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Been awhile since I posted i had some health issues (a rare condition called pemphugus foliosus) and then started working on a new website so been busy.

Ok back to dreadlocks. for years i had scalp issues ..bad scalp issues starting with dandruff while traveling, but when i was out in oregon I got real sick with an infection in my elbow they pumped me full of antibiotics too quickly which caused redman syndrome an intense itch from across the room they decided that it was lice (it wasn’t)  They literaly tortured me the next week using quell and rid daily (they are toxic and never should be used more then every 10 or 12 days that’s why they won’t help lice in dreads ( does have treatments that will) and the last day left it on several hours instead of the max prescribed 15 minutes! My scalp was bloody. Coming off in huge chunks, not dandruff chunks the size of a corn kernel!

I spent years trying dandruff shampoos, medications, even experimental treatments, nothing helped till i found the baking soda and teatree rosemary acv recipe on which helped immensely, yet still it came back after a few days, although not as bad.

Then a couple months back this lady Vicki joined dreadlockssite and asked me to try a sample of her shampoo.  She sent me a couple bars free. (she adds free extras to every order as well) I tried them and was hooked. They contain a special clay thats micro fine so as you wash your scalp and let it run through your dreads it attracts dirt and oils  removing them. It also contains a high quality beer that keeps dreads healthy and nourished, but also is its secret to working in hard water. Soaps like dr bronners will leave a sticky residue in hard water, these will not! And the smell oh how wonderful these make dreads smell! But we are hereto talk about the health and clean not smell. Since switching to these my scalps been 100% healthy, not an itch not a flake, nothing. Whats more is the clean. After 22 years almost dreading and 5 years dragging on the ground, many dreads had collected a whole lot of lint and fuzz that was getting ugly. I scrubbed the whole length of my dreads 1 day and every bit of lint and fuzz was gone! This stuff was in there too deep in impossible to remove with tweezers without ripping out lots of hair. And it was in there years some of it, yet it came right out with these magical soaps. Since then they have become very popular and received rave reviews, she has also created a new wax remover to combat the wax messes other sites cause. Her shampoos are very ethical, and vegan, with only the best organic ingredients. Best dreadlocks shampoos ever! you can find them here

If your still not aware why you should avoid dread wax  read up on  dreadlockssite






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6 Responses to clean healthy natural dreadlocks

  1. harsh says:

    i m from the origen of dreadlock from INDIA just want some advice
    since i m dreading from 1.5 year should i apply oil to my dreads and which oil and shampoo should i apply.

    • soaringeagle says:

      just a dread shampoo no oils till well mature ..make sure its an all natural, non residue non conditioning shampoo

  2. Ritchie says:

    any advice for washing your hair with the liquid dread shampoo? (I just ordered some)

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      i flip mine ro 1 side wash 1/4 (front left front right flip forward back left/right) if your early in dreading pit lil on the scalp or hands rub into the scalp only then rinse it out no need to scrub the hair it cleans as it rinses through

  3. leesy says:

    Hi is this shampoo good for young dreads or not? As I’m from the UK the shampoo you recommend is expensive to ship to UK so just after a cheaper alternative. Thanks 🙂

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      it looks maybe ok but as far as the ones go (they are by far the best) the shippings flat rate so the price for shippings the same for 1 to 4 or 5 products so u can get a 6 month to years supply at once for the same shipping costs you can also use the baking soda/acv method 1 part baking soda (bicarbonate soda) to 10 parts water stir and pir over head no scrubbing soak 10 minutes then rinse then a small ammount (spoonful or 2) acv (apple cidar vinagar) to same ammount water pour on and rinse right away (when mature use same 1-10 ratio and soak 3 miin b4 rinsing)

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