23 year natural dreads update video

its been 23 years since started letting my hair dread naturally

i made a lil video of my progressand answering many of the questions i get asked.

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  1. Obit says:

    that’s what she most often associated with ddraes- the fact that they were never very clean and often smelled. I don’t think the LOOK of them is weird or anything! Just not for me though!

    • soaringeagle says:

      well, that’s an outright lie unless you made the mistake of using w3ax
      mine are always very clean
      and never smelled
      only very closed mined people think that

  2. Bandzoe says:

    I don’t comb my hair I just wash and grease.

  3. Bandzoe says:

    How do I start a healthy free

  4. Bandzoe says:

    How do I start a healthy freeform

  5. Marieann says:

    My dreadz r 4 months old and The roots wont lock av been using wax to retouch what should i use bcoz my ends av already locked n the roots look too shagy

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      the roo=ts shgouldnot be locked at 4 months nor at 8 months but you are screwing yourself using wax you need to remove the wax wich is very very hard to do
      you need wax b gone from http://www.dreadlockshampoo.com
      thenleave the roots alone they will lock on thier own but will take 8-13 months at least
      wax is a scam and the number 1 dread killer
      go to http://www.dreadlockssite.com read the dreaducation page the dread wax truth and dread wax removal pages and the thousands and thousands of wax disaster stories

  6. starting to freeform my 3 month old locs. I do not use a conditioner, but I wash my locs every 3 days or so. Also my hair is colored (To cover grey) about every 6 weeks.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      id color with henna unkless your african american you shiuld rarely need any form of oil ore conditioners though if u do wait till mature and use jojoba

  7. Lauren says:

    I started my dreadlocks in June of 2014. Now I want to go freeform. My question is I color my hair every 6 weeks to cover grey roots. Should I use a special conditioner. For the past month I only wash my hair twice a week with a anti-residue shampoo, no conditioner, no kind of oil at all.

  8. Holly says:

    Hi, Im white and have quite dry hair probably due to hair dyes, my hair always dreads itself and goes into perfect sections before started to matt, i like the look of it but am worried to let it carry on incase i change my mind, and also am unsure if u are able to dye your dreads successfully or if its a good idea or not also i have thin/ish hair and dont want to look bald will it look like im bald


    • soaringeagle2 says:

      dying does damage the hair u can dye safer with hena but dting dreads takes care avoid it if u can thin hair looks thicker with natural sections as thicker dreads add body and thinner fill in gaps giving more dreads and the illusion of more hair

      • holly says:

        thanks so much i did just leave my hair last night as it separates quite well, i also just washed my head and not the length of my hair as it was getting itchy, and i agree i will try not to dye! im not really going for the cyber punk look just natural!

        thanks again

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