beginning my dreadlocks journey

Beginning my dreadlocks journey

My dreadlocks were not started in a salon with a stranger pulling my hair for hours on end

my dreads did not cost more then my rent and take hundreds of hours of hard work.

My dreads formed naturally when i went to a rainbow gathering deep in the wilderness in vermont.

I pent a few weeks there in the national forrest, meditating, celebrating living in bliss.

rainbow family gathering

rainbow familty gathering

no pain, no effort, no expense at all. I tradded some crystals for some beads, and stuck them in my untangled hair, and went on my way, forgeting about my hair completely, i drummed around a fire all day and night, chanted spiritual chants, took part in a peyote sweat lodge, made friends with the grumpy old rattlesnake that lived only feet from my tent, bathed in a freezing cold mountain stream letting a waterfall wash my hair clean.

My hair dreaded fast, so fast in fact i was surprised to find dreads suddenly one day. I had had dreads just a year before but had cut them due to pressure to join a corporate hell. I hadn’t even known i intended to dread again, even though i felt a profound loss after cutting them. Once a few dreads formed in the back where the beads were placed more began to follow. some were decorated with wraps and bells and feathers and beads memmories of the beautiful people i had met there.

rainbow dinnercircle chanting

rainbow dinnercircle chanting

My dreads held in all this energy that surrounded my, making my journey to dreadlocks a spiritual journey. (dreading usually is but the more you immerse yourself in spirituality the more profound the amplifying affect of growing dreadlocks).

When i left the woods i was well on my way to a full head of dreads, although the top was not full of dreadlocks yet, the back was already fully formed.

The rest of my hair dreaded up over the next month or so.

Today it has been 21 years since i began this journey, and i still continue along the way it was begun. I have never maintained my dreads except by washing, seperating and going back to the forrests where they began.

Surrounding myself in that love that spiritual bliss and

dreadlocks in the woods

dreadlocks in the woods

enlightenment i believe is the 1 thing that helped my dreads progress and flourish the way that they have.

I have been blessed with an opportunity to help tens of thousands to begin the dreadlocks journey through the dreadlocks site community i created. I have also been blessed with a lifetime of amazing experiences at rainbow gatherings, and i would not be the man i am today without both the gatherings and my dreadlocks.



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25 Responses to beginning my dreadlocks journey

  1. Ravi Raval says:

    I am planning to grow dreads soon, my hair is shoulder length(2yrs growing)..i wanted to know what should be the length to start growing dreads..i am not in a hurry..and also i was looking to have thin dreads instead of thick..anyways to have that..should i like keep opening them or just leave it..Thanks..Have an awsome life

  2. Kriz says:

    i have always waetnd to get dreads and i’m a white girl. but everyone says they are just dumb. I, however, think they are cool on white chicks, they look legit.

    • soaringeagle says:

      and what should matter more to you… what others with closed minds might think.. or what you think and want
      but don’t “get dreads” grow dreads instead

  3. Luis says:

    naw, they only got popular reecntly with america seeing it as a style. if you had dreads you were rastafarian. it wasn’t a style option. because dreads was apart of their religion, if you had dreads then you were a rasta. now, you have to ask because it is a style option from some people. but because it is still strongly associated with rastas, some people look down on it. a teacher at my school her mom hates her locs and shes from the caribbean. some people will say get with the time, but some people will say know the history of it.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      dreads predate rastas by tens of thousands of years
      rastas didn’t show up on the scene till the 70s
      dreads were worn by shamans chiefs babas gurus sadhus sihks nazarites druids cave men wooly mammoths

      I love and respect my rasta brethren (the ones whos hearts are in the right places) but dreadlocks predate every civilization predating our species even
      when the 1st people set foot on north America the native americans, many tribes had dreadlocks before any exposure to any cultures
      dreadlocks come from every culture every religion every tradition and every corner of the earth
      its just the natural state of being human

  4. Keith says:

    I knew it!! I tried the salon thing, $250 later and 1 dip in the great ocean…they popped right out. There’s only one other person ive personally heard say “..just leave it..”/ his name was Bob Marley. i am officially taking the advice and doing what i knew in my heart to be true all along. thank you! and thank jah!!

  5. Jess says:

    My name is Jess, I have two beautiful daughters and have another on th way.
    I am a very spiritual person and believe in many things.I was wondering if you could, please explain what the rainbow gatherings are about. I am courious, and would like to learn more. I know I could have just looked it up on google but I figured I should ask someone who knows first hand.

    Oh, and by the way I absoloutly adore your website! It is full of great knowledge on dreadlocs. I have had mine for 8 months now and have taken alot of your advice. Thank you so much for your website.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      well thats hard to explain cause rainbows many things but also nothing theres no official group or members or anythiung its just pplwho identify with the rainbow way so call tghemselves rainbows its all about peace love the healing of the earth ..unity its the most amazing experience u will ever have
      on the site on page 2 of featured vids u shiould watch we love you..and waveland cafe they will give u a lil moew insight but no substitute for going and experiencing 1st hand

    • Ravi Raval says:

      It will Change your life in the best way for sure..i cant expalin wat ive become after attending the rainbow festival in himachal(India)..Life awaits

      • soaringeagle says:

        wow cant even imagine how amazing 1 would be in india! smaller then here for sure but must have been extra spiritual

        • gnostic mole says:

          hi, i found this post and i too am really interested in these rainbow festivals – any ideas about how to find out where they are i.e. are there lots around the world?? i live in europe and have zero cash to go further afield (though it’s true, the one in india must be awe inspiring!), but im really into going to one of these festivals, meeting likeminded people, being in tune with reality, in harmony with mother earth. can u help with any way to find out about them?? many thanks, love your story, u r a great human being!

          • soaringeagle says:

            well, a gathering is not a festival they are completely diferent
            they are everywhere in the world, although a lot smaller and less frequent then in America
   but best place i think is the hundreds if not thousands of facebook groups, one for each area plus dozens of ones for global
            theres also a social network if that’s still up

            • gnostic mole says:

              ah ok thanks! i thought the name was festival as the post before (ravi) who said about the one in india called it a festival… i think the word festival is actually a nicer happier word (festivitas)anyway i will have a look for those sites you said, thanks again 🙂

              • soaringeagle says:

                well festivals typical;ly are commercial events, with things for sale, and revolve mostly around music and bands. while gatherings are about building a better society, they revolve around love, sharing, giving, you cannot buy or sell anything there, theres no tickets to buy, no bands scheduled (but music everywhere all the time) its a tribal nation without borders without leaders
                festivals are events, rainbows a lifestyle
                it goes far beyond the gathering, its something you live by every day
                like we also do disaster relief
                and projects like 1 i did turning an inner city drug ghetto into 1 of the safest most loving places in the country

                • gnostic mole says:

                  yeah cool, i understand. its just im kind of thinking of e.g. the original stonehenge festivals (from 1970s) which were totally non-commercial…..though of course eventually that changed for the worse 🙁 like glastonbury, just a huge cop out… ‘entertainment’ – at a huge price 🙁 im just too idealistic i suppose, would be nice if all festivals were like the gatherings! and its the lifestyle which counts, absolutely! and i watched the youtube video, awesome! really, love u guys! rainbow family should rule the world, make it a much better place! 🙂 thanks for sharing that link, i really appreciated it!

                  • soaringeagle says:

                    that’s why we meet so much resistence we prove that all the world can live together without borders without leaders

                    • gnostic mole says:

                      cool!i agree and love u all for it. but it’s hard with resistance, true. but also cos of things like this: (i have to share this with you): i looked on the internet for rainbow gathering/family around where i now find myself living (italy): found a ‘rainbow gathering’ in july. webpage’s first big ‘important infomation’ put in big scary red letters: È obbligatoria consegnare un documento d’identità valido come il passaporto oppure il carta d’identità per la registrazione richiesta al Mirapuri Rainbow Gathering. which basically means its OBLIGATORY to provide a valid ID document to REGISTER for this ‘spiritual gathering’!!!!! :O the website is called mirapuriENTERPRISES. com so i think that name itself sums it up: control.registration. enterprise. man i need to leave this country 🙁

                    • soaringeagle says:

                      that is not a rainbow gathering! not at all!! rainbow requires no tickets, no id’s, you cannot use money there, in England i think it was there was a rainbow circle, or something that too was a commercial event, that required registration, and had a price for each workshop yo0u wanted to attend.. that is not what we are
                      there are real European gatherings you just have to look in the right places
                      check rainbow facebook groups as well as and
                      go on the rainbow family facebook group, the biggest 1 and post about what you found
                      that’s very uncool to use our name that way

                    • gnostic mole says:

                      i totally agree !!! i cant write on facebook cos i dont have an account (hate facebook), if someone else does put up the info i think that would be cool!(p.s. i posted the reply here cos i couldnt find the reply button to the last post specifically about this…hope that doesnt mess things up…) thanks again for reassuring me as to the true nature of rainbow family and REAL rainbow gatherings, man u really need to be in charge of the planet! i want it to happen! so does the planet!!:)

                    • soaringeagle says:

                      the link you gave me didn’t work if i had the right link before i left (very soon) i’d post it

  6. Hepzibah Beulah says:

    I praise the Most High for your inspiration. My question is, what if your locks formed and grew in the midst of noise, confusion, or rather a caotic situation? Should I cut them and start again when I am more at peace during my transition?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      excelent question and doesnt have a yes or no answer it does depend more on how you feel about the situation but u can try smudging them to cleanse theenergy surrounding them you can try filling them up with possitive experiences..and living in a more hormonius way
      if you really cant rectify with the energies of the past then maybe starting fresh is the best

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