22 year natural neglect dreadlocks dreadiversary video

I never kept a dreadlocks timeline like so many do thee days, when i began my dreads i had no internet or computer and was unaware that people did such things. (In fact i was  unaware people backcombed interlocked palm rolled used wax or dread perms or that something as silly as “locticians” existed) so i hadn’t tracked my dreading process untill a couple years ago after starting dreadlocks site (and finding out about all the strange things people did to get dreadlocks)  so for the past few years I have at least tried to make a video around when they started to dread in early july.

Uualy that time of year I’m in the mountains, the wilderness at a spiritual gathering but this year I was sick so didn’t go

I prefer to celebrate that day deep in natures glory where i can feel one with the earth and all the beauty around me.


unfortunately this vid has alot of traffic noise in the background ..not what i had hoped for..


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9 Responses to 22 year natural neglect dreadlocks dreadiversary video

  1. Kitt Smith says:

    My name isn’t Kurt it’s Kitt. Also it’s really hard to join the other site because I only have a pretty cheap smart phone. My Facebook is Kit whoopsies Smith. Hit me up if you feel.

  2. Kurt Smith says:

    I feel dumb cause after I asked I went and took a look. My roots are loopy and happily dreading. Lol! I guess I need to dust off my mirror. They are also much more cylindrical than I thought. I can’T help but be really proud of these sexy things right now. I didn’t find you until a week ago and I am very glad. So many people have told me how to “fix” my dreads. They can do what they want these are exactly what I want.I will try to post a pic just for reference though. Thank you so much for telling it like it is about a confusing subject that should be simple.

  3. Kurt Smith says:

    I don’t think I need to tell you how amazing your hair is so I won’t( but I kinda just did). I quit the comb a little more than a year and a half ago. My dreads have never had any type of work done on them ever. They formed super fast (about four months). They are lumpy, different sizes, a few have congoed, have lots of loose hair and generally look beautiful. I am only worried about thin roots. Or am I just freaking out over nothing? I get worried about it every few months or so but my. Locks keep growing and locking just the same. Should I just relax? If doing nothing gets me hair like yours I will never even think about touching it, but you know how it is. People constantly pressuring you to do stuff yo it.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      roots feel thinner when u squeeze them cause they arent firm like a dread its very unlikely theres anything to worry about if u never root rubbed or did anything like that
      if your worried post photos in a discussion on http://www.dreadlockssite.com and i’ll take a look

  4. jasmine says:

    awesome video my friend brillant :D:D

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