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When you grow your dreads naturally they stay healthy, When you force your dreads to dread your dreadlocks become weak, thin and sometimes you may even go bald.
The dreadlockssite community doesn’t care if you started your dreads in unhealthy ways, we only want to help you take care of them right! No price-tags, no products, no expensive and damaging salons. Just wash and wait.
Although most of the dreads in this video were started naturally, some were not, but have chosen to continue their journey naturally for the sake of their dreads health and happiness.

If you want healthy dreads there really is only 1 place to be:

23 year natural dreads update video

its been 23 years since started letting my hair dread naturally

i made a lil video of my progressand answering many of the questions i get asked.

soaringeagles dreadlocks videos

soaringeagles dreadlocks videos

this vids from around when my dreads turned 20 years old my dreadlocks formed in just weeks while camping in the wilderness at a rainbow gathering in vermont

I’ve never done much to them except washing and seperating.

this was around when my dreads turned 21 years old also it shows the best tam i ever had made by 1 of the members at dreadlockssite who sells them in our dreads shops


this is a lil vid i made of many of the members of dreadlockssites dreads explaining the truth about dreads including why dread wax is bad

it not only has photos of amazing beautiful dreads but features some incredible drumming from dun dun villiage at the rainbow gathering (california i think?)

i have had dreadlocks for 21 years now and learned so many things along the way, one thing i learned about dreadlocks themselves is its best to keep things simple. There are sites that recomend complicated regiments with 20 products 20 tools 20 techniques and many hours of effort to force the hair to look like dreads in a hurry. but the reality is that all this effort and expense backfires they actualy dread slower if at all (but look more dreaded being glued in wax or woven with crochet)

the less you do to dreads (within reason washing and perhaps seperating are still recommended) is the best thing you can do for them most products sold to speed up the process actualy slow it down and make it take more effort to see any results at all. lets take wax as an example. the idea behind dread wax is it will hold the hair in place allowing it to not fall apart while being washed so it can dread. then your expected to palm roll every day. the reality is anything that holds prevents movement, and its washing that helps dreads dread, water running through the hair helps it tangle wghen its free to move and not glued in stiff wax. now palm rolling is used to simulate tightening. think about what happens when you apply wax (esantialy a glue) and palm roll hair into wax you compress it it hardens and stiffens  this hardeness can seem to be tighteness to the untrained eye, but no new knots have formed from day 1! you just compress the backcombed knots into wax and it hardens.

naturally hair when washed tangles, if you backcomb it can loosen alot before it tightens but backcombing was never needed so its ok.

but this is the backcombers biggest fear, that they will fall out and all the effort be wasted (unesacary effort is wasted effort by definition) so they turn to wax to prevent it from falling apart and the hardening fools them into thinking it helps them tighten.

as hairs washed and tangles ine knot will tend to pile up on another due to the resulting diferentg lengths and uneveness. this causes looping which is how they dread. this is where some sites say to start crocheting to fix the looping (the signs that they are actiualy dreading) replacing dreading with weaving

the next thing that happens is after you wash eventualy you sleep, when you sleep you compress the knots tightening them. this will flatten the dread temporarily when loose but as yu move in your sleep night after night it flattens 1 way then another and alother causing a rounding tendency overall (usually) so palm rolling is used to mimmic the compression diuring sleep and the movement from being awake (movement now prevented by both stiff wax, and forced extreme tightness by crochet)

so now you have dreads that would normaly dread by the cycles of life (wash be awake go to sleep) instead need hours and hours of forcing them to do what they already were trying to do



why complicate a simple process?


they make you believe its hard and complicated requiring a lock technician loctician to do it right charging up to $1000 dollars for a disaster.

they scare you away from going natural insisting it takes 4 years always (even though u often see dreads in 4 days! or 4 weeks) they tell you it looks rediculous scary and dirty (as aposed to liberty spike wax coated backcombed “dreads” that stick straight up over a foot..and due to wax trapping dirt can never be truly clean)

in short..its greed..they can get rich off of making you believe dreads are hard work




22 year natural neglect dreadlocks dreadiversary video

I never kept a dreadlocks timeline like so many do thee days, when i began my dreads i had no internet or computer and was unaware that people did such things. (In fact i was  unaware people backcombed interlocked palm rolled used wax or dread perms or that something as silly as “locticians” existed) so i hadn’t tracked my dreading process untill a couple years ago after starting dreadlocks site (and finding out about all the strange things people did to get dreadlocks)  so for the past few years I have at least tried to make a video around when they started to dread in early july.

Uualy that time of year I’m in the mountains, the wilderness at a spiritual gathering but this year I was sick so didn’t go

I prefer to celebrate that day deep in natures glory where i can feel one with the earth and all the beauty around me.


unfortunately this vid has alot of traffic noise in the background ..not what i had hoped for..


the old I dont have patience for natural dreads thing

the truth is more often then not natural dreads don’t take too long often faster then you expected.

in some rare cases it does take longer but for those who it did they really feel they earned their dreads and cherish them forever


its kinda funny to me when ppl say they don’t have the patience to go natural when growing dreadlocks  cause very often it takes no patience at all


recently many freinds started growing natural dreads, and nearly all of them were amazed by how fast the hair dreaded naturaly, some found dreads by day 4, others by day 7 and a few by day 14

and yea i said day..not week..not month

every 1 of them was excited every day by the changes they saw.. it wasnt any agonizing waiting game, no it was constantly being surprised by the constant evolution  on their heads.


its kinda  funny to me that they dont have the patience to just let things happen, but they do have the patience to have their hair pulled for 9 hours straight, then to work on them 4 hours a day every day month after month..


makes me wonder how they would feel if they only tried doing nothing a few weeks

clean healthy natural dreadlocks

Been awhile since I posted i had some health issues (a rare condition called pemphugus foliosus) and then started working on a new website so been busy.

Ok back to dreadlocks. for years i had scalp issues ..bad scalp issues starting with dandruff while traveling, but when i was out in oregon I got real sick with an infection in my elbow they pumped me full of antibiotics too quickly which caused redman syndrome an intense itch from across the room they decided that it was lice (it wasn’t)  They literaly tortured me the next week using quell and rid daily (they are toxic and never should be used more then every 10 or 12 days that’s why they won’t help lice in dreads ( does have treatments that will) and the last day left it on several hours instead of the max prescribed 15 minutes! My scalp was bloody. Coming off in huge chunks, not dandruff chunks the size of a corn kernel!

I spent years trying dandruff shampoos, medications, even experimental treatments, nothing helped till i found the baking soda and teatree rosemary acv recipe on which helped immensely, yet still it came back after a few days, although not as bad.

Then a couple months back this lady Vicki joined dreadlockssite and asked me to try a sample of her shampoo.  She sent me a couple bars free. (she adds free extras to every order as well) I tried them and was hooked. They contain a special clay thats micro fine so as you wash your scalp and let it run through your dreads it attracts dirt and oils  removing them. It also contains a high quality beer that keeps dreads healthy and nourished, but also is its secret to working in hard water. Soaps like dr bronners will leave a sticky residue in hard water, these will not! And the smell oh how wonderful these make dreads smell! But we are hereto talk about the health and clean not smell. Since switching to these my scalps been 100% healthy, not an itch not a flake, nothing. Whats more is the clean. After 22 years almost dreading and 5 years dragging on the ground, many dreads had collected a whole lot of lint and fuzz that was getting ugly. I scrubbed the whole length of my dreads 1 day and every bit of lint and fuzz was gone! This stuff was in there too deep in impossible to remove with tweezers without ripping out lots of hair. And it was in there years some of it, yet it came right out with these magical soaps. Since then they have become very popular and received rave reviews, she has also created a new wax remover to combat the wax messes other sites cause. Her shampoos are very ethical, and vegan, with only the best organic ingredients. Best dreadlocks shampoos ever! you can find them here

If your still not aware why you should avoid dread wax  read up on  dreadlockssite






dreadlocks journey

This is just a lil thing i wrote bout a month ago or so about a hairs journey to dreadlocks


all my life i was just a hair

but somehow i knew i would get there

i was always so straight so fine

perfectly combed into a straight line

along came a breeze and blew me here and there

but for once i was left where i fell without a care

ive always been pushed back out of face forced into place

but now i can go wild be free to knot at my own pace its not a race

i wrap around my neighbour and rub up against her oh wow this feels great

we tighten our grasp tighter and tighter i think i found my mate

but alas our mairiage is not our fate we come apart and feel a loss

but another has come to wrap and carress with a careless head toss

this time the bonds hold our union fortold

shafts penetrating loops pulling eachother in tight

its love that pulls us together not force or might

others gather round us uniting together

th sun the wind the rain the weather


its nature that holds this family together


beginning my dreadlocks journey

Beginning my dreadlocks journey

My dreadlocks were not started in a salon with a stranger pulling my hair for hours on end

my dreads did not cost more then my rent and take hundreds of hours of hard work.

My dreads formed naturally when i went to a rainbow gathering deep in the wilderness in vermont.

I pent a few weeks there in the national forrest, meditating, celebrating living in bliss.

rainbow family gathering

rainbow familty gathering

no pain, no effort, no expense at all. I tradded some crystals for some beads, and stuck them in my untangled hair, and went on my way, forgeting about my hair completely, i drummed around a fire all day and night, chanted spiritual chants, took part in a peyote sweat lodge, made friends with the grumpy old rattlesnake that lived only feet from my tent, bathed in a freezing cold mountain stream letting a waterfall wash my hair clean.

My hair dreaded fast, so fast in fact i was surprised to find dreads suddenly one day. I had had dreads just a year before but had cut them due to pressure to join a corporate hell. I hadn’t even known i intended to dread again, even though i felt a profound loss after cutting them. Once a few dreads formed in the back where the beads were placed more began to follow. some were decorated with wraps and bells and feathers and beads memmories of the beautiful people i had met there.

rainbow dinnercircle chanting

rainbow dinnercircle chanting

My dreads held in all this energy that surrounded my, making my journey to dreadlocks a spiritual journey. (dreading usually is but the more you immerse yourself in spirituality the more profound the amplifying affect of growing dreadlocks).

When i left the woods i was well on my way to a full head of dreads, although the top was not full of dreadlocks yet, the back was already fully formed.

The rest of my hair dreaded up over the next month or so.

Today it has been 21 years since i began this journey, and i still continue along the way it was begun. I have never maintained my dreads except by washing, seperating and going back to the forrests where they began.

Surrounding myself in that love that spiritual bliss and

dreadlocks in the woods

dreadlocks in the woods

enlightenment i believe is the 1 thing that helped my dreads progress and flourish the way that they have.

I have been blessed with an opportunity to help tens of thousands to begin the dreadlocks journey through the dreadlocks site community i created. I have also been blessed with a lifetime of amazing experiences at rainbow gatherings, and i would not be the man i am today without both the gatherings and my dreadlocks.