start out dreading their hair using the twist with a comb. They part the hair according to the size they want the dread to be. Next they apply locking gel, and secure the hair with a duck bill clip until it dries.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      the comb coils arent a bad way to start for straighter type african hair ..but the gels unesacary and builds up the clipping as it dries is silly they often bake in the gel so it hardens ..wich is not smart the hardened gel will prevent proper dreading..or at least delay it

      unfortunately after the comb coils most fall into the retwisting or interlocking habit and really screw them up

      • Tim says:

        What is Interlocking? I have met people that retwist, and their dreads look very good. The people say that it makes the dreads look neater.

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          problem is how they define :”looking neater” is no hair in the scalp between dreads. and the roots pulled in painfully tight destroying the curculation to the scalp causing traction alopecia and balding
          interlocking is incredible stupid
          they make a gap in the roots then pull the whole dread through the gap
          this cayses that spot to be much weaker and have no shockabsorbtion so more likely to snap off under strain it also tightens the roots too much and causes holes and a crinkly look

          thats what “looking neat” will get you in the long run
          does that look neat to you?

          • Tim says:

            No it doesn’t look neat. After seeing that video, I won’t be twisting my hair, or any other dangerous methods. I will continue to wash it and use the Pink Himalayan sea salt spray. Thanks for the link.

  20. Tim says:

    Have you seen that new thing, that they use to start starter dreads.It looks like a sponge, they take it and rub it all over your head for 3 to 20 mins, and it creates starter dreads. Saw it on youtube. The web site that sells it is called

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      yea ridiculous thing makes you look like a hedgehog and it cant be too good for ya theres another thing that i have only seen used once and my god was it a disaster a stick of dynamite would have been gentler i think its called a multi headed reciprocating rotating dreadlocking machine it spins around the hair firing thousands of tiny crochet hooks through it ..completely mangeling the hair
      every so often some fool comes out with a new crazy contraption to “make dreading easier” (like doing nothing is so hard) but the devices they create are rediculouse even comical…untill you see it actualy used and how horibly destrutive it is
      i never ever thought anyone would buy that rotating thing..but a member joined dreadlockssite after his loctician freind tried out her new tool on him
      the results werent pretty..imagine if you really did try cutting your hair with a lawnmower..thats what it looked someone ripped out his hair by the handful

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