Natural dreadlocks

Natural dreadlocks

The term natural dreadlocks is often very misunderstood and misused. Salons and locticians often offer natural dreadlocks meaning any dreadlocks that are real hair,not synthetic.others mean no wax or perm and consider crochet natural

but, natural dreads dread naturally


natural dreadlocks

natural dreadlocks no wax


they start from loose combed hair and become dreads orgaicly

sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes months they begin the transformation by allowing it to happen at its own pace in its own way

i’ve actually seen hair become dreads in a night if it wasn’t braided before bed every night. not mature of course but it became baby (monster baby his wanted to dread so fast it would have been 6 massive dreads in days)


it’s funny to me in a way how some people go years wanting to dread then when they finally decide to want to rush through the process..the journey then want to dreads in a day


natural dreads

natural dreads

My dreadlocks began in the wilderness, camping a few weeks in the mountains of Vermont

only the back was long enough to dread at the time but it dreaded real fast by just adding beads to loose hair

the rest dreaded as it got long enough over next couple months

I separated alot early on so ended up with tons of dreads  the number always changing at times over 200

but last few years hardly at all letting the roots thicken  up alot more to in the 50s range

but still new babies are born all the time

no effort needed its what hair wants to do


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  1. Big Bad Wolff says:

    I’ve been dreading completely naturally for about 2 months (a little over) and I feel my progress is going by much more quickly than the average person. I am Caucasian and the most I’ve done was twist them 1ce or 2ce (not all of them, and not twist and rip, just twisting and feeling the grooves of my hair with my fingers, the twists weren’t tight to my scalp, really just to feel the hairs thickness, and how the dream is developing. It comes undone right after as well, although the Drea is slightly smoother like a palm roll). I have a few questions myself (and I’ll stop twisting them at all as I like how they’re developing naturally. )

    #1. Is palm rolling acceptable? Or does it damage the hair like the backcombing?, and I’m not in a stage where I need to palm roll anything, just asking for knowledge.

    #2. I have not twisted and ripped anything at all, but there is a very small section of hair that is not dreading . It’s my bangs (which I’m FINE WITH I want to keep those, again, happy with the way things are going) but I do have 3-4 dreads on the top of my head that want to develop and that I want to develop. How can I dread these without effecting the softer hair underneath? Will I have to have these started by a twist and rip? Pics upon request.
    P.s. very thin dry hair, dreading quickly

    • soaringeagle says:

      hi, palm rolling can be somewhat damaging (weak spots or friction damage) typically this is very minimal compared to severe damage from say crochet or interlocking. but, palm rolling is entirely pointless. it literally does nothing. it might seem to help, for a couple hours or a day, but nothing permenant or effective in any way (i have never done it once)
      id stop twisting or playing with it ..if you can i know i fiddled with mine a lot early on cause they are fun to p;lay with while bored.
      the fine hairs all around the hairline are hardest to dread and dread slowest so typically some stay loose there
      your very early in and all the hairs you think you have to start will start themselves later on.. im almost 27 years in and i have hairs just like that that form new dreads all the time. its a never ending process..
      your doing fine
      if you want to post photos join post there

  2. carl says:


    I have been free forming (from bald head, also I have African texture hair) for about five months now and I have a question? What does it mean if I have very tightly coiled and thin “dreads” (that are thinner than spaghetti noodles) in my hair? will my dreads always be this thin, or? Also, should I try to uncoil these dreads because they are hidden within the rest of my unlocked hair and I have to pull them out to see them.

    Also is it too soon to do a baking soda rinse because I think I have buildup in my hair, on of my spaghetti dreads has something that looks like a buildup of dandruff, sebum, or shea butter (I have been using black soap to wash my hair) but the other ones I can’t tell


    • carl says:

      Actually, the coiled dreads I have in my hair look like angel hair pasta noodles, what does this mean?

      • soaringeagle says:

        oh you answered my last question haha well lets just say i had 1 dread.. 4 feet long that was 1 mm 2 mm and that was 3 even tinier dreads combined ..when mature
        u might have thin ones form before thick or vice versa
        it doesn’t matter they wont stay that thin or all be that thin and tin ones can always merge and become thick

    • soaringeagle says:

      i no longer recommend baking soda long term use can severely weaken hair has the best shampoos but theres 1 not on the site (just in comment request a substitution) its called detox ..charcoal based i find t even removes lint
      it makes the hair so clean sucking the rinse water out of the hair tastes better more pure then out of the tap

      dreads thicken as they mature plus if your freeforming they will join together
      and what type spaghetti haha they come in so many thicknesses

      • carl says:

        Thanks for the advice! Is the detox shampoo bar or liquid? also does it come with instructions how to use and how often to use?

        • soaringeagle says:

          theres both bar and liquid although the liquids nothing like the lockin up liquids instead its in a small pump bottle
          you just wash like you would ith any of the other soaps whenever you feel the need
          1 thing..its more scentless then the rest..and harder on the eyes
          its made from organic bamboo charcoal so you can imagine what that’s like in your eyes

          um if you ever used the mango lime crap many of those contain waxes petroleum and even plastics if you used products containing wax (just being thorough doubt you did) wax b gone works winders

          do you have very hard water in your area? i dunno how that lack soap works in hard water

          • carl says:

            I don’t know if my area has hard water, do you have a shampoo to recommend just in case my area does? Also how often should I be scrub washing my hair? I scrub wash about two times a week, i don’t know if this is too much? or should i be scrub washing once a week or less often?

            and also i have never used waxes or any products in my hair, i just rinse with water daily and scrub wash twice a week.

  3. Mireille Monette says:

    Hi I did the twist and rip to make my draids on Tuesday and I whant to go natural they look awful and all loose and roots are letting go I know is part of it do I need to do anything I don’t vieve in crochet or anything all natural I did the twist and rip to help my hair abit cause I have very thin hair and hard to do stuff in it

    • soaringeagle says:

      nothing to do but wash and wait, what are you washing with, and how do u drive

    • Mireille Monette says:

      I wash my hair with dread shampoo bar and let them hair dry I’m new to dreads is my first time I guess is be patient and they will turn out as dread one day and I made them very small to

      • soaringeagle says:

        yea be patient depending on whch shamooo it is the liquid (if its the 1 i recommend most) will make it dread way faster the bars best when more mature

  4. Uncle Tob says:

    Hey Man, I been on the long hair journey most of my life. Cut it for jobs and the like back in the day. Now I just chill. So I’m free forming. Trying to avoid caving in and doing a rip twist. My hair is crazy ringlet curly, and I have 1 lock so far at the back right in the middle. It’s a good shape not too big, will it shrink though? I spose it’s little finger sized. Its mostly tied up as I just look like a lions mane otherwise. Just thinking of no longer tying it in bed, and looking for any other tips for my type of hair. Long, fine ringlets. Trying to section it a bit is, I dunno asking for frustration I spose. But I try, got lucky with the one at the back, it’s good enough. It’s gonna look crazy once it all goes. 🙂 You got some crazy long dreads there bro. Peace and Hi from DownUnder M8

    • soaringeagle says:

      shrink in length..thicken in width
      don’t bother tying them up that only delays or prevents progress , but separate as needed if you don’t want huge dreads

  5. Leah says:

    Hi 🙂 I’m just starting my dread journey. I haven’t used a brush in my hair in YEARS but have finger brushed it until about 3 weeks ago. Im 2 weeks into no conditioner and just received my liquid dread shampoo and bar shampoo (nag champa scented, heavenly) I have long straight ish hair to the top of my pant line. The nape of my neck has two or three dreads started. The rest seems pretty normal and unphazed by my lack of care, haha. Which shampoo will speed up the process? Bar or liquid? I fear the top/front may never dread. Thanks for any advice you can give. Just hoping to do this the right way, naturally 🙂

    • soaringeagle says:

      the liquid is much better for early dreads.The bar is usually for mature dreads, but since your hair is so long it’ll want to dread super fast so at times u might want to wash according to whether you want to speed it up or slow it down
      if your separating daily use the bars .

      • Leah says:

        I am definitely separating daily. Ok maybe I’ll switch to the bar shampoo for now. Both of my dreads (haha, all two of them) are flat like beaver tails. Anything I can do to make them rounder or prevent new ones from going flat??

        • soaringeagle says:

          still its about 5-8 inches out of 7 feet
          i love it!
          any that do stay flatter are less round and boring will be faves

  6. Dana Cupp says:

    Hello. I’m curious. So I’ve stopped using conditioner and stopped brushing and combing my hair and it’s starting to dread…my hairs are starting to find the ones they want to stick with which is perfect! But my hair is like all knitting together? Will the separate or do I have to manually separate them? Thanks 🙂

    • soaringeagle says:

      manually separate by pulling the dreads away from eachother, unless you want huge congos
      fat dreads can be hard to care for, and even cause pain
      so while wet after washing just separate any that are joining together. or any that are forming too big (over 1 square inch at scalp)

  7. Zae says:

    I have tried to grow dreads many times before. Since 2010 I have grown my hair with the intention of dreading and never fully committed until 2012, when I started a set by backcombing and had them for a little over a year. Commitment and impatience have always been my problem but I think I’m over that. After having tried various methods to start them I realized half way through my last journey that I wanted to freeform, and that I also wanted my locs to be thicker in size. I’m currently 5 months into the journey. My hair is naturally a loose curl, not too thick and very soft and oily naturally. It’s the kind of curl that if I let it keep growing they’ll probably look like springs. My question is this, last time I tried, it was around 10-11 months before I saw any type of dreading. But I was also wetting my hair every day, which makes it look like a jerry curl. Should I stop wetting my hair everyday and only wet it during washes, or will it make no difference? I feel like my hair gets pretty tangled and curled and knotted but its like it restarts everyday because of the constant wetting? What do you think? BTW my hair is roughly 4 inches long but looks shorter because of the curl.

    • soaringeagle says:

      wetting and washing create tangles .. if you towel dry that’s more likely whats undoing progress. so stop the towel drying and it shouldn’t untangle.
      wetting every day might be excessive as they will dry slow when dreaded so try to cut back to every 2-3 days

  8. TheDreadCalls says:

    Hi Soaring Eagle,

    I have had strong feelings about dreading my curly hair for years but never did because firstly i have very unique curly hair and i had also been old that women with dreads block their connection to god through the dreads.
    In the last few years i have rediscovered my spiritual journey and have gone much farther and deeper in the learnings and am also now awake to my ascension. I have strong intuition now and the need to dread my hair is so strong, it began dreading itself in about 2 days, which is a totally normal period (2-6 days) between combings for me.
    I am being called. I want to honour this process as much as possible, I would love to get any tips from you

    • soaringeagle says:

      block their connection? most religions, and spiritualties see dreading as the highest form of devotion. the bible says only the azurites (those who dread as a vow to be as holy as possible) are worthy to speak directly to the divine..
      now many spiritualties and beliefs view the crown chakra as a gateway, and cover the crown (with a Yakima for example to keep the crown energy from escaping
      dreadlocks in the very most basic sense are spiritual because hair contains an electro chemical record of all your lifes experiences
      when locked all the life experiences Are bound together 1 connecting to another.. these connections of experiences are the essence of wisdom
      anyways if its unique curly hair it will be unique dreads too
      and if it wants to dread in 2 days flat it will dread fast
      but will try to all combine into massive dreads
      that will be unique but can be much harder to care for so you might want to separate often at least till semi mature so you don’t end up with only 4 dreads

  9. trayland mccullum says:

    Hello my question for you is what to do in the morning after sleeping on my hair, ive been freeforming for 3 months and have pretty solid knots around my head, my problem is that everytime i sleep and wake up, my hair is all mashed up and standing straight up and some of my hair comes loose so i was wondering if you had a solution to the problem other then just covering my hair up

    • soaringeagle says:

      that’s how they tighten, knots form most when you wash, and when your moving around, then tighten when you sleep. covering them will prevent them from moving around really delaying dreading.
      this is that stage that they are just going to be wild..its the fun stage ..just it happen

  10. Tony says:

    What’s up brother? I need to get out, where is this place your talking about that I can go live in the woods and love life how it should be?

    • soaringeagle says:

      well the rainbow gatherings, theres 1 huge 1 in july (in America) and smaller ones all year long, then smaller ones all over the world
      theres also communities and “open land” that’s run the rainbow way, as ifevery person who drops by to help, or to live there equally own the land. theres about 100 full time traveling kitchens that share food all over the country. as well as disaster relief networks. theres off the grid communities and a rainbow island (small, a refuge for younger kids in trouble who need to get their lives under control) it dependfs what your looking for theres the nomadic way then thres the places that are stationary communities

  11. Marcus says:

    Hey. Im a young 15 year old who started freeform locs this Monday. Instead of a towel, I use a sponge & I let my hair air dry & I grease it up once. Should I continue to do this? Thanks for your time and response.

    • soaringeagle says:

      nah dant use a sponge and if you wssh with the right stuff you shouldn’t need to grease it up..especially if you wash often enough

      • Marcus says:

        Thanks and also, can I just wash and go without doing anything to it and what shampoo should i use?

        • soaringeagle says:

          yup exactly just wash and go
          the absolute best shampoos are the bars for your hair type not liquid

          • Marcus says:

            Im sorry to be a pain, but one more question. Do I towel dry or air dry?

            • soaringeagle says:

              towels might create knots more often then not..but then theres that 1 time that completely destroys 3 months of progress in minutes…and you didn’t do anything different ..its unpredictable actually for some they will never see progrees at all till they stop using towels
              others will swear it helps but then suddenly after months be back at square 1

  12. Basti Bee says:

    Hey Soaringeagle!
    Im from Germany and about one week in my dreadlock journey. I have normaly straight but very thick and lots of european hair. Length about 8 inch. its amazing what happend in this short period. it change every day and i have almost one little baby dread in the back. i read most of your advices and it worked really well. my question is should i let the hair free waving when i ride a bike (which i do most like every day) or should i wear a headband. It feels like the looks loosen from waving in the air especially on the forehead. I will be patient but wanted to know in generally whats better for the prcess.
    Thanks for your great work and this beautiful site.
    Bless you! B

    • soaringeagle says:

      the headband would loosen them more then the wind
      i look at it this way
      water running through your dreads tangles them
      light wind messing up your hair tangles them
      being hit full force with a firehose, or a hurricane force wind has enough force to untangle loose knots
      if your talking bicycle your fine
      motorbike and you should wear a helmet so you don’t smash open your skull (but the helmets will greatly interfere with progress)

  13. Tony says:

    Is it common for quite a bit of hair to fall out during this process?

    • soaringeagle says:

      you lose like 120 hairs a day to shedding
      while dreading some may shed, but still dangle, attached to a dread or knot..
      your probably just more aware of it now

  14. Danielle says:

    I have been letting my hair dread naturally for almost 3 months. The front hasn’t locked at all. The middle is locking well. I just separate it so it won’t be huge sections. The front looks like it willnever lock! I am black with really fine hair that is curly in the middle, wavy in the back and wavy-to-straight in the fronts. I’m okay withthe process taking a long time, but i am not loving the straight, completely unlocked hair in the front. Maybe if it at least had some curl to it. Any advice to help the front lock faster?

    • soaringeagle says:

      sleep on your face? use sea salt? the part you sleep on locks fastest
      remember your only 3 months in that’s 1/4 of the way to the minimum fully locked time
      so if 1/2 your heads locked your ahead of the game..just relax and wait a couple months the front will catch up to the rest

    • Drew says:

      Twist it and put rubber bands on the end it will lock up in two weeks

      • soaringeagle says:

        bad idea! rubber bands can cause over a dozen very serious issues in just 2 weeks
        and your hair most likely would have dreaded just as fast without doing that
        though just sticking a bead in (not band) would speed it up
        never put rubber bands in your hair unless you want damaged hair
        never alow your hair to dread with rubber bands in them unless you want rubber band melted into a sticky gunk inside the dread for life

        • NewJatta says:

          I have let my approximately 6 inches of wavy/curly hair go un-combed and un-conditioned for one month now. I was every two or three days with Trader Joes Tea Tree shampoo. My hair seperated into chunks after just a week, but has yet to form knots. I’ve also had all of the chunks go away once from a friends shower that had a lot of pressure, and just the other day from a day spent swimming. ( I think the high-dive did it…) The good news is after only one shampoo, they all come back! I pat dry just to remove excess water, then shake out. My frustration is at the lack of any knots. Is there anything I am missing? Should I just be patient?

          • soaringeagle says:

            your only 1 month in
            and they are only 6 inches long
            6 is a minimum length and the longer it is the quicker it dreads
            now although many see dreads in days to weeks many more see then in a couple months
            your not slow yet your just average especially considering the length
            trader joes teatree tingles marginally ok to use.. it wont cause buildup or be too conditioning but its far from ideal
   liquid (not bar till mature) is made to make them dread faster

  15. Andrew says:

    I have been trying to naturally dread my hair and stopped brushing and started using all-natural, organic shampoo bars to wash my hair twice a week since July 11 of last year. I’m beginning to get really frustrated because most of my hair is not locking up. Most of the hair on the back of my head is locked up but I figured by now the sides and front would have locked up more than they have (mostly loose hair that’s somewhat separated). I live in Cocoa Beach, Fl so I’ve been going to the beach a lot more recently in an attempt to dry it out to encourage locking, but it doesn’t appear to be working. Should I just give up and brush em out? I would love to have dreads but it seems like my hair doesn’t want them naturally like I do.

    • soaringeagle says:

      sounds like they are dreading fine just not as fast as youd like them too
      what is the shampoo
      for some it takes a lil longer
      as soon as i get the new dreadlockssite server fixed (gimme 2 days but then ill be in the wilderness a week) but post some pics on there next week
      ill give ya some better suggestions then

  16. Melleone says:

    Dear sorin eagle I’m 16 and I’m trying to find jobbs do they discriminate freeformers? I’m looking for part time to do on weekends

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