how to dread naturally

How to dread hair naturally

Dreading hair naturally is easy as can be. However some tips will make your natural dreadlocks journey easier and faster.

Dreading hair naturally tips:

  • Clean hair dreads best- wash your hair often but not every day. use a non residue dread friendly shampoo or the baking soda deep cleanse, and wash at least weekly, at most every 2 days.
  • Dry hair dreads best- dry hair dreads faster, however african hair gets brittle if too dry so should be moisturized throughout the process, other hair types it helps to reduce oiliness and dry the hair out somewhat, sea salt sprays and soaks can help. baking soda without acv afterwards will slowly make oily hair less oily, also, washing slightly less often will also reduce oiliness slowly.
  • Longer hair dreads best- if hairs too short it is harder to hold in knots, (african textured hair however will dread short) the longer the hair the faster it can dread typically, but longer hair also shrinks more, and may try to congo more as it dreads.
  • let it dread don’t make it dread- try not to play with it much, don’t twist roll or mess with it. when washing, if you use shampoo just scrub the scalp ignoring the hair. if you use the baking soda soak dont scrub. when drying shake it out and air dry.


Phases of hair dreading naturally

When hairs allowed to dread naturally it goes through fairly predictable stages.

  1. Sectioning stage: the hair separates into sections, groups of hair begin to cling together in groups typically this happens within days to a couple weeks of stopping combing.
  2. baby dread formation stage: the sections begin to get tangled and knot, loose knots but still the sections are held together by many knots forming baby dreads. This can begin in days, but more often in weeks, sometimes it can take longer.
  3. Looping wild teenager stage: the dreads will get loops, bumps, kinks, and change dramatically day by day. this stage is fun and exciting if you dont worry about your teen dreads misbehavior. this is the stage where they develop personalities that make them unique, typically in the 3-8 month stage.
  4. shrinking stage: as loops become tighter the dreads shrink drastically, longer hair can shrink from hips, to ears, shorter hair will lose about 1/2 the length typically or more.this is also the tightening stage leading to maturity
  5. mature stage: they change less noticeably over time
  6. growing stage: once mature they will begin to grow, slow until fully mature then faster.

Natural dreading dos and don’ts

do wash them

don’t force them

do enjoy the journey

don’t worry

optional seperate as needed to prevent congos (dreads combining)

tips sea salt sprays and soaks help sea water is 3.5% salt content. don not leave it on too long, it only needs to be in the hair 10 minutes to 2 hours  then can be rinsed out, any longer and you over dry the hair and scalp.

Wool  tams, wool sweaters or blankets put over your pillow will help encourage knotting.

feel free to post questions in the comments.

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633 Responses to how to dread naturally

  1. paul says:

    have you any tips on the pros and cons of what im trying.
    basically im white with around 3 inches of hair which naturally throws hooks before it produces ringlets,the idea was to let the ringlets grow naturally then with length and time let it slowly tighten and knot,lock like ive seen with others i know,but then i changed my mind and for the last 3 days ive tried another method which my friends done over 20 year ago and some still do.
    i rub it in circles with a wool hat every morning to create knots ect untill the whole head is matted (few months) then i wait untill it tightens the matt (around another 6 month)then when ready soak with water and rip and tear while leaving little blocks of matted hair on the ends as weights to drop the locks instead of them sticking out all over the place.
    these are the only 2 ways i know of and im at a loss as to go back to ringlets which will take the longest or carry on rubbing what would you suggest and why? or do you know another way.
    cheers brother
    paul from the uk.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      no matter what you need to get more length before it will lock
      the rubbing should only be done once..if at all and just creates a general knotty mess that then needs 5to be tore apart into locks
      if you just continue to let it grow and lock it sectionws itself then locks
      the only recommendation id make is take 10,000-15,000 mg of biotin every day you won’t see a diference for a couple months but then it will start to grow at double or tripple speed

      • paul says:

        im coming to a similar conclusion,ive rubbed it 5 times each morning and what seems to be happening is its encouraging the ringlets to mutiply and become smaller ringlets instead of 1 big ringlet,ive a feeling if i keep rubbing im going to end up with 2 or 3 different kind of locks,those forming from ringlets,a few which are rolling and those which will form from a matt with rip and tear,if thats what happens then so be it for as they say “everything happens for a reason” might not look pretty but its the path im walking right now unless i see a better route in time with length as you say.
        time is not on my side right now hence why i interfere just a little instead of just letting be what will be.
        thanks for reply brother every little helps.
        and know when i call you brother its not because its the new phrase going around but because where all the lords children therefor we are all brothers and sisters.
        when i look at my ancestors dreads through statues and paintings i often wonder how they done it AND WHY THEY WERE PERSECUTED FOR IT.
        if only the people knew the truth of what they hide,every painting tells a story they say but the story they tell us is a lie,they teach us one thing and there children another but soon the veil will be lifted so all the lords children will know the truth and boy will there be tears and restless nights for many who thought there leaders have there best interests at heart.
        take care brother and thanks once more.

  2. stormmy says:

    I have read a lot of comments here and I must say I am very inspired to keep dreads naturally. but, my case is a lil bit different and all I need is just ways to go about it in other to make it very thick and long. I do not mind the time. I am thinking about 15 years and more. I have had my hair without combing for 6-7 months now and I must confess I only condition it as afro but, some parts are locked while some are just curly. I am African, so you can view what I mean exactly. I want to know, do I need to apply any conditioning ? do I need to comb them all out and twist it ? my hair is already 4-5 inches long. I do not want to mess my stages up. this is why I haven’t done anything to them and I just watch them grow. but, like I said, not all parts are locked. I really do need you to break it down for me as of which procedures will fit my style. I would love them very thick and long. if possible I would like to count them on me. I believe with your explanation and guidelines, it will help me achieve my mission. Thank you.

  3. Min says:

    Is 2 inches fine

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      to dread naturally you need around 6 inches to use twist and rip you need 4-5 inches
      but if u take biotin every day it will start to grow alot faster
      but you still have months before its long enough

  4. Min says:

    I have abt 2 inches of hair fine Asian hair..jst need advice on how to do it as I’m nt confident enough

  5. Min says:

    I’m far far away frm wre u r tropical Asia bt man ….i still nd advce to grow dreads since no salons offerin it…plz advce

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      salons are the absolute worse mistake you can make
      asain hair dreads just fine simply stop combing start using a dread shampoo and seperate as needed
      it dreads itself just that easy
      never ever go anywhere near a salon especialy those that claim to be dread salons

  6. Dalyn person says:

    Soaringeagle. Im mixed black, white, and lumbee Indian. I was wondering if twisting my hair would help it to dread. Some of tje twist i take two sections of hair amd twist. While others I just twist and twist. Im just wondering if im doing it correctly or if o should do some other method.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      best thing to do is leave it alone if your hairs kinky and the twists stay in thats fine just dont ever retwist
      retwisting is what causes balding

  7. Wendy says:

    Hi there!

    I’ve been thinking about beginning the process of naturally dreading my hair for some time now, but I’ve had a few questions. I have wavy/curly hair, but parts of it are considerably damaged from heat and hair dye over the years. I’ve been taking much better care of it for some time now, but there are days when it needs a good amount of extra moisture as to not be too dry and brittle. If I decide to naturally dread my hair, would it still work if I were to condition my hair as needed? Thank you!

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      if yiou have afriucan hair yea if not id spot treate or use the bars not liquid it wont dreasd as fast but will still dread

  8. Clay says:

    Hello, I have begun my dreading journey about 6-7 weeks ago. However, before I started, I used to style my hair everyday, straighten it, and use hair sprays. I have mow completely stopped that and have switched entirely to baking soda washes. I wash my hair twice a week sometimes only once, but I had a question: Is it alright to wash my hair with only water everyday? And my other question: when and how often should I use a sea salt spray?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      baking soda maybe not the best option if u used chemical straighteners etc
      but u can though once dreaded they take long time to dry so u wont want to wet em every day
      sea salts optional but use it a couple hours b4 u wash weekly is plenty

  9. Max says:

    Hi, I have a couple questions.

    I’ve been considering turning my afro into dreads for a while now. However, I’m a little worried about how they will turn out. What I’d be aiming for is Bob Marley length dreads. I’ve seen pictures of guys with short dreads, but I don’t like that style at all. That said, of course I’m fine wearing my hair like that for a while if it results in my goal. I just don’t want it to stay that way, if that is all I can achieve.

    So, my main concern is how long they will grow. I wanted to know if making my hair into dreadlocks would make it appear longer than it does as an afro. I’ve gone months without cutting my hair at times, and it doesn’t grow out super long at all. Its growth really slows down after about two months. I mean, it definitely gets unruly, but not anywhere near as long as I’d imagine they’d have to be to form long dreads like Bob Marley had. I think the best way to describe it is that it could probably become short dreads no problem; but I’m worried about whether or not it can go beyond that. Will my hair grow longer than normal in this style? Or will it stay around the same length that it does currently?

    Following up on that question, how long would it take to get what I’m hoping to achieve? Years possibly? How long would I be stuck with shorter length dreads before they’d reach my shoulders or further; if at all?

    Lastly, I was wondering how easy it would be to change them back. Though I’d like to give this a try, I wouldn’t want to be stuck with them; especially if they weren’t turning out the way I wanted them to. What would be the procedure for turning them back into an afro?

    Sorry if some of these questions have obvious answers. I just have a hard time believing that my medium length hair could possibly grow that long.

    Thanks for the help!

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      you see mine drag on the ground
      they began at 3-4 inches
      hair grows at a rate of 1/2 inch a month..typically
      taking 10,000-15,000 mg of biotin a day every day after 3 months that can be an inch even 1 1/2 a month double to tripple speed but it takes 3 months to see that increase
      bob marley if you google early bob marley pictures u see how short they started
      they take time and shrink in the 1st year regain length in the 2nd by 2nd they shouldbe at ort past shoulders
      to get the length you are envisioning will take 4-5 years
      at least dreads take patience
      the longer u keep them the longer they get

      to comb them out use a lot of conditioners and carefully comb or pick out from the tips up it can be done it just will take time you wont get them all out in a day

  10. Chaos says:

    Hey soaringeagle,

    Welp, I finally took the plunge and started my dread journey about two weeks ago after hemming and hawing over it for the past four to five years or so. It’s been… interesting. I have very curly, very fine hair which I’ve been washing with the baking soda/acv method for the past month and a half now. Before, I used to simply finger comb my hair and leave it at that, but ironically enough, now that I’ve stopped combing my hair entirely it’s become even /more/ curly… and knot free. Weird how before my hair would dread on the drop of a dime while using shampoo and conditioner, but now it’s decided to become dread resistant.

    At first, I was rinsing it with simple water everyday out of habit but I noticed that I was totally knot free. Then I decided to simply not rinse my hair and only rinse it while washing. Still knot free.

    Would you suggest that I continue to not rinse it except for when I must wash it? I sleep on a woolen sweater thrown over my pillow. I guess I just find it incredibly humorous how my hair has a complete and total agenda of its own. Any advice? Should I just wait and see what happens over the upcoming months?

    Thank you!

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      its only been 2 weeks! thats nothing but if u use too much acv its conditioning
      u might want to try the liquid shampoo from it makes mine so knotty in 1 single wash its crazy

      but besides that time is what ya need 2 weeks isnt much at all

      • Chaos says:


        Thanks for the reply! I actually use a pretty small amount of acv, I guess the closest ‘ratio’ I can come up with is, 1/8th part acv to a part of water’, but most of the time I just eyeball it. Where I live, there’s a /lot/ of wild rosemary and lavender, so I actually use rosemary and lavender “tea” that I mix with the acv. I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the cause of any conditioning.

        I’ll give it more time and see what happens. If anything I can switch to dr. Bronners for a bit until the dreads become slightly more established. Mmm, rose Dr. Bronners.

        Thanks again :)

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          if u got hard water bronners will be almost like wax nasty buildup
 is made for all water types
          acv when early on should be like a capful or 2 to a gallon a teaspoon to 2 or 3 or 4 cups very weak when more mature use the same 1-10 ratio but i would recomend dreadlockshampoo long term as baking soda and acv long term can weaken the hair alot..its kinda harsh the shampoo on the other hand makes it super healthy

  11. Manu says:

    I am 12 getting dreds and I live on a boat in ausse land any tips

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      what do you mean by “getting dreads’ dont “get dreads’ grow them swimming in the ocean often is going to make em fdread fast
      just rinse or wash after the salt can over dry the hair and irritate the scalp if left in too long

      when you said “getting dreads’ if you meant by a salon or dread kit..stop..cancle the appointment or send it back

      before you do anything discuss it with me or go on and read up on it
      you dont need to do anything to get dreads except wash with something good for dreads.thats it
      wash and go and dreads happen

  12. Brooke Shanks says:

    ANOTHER quick question,
    I’m wearing my hair up mostly,( because of the messiness) is that going to effect the look?
    Should I be wearing it down to eliminate breakage? or does that even matter?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      2 things
      1 it will slow progress a ton
      2 it will encourage 1 huge congo so u will have to seperate more often
      the more its down and able to move the more it will dread

  13. Brooke Shanks says:

    I am just beginning this process, I wash my hair with the vinegar mix and I’ve been conditioning with coconut oil once a week, is that still good to do?
    Also, so I need to section off the bigger knots? My hair is naturally nappy even though I’m full caucasian, I have always been able to get little dread locks in as little as a week.
    MY main question is should I section off the pieces, and is there any way for me to make them look less messy while going through the beginning process? as in less like a nest, and more like little dread locks.
    Love the site!!
    much love, brooke.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      conditioning will slow or prevent dreading in the 1st year unless u have typicaly dry african hair
      how are u doing the vinager are u using baking soda 1st are u doing them seperately what ratios

  14. Matt Kelly says:

    So I have been letting my (moderately curly) hair dread on its own for a few months now, and I have been getting some pretty thick dreads, but some of them within my hair are getting flat. Is that just a part of the process? My guess is I am sleeping on them and that is flattening them out. I have been putting my hair up before bed but it wasn’t done too much. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      when u sleep on them they compress this is how they tighten in most cases they compress in diferent directions every night so tend to get more round over time but the 1 dread that stays flat will be your fave since its not round and boringlike the rest

  15. Matt Kelly says:

    So I’ve been letting my hair grow and dread on its own for a few months now, and have gotten some pretty thick dreads within my (moderately curly) hair. But some of them have gotten very flat. Is that just a part of the process? My guess is I am sleeping on them and flattening them out. I starting putting my hair up before bed but it hasn’t done too much. Any info on the mater would be greatly appreciated!

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      replied to your other post about the flatness but wanted to let you know that really thick dreads can cause issues

  16. GraceAthena says:

    Soaringeagle, I have a super picky scalp, and baking soda and shampoo are not nice to it. I’ve recently started the rinse only method, and I wondered, if it helps my head, can I just crack on with this method once my hair is long enough to dread? My hair is straight, and prone to be oily, though it’s gotten better as I get older. So, I could do a bs clean once a month or so… do you have any experience with this? ( I had dreads crocheted in for 2 months over the summer, and my scalp was in bits, and so itchy with dandruff. I got very frustrated, and that coupled with the fact that I’d made an awful mistake having them put in that way led to me having my sister cut them all off with the resolve to start over.)

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      Most likely, your issue is actually SLS or hot water SLS is in almost all shampoos is very toxic and a skin irritant

      Washing with baking soda can be harsh. It can remove the dead skin, but it’s also kind of harsh. Washing with just water might be gentle, but is not going to get you very clean. I would recommend trying The liquid is more drying so helps it dread faster, but may dry the scalp more

  17. Jonathan jones says:

    Hello. My name is Jon and I recently decided to start my locking journey. I herd that I should take a sponge and cut holes in it then rub it through my hair. But it doesn’t cool like others. It looks like it swirls more than anything. And the right side of my head looks like it spikes up more than anything. I’m mixed but very light skinned. Is there a easier method do you think I could try or am I doing it right. I want them free formed but am very ignorant in the ways I should start them. I just know freeform is the way to go.

    Jah bless

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      That’s a very silly thing known as the nu dread. It’s a ridiculous contraption that makes you look like a hedgehog, just like spikes.

      The simplest thing to do is just wash your hair and let it dread, but you want to use a natural dread friendly shampoo. It will start the dread all on its own and all you have to do is clean it. That’s it separate. If you don’t want one huge dread, but that it you have to rub, you don’t have to roll you don’t have to twist you don’t have to do any of that crazy stuff just wash and go

  18. Victoria says:

    Hey! Just wanted to thank you for your helpful information. And I want to share my story . Well it just started a couple of days ago, but nonetheless the dreads are calling me. It happened one day at the beach by the indian ocean, I sat in the shallow water picking up stones and corals in hopes of finding some treasure of the sea. All of a sudden a beautiful hollow coral in the perfect shape of a bead appeard in my hand. It was a gift from Gaia, from the powerful sea, and thus I knew I wanted to carry it with me at all times. And my joyrney of dreading began. I’m really happy to hear your view on dreads, they are indeed the natural way of our hair.. and I never realised they store energy and protect us. But it all makes sense now. So thank you for enlightening me. I will post future questions when needed. Love & light!
    Victoria in Sweden

  19. cyphrobert allen says:

    I’m half black however have hair that is literally almost 100% African like in every way, so my question is I have been doing this for almost two weeks and have ignorantly used reaguler shampoo about 4-5 times total so far, now if I start using dreadfriendly shampoo from now on or stop shampooing entirely is it possible to correct my horrible mistake and will it continue to do it’s thing like it is supposed to?

  20. cyphrobert allen says:

    Ok, so one more question for soaring eagle, I *am* half black however have hair that is literally almost 100% African like in every way, so my question is I have been doing this for almost two weeks and have ignorantly used reaguler shampoo about 4-5 times total so far, now if I start using dreadfriendly shampoo from now on or stop shampooing entirely is it possible to correct my horrible mistake and will it continue to do it’s thing like it is supposed to?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      well the worse part about regular shampoos are the residues i would defibnately keep shampooing just use a good all natural dread shampoo

  21. Robert Allen III says:

    yes I *do* have a question for Soaringeagle (not sure I spelled it correctly) I understand that it will help the dreadding process to use special shampoo or beaking soda is it possible to obtain dreads at all if you are using reaguler shampoo, or dose using reaguler shampoo make getting dreads impossible. or dose it cause shotty seacond rate dreads.

    -thank you for your time and any answer will be very hepful as i have wanted dreads for almost 9 years now…

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      well theres no easy answer that covers all cases.
      some shampoos…most are made to make hair ‘manageable’ wich is code for tangle free plus nearly all condition and leave residues
      if your hair wants to dread badly enough it will dread even with daily conditioning but avoiding conditioners will make it dread faster (if your african american u do need moisture to prevent breakage but then african hair will dread no matter what u use or do)

      the other issue with regular shampoos is residues
      if you take baths regularly your familiar with that soap scum ring you get in the tub, those sorts of residues build up in dreads and are hard to remove, and can cause a swampy condition that is easy for mold or mildew to grow in
      so not only are regular shampoos going to make it harder to dread (in some cases impossible, in others just slower) but its also a risk for causing stinky dreads

  22. josh says:

    great read!

    is there a way to not put your fingers through your hair as i keep doing that and the most dreaded i got was a few knots?! :/

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      well theres a few answers to that
      the simplest answer is dont put your fingers through your hair
      as obvious as that sounds its not always as easy as that so you can try putting them in your pockets sitting on them or if its a nervous habit thats lifelong like twirling your hair try wearing a crystal pendent around your neck or if u need a softer texture some sort of cloth thing or a ‘medicine pouch” that you can twirl and twist instead

      • josh says:

        ok, thanks but i dont think a 13 year old boy would look right with a cristal pendant!

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          are you kidding me? why the hell not? especially 1 with dreads
          when i was your age i wore several at once
          just get like a quartz crustal or maybe something more like hematite

          any why worry how ya look

          • josh says:

            cuz i got bullied for 2 years and like a girl, that is why i care

            • soaringeagle2 says:

              i got bullied too but so what those are insecure stupid kids that will go nowhere in life ..your not.. if your afraid to be yourself then they won.. but if you dont let them affect how you act then you won
              bullies and terrorists are basicly the same thing they are weak people who feel that if they can scare you enough to change how you act and behave then they arent so weak.

              dont give up your power

              and dude your growing dreads any girl ya like that likes dreads will like a crystal round your neck too..
              in fact tell her why your wearing it and tell her when your dreads are forming the crystal will be hers and it will be like she shared in your dreading journey with you

              crystals are energy receivers and transmitters and by passing that on to her it will just increase the bond

              im glad your dreading you need the confidence

              you should feel strong enough ..confident enough to face your bullies wearing a clown nose and bunny ears and not be afraid of what they think

            • soaringeagle2 says:

              in fact
              google vermin supreme
              vermin supreme is his real name and hes running for president wearing a boot on his head a clown nose and promising to gain energy independence by harnessing the power of a zombie apocalypse hooking zombies up to huge turbines and dangling brains in front of them

              point is you cant be afraid to be unique

              those bullies.. they are like everyone else right? absolutely normal in every way dress like everyone else have the same hair style play the same sports act like everyone elkse
              they are bullieds because they are forced into a role they feel powerless to be anything but a drone a clone ..because your more real more unique and not like everyone else they fear you

              i was bullied every day in hs
              guess what
              hs ends
              those bullies 20 years later will be in the same place doing the same thing ..stuck
              but not you
              not me
              its the ones who arent afraid to be themselves that go on to live amazing lives experience things those bullies never dreamed of

              what do they got to look forward to? a few failed marriages with restraining orders/ maybe even time in jail/

              if yoyr afraid to wear a crystal then those bullies are still beating you now…without touching you without coming near you
              they are beating you cause you are afraid to even wear something that might anger the idiots of the world

              guess what
              it doesnt take much

              if they cant find something to pick on you for just the color of your shoelaces or the fact that ones untied is all they need to come after you

              so are you going to wear velcro shoes/ well they will come after u for that

              it doesnt matter what u wear how you act

              its not you

              its them
              they are losers
              dont lose yourself to losers

              • josh says:

                thanks but i decided we live to die

                • soaringeagle2 says:

                  wtf is the point in thaat
                  live to live
                  live to love

                  sounds like you really need your dreads…and a crystal
                  and to get past your teens and away from where you are

                  • jasper says:

                    2 years ago I had the same attitude as this guy and I was around his age (14).

                    I got dreads a bit over a year ago.
                    I’m a lot happier now, but I never got a crystal.

                    • soaringeagle2 says:

                      dreads are like crystals they store energy and provide a protecxtive barrier against the negativity of the world around you

  23. kingj says:

    i towel rubbed my hair this morning and this is the last time im doing that method

    my question is when do i wash?

    cause my hair unravels when i wash it i guess its telling me to leave it alone

    im thinking about using sea salt water to loc my hair instead

    ive heard of your shampoos and i will like to use them but i dont have any money


    and the ingredients are Deionized Water, Decyl Glucoside (Coconut Oil), African Black Soap, Saliylic Acid, Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract, Melia Azadirachta (Neem)Seed Oil, Charcoal Powder, Mefaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil,Simmondsia Chinesis Seed (Jojoba) Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Oil, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Vitamin E, Rosemary Extract, Platain Extract, Lonicera Caprifolium (Honeysuckle) Flower (and) Lonicera Japonica (Japanese Honeysuckle) Flower Extract *Certified Organic Ingredient

    this shampoo Helps to calm itching and irritation. Tea Tree Oil – Removes buildup for enhanced shine and volume. Willow Bark Extract – Exfoliates and detoxifies hair and scalp.

    this is natural shampoo but is it good for my hair? im african american

    do you think i should quit towel rubbing and just let it be?

    i know this process is simple but im keep stressing myself out on it

    thanks for your time

    god bless

  24. kingj says:

    I dont see my question i guess it disappeared

    I always do the towel rub method and i was wondering is that necessary?
    Im african american so my hair is kinky

    My shampoo is shea moisture’s african black soap shampoo and i used that 1 time and its pretty good cause obviously its natural i used to use suave shampoo and that shampoo seem to not help my hair knot

    I wash 2 times a week

    Is there anything i need to change?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      till u comment twice and were approved they need aproval to prevent spam
      but no towel rubbings nit nesacary at all and if u rub it should only be once
      only nit combing is nesacary

      your hair has always been trying to dread
      everything u have done up till now was meant to prevent dreads
      the shampoos that make hair “manageable” is code for not dreading the combing picking braiding cutting shampoos that condition ..styling all that was all for 1 keep it from dreading
      so the 1 and only thing u need to do is stop preventing it from dreading

  25. Kirko says:

    i have 1 inch hair long how can i make dreadlock?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      if you have african hair just klet it dread or twist it…once then let it dread never retwist if caucasian hair u need a minumum of 5 inches to twist and rip or backcomb and 6 to go natural but u can start the natural process at bald and might dread shorter
      taking 15000 mg biotin every day will double even triple the growth rate after 3 months

      all u need to dread though is wash with a dread shampoo and stop combing
      thats it

      • Dave says:

        When you say all you need is a dread shampoo do you mean any natural residue-free shampoo (i have a local hemp shampoo) our should it be more specific to dreading?

        And in terms of washing, i forget where i saw it, maybe on this site, but i don’t wash the entire length of hair, just lather the scalp. I wash once to twice a week and Terry to keep it dry otherwise. To dry, i pat dry a little with a towel and shake vigorously like a dog, allowing it to air dry.

        I wear a tam when i need to, my Caucasian hair is about 5-6 inches and have stayed this about two week ago, but not really seeing any dreading per say. I’m not stressing, i figure my hair may be a bit short and i have to wear a hat (tam) for work, so it may take a bit, just want to confirm I’m in the right track

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          well some that arent made for dreads might still be too conditioning as long as theres no residue it will nit harm them but might slow or prevent dreading
          the liquid from as an example has sea salt added so it really helps speed dreading

          your hair could use another inch and 2 weeks is kinda soon to expect dreading in shorter can happen sure but its unexpected when it does

  26. Khomari says:

    I have 4and a half inches of African curly hair…I started freeform 3 days and washed it 2 times already ,should I sleep on my back or stomach ,is shrinkage okay andwhen will re knots start grabbing onto each other and forming little locs

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      whatever side u sleep on dreads fastest thats all african hair can dreadpretty fast those knots are becoming dreads as long as they stay knotty
      3 days is a lil soon to expect dreads however some rare cases will find dreads forming in hours to datys but thats unusually fast weeks is not uncommon a couple months is typical in caucasian so im thinking u should see dreading within a month ..2 at most ..but thats dreading not fully mature dreads
      they do take time ..give em time be patient
      they are doing it now with every wash with every sleep but just like your hair didnt grow 4 inches in 4 days they arent going to be fully mature in a week

  27. Chester says:

    i switched from liquid to bar dreadlock shampoo because according to my friend(who had spoke to your sometime ago) it wouldn’t dry out my hair, where as the liquid made it feel brittle after awhile. does this still remain the case?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      yes, you see the liquids made to dry the hair out with sea salt dry hair dreads faster especialy in non african hair since your emails “doo.rags” i can assume you have african hair wich is dry by nature and while dreading requires moisturue to prevent brittleness and breaking almost the oposite treatment this is the 1 and only real diference in whats truly needed for dread care between african and other hairtypes is you need to prevent dryness while we need to prevent oiliness
      the bars are perfect and many of my african american brothers and sisters that use the bars say they need absolutely no other products like opils gels creams or greasses ..if they wash fairly regularly (1-3times a week)

      some with african tyoe haur do indeed use sea salt to dry the hair and speed dreading but it does have the risk of over drying and your hair type really needs no extra help in dreading

      tho i will say that when salons grease u up gel you up and overload u with oils and such it slows dreading though no matter how much products u use that are unesacary ammount of oils and conditioners can really completely prevent your hair from dreading

      • Chester says:

        hahaha you got me on the doo rags thing! I really appreciate the timely response. I just got my bar in the mail today and really enjoy it, how long do they typically last? my friend still has his and he’s had it for almost a yr im actually shocked

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          he must not wash often enough mine last a month or 2 also if u use a ‘soap saver’ wich she used to send 1 with every order and might still when available just something that keeps the bar sitting up off any moisture so its not melting, you can put it on asponge or anything outside the shower when not in use so it stayts dry anything u can do to prevent waste through melting just from being wet will make it lkast longer ..but a yewar he must be washing monthly or less now alot of african americans think that thats how often they should wash due to shampoos drying the hair however a months worth of dirt can be pretty extrteme and if you wash more often the scalp adjusts and it doesnt dry out so bad in fact 1 african american freind washes every single day (with dreads) and uses no conditioners moisturizers oils or anything and his hair does not get dried out.. sol tell your freind that he should really consider washing weekly at a bare minumum

          • Chester says:

            will do! but I believe he may have switched to just washing with water. me personally I like the smell of shampoos and sort of the after smell so I use them. but he has seen a lot of progress sicne with just water so I often ponder it as well. he wants to keep it as natural possible and in the words of him “nothing is more natural than water” haha

  28. JG says:

    I’m starting my free form journey. I have about 1 inch African hair. On the days when I don’t shampoo my hair should I still rinse with water or not?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      sure you can the only reason not to wassh every day is when dreaded they take too long to dry so every 3-7 days is best

  29. Dave says:

    OK so i’m ready to start my dreaded journey. (will p/u my shampoo tomorrow). After looking at dreadhead & knottyboy (both promote wax) and talking with a few dreadheads I like the natural approach. It only makes sense to let my hair do what it naturally wants to do right. well, I started with a shaved head (am bald on top, gonne be interesting to see a bald man with dreads no?) but have let the hair grow. I have not brushed it once but wear a ballcap (keep paint off my head).

    My issue is this, my hair which is over 3 or 4 inches long, has not been brushed once. it seems that according to this site it should have already started dreading, no? what do i need to be doing differently? (i will be switching from a 2n1 shamp/cond to a residue free organic shampoo, having seen tips for wool on this site, am considering sleeping on fleece since dont own any wool (would it be a good lint-free alternative?). I has soft wavy jesus like hair with a large expanding crop-circle. What else should/could I do to help promote natural dreads?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      the ball cap and the shampoo has prevented it from dreading also the length typicaly it dreads at 6 inches although some do dread shoerter the caps and the shampoo wont let it dread at any length
      instead of the cap wwear a tam a loose wool tam but only when painting then leave em to hang free the rest of the time makes an awesomed all natural dread shampoo its what i use the liquid will help it dread fast the bars are great when they mature

  30. Mini says:

    Hey I love your site and videos! So informative, thank you :) I have naturally curly type 3/4 hair and have stopped combing for about 2-3 weeks. The back is really matted and I can feel the clumps. However, i cannot get my hands through the back of my hair at all. It’s just one massive tangle. I can feel sections at the ends but they are only about an inch long. Will these move up the massive nest and turn into individual dreads? I’ve tried to separate the back but I have had no luck, it is too tangled with itself. I appreciate your help! Thanks again, man. :)

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      srry forthe late reply its dreadibng super fast so u will need to seperate a whole lot more often do it while wet pull the sections apart ripping the connected hairs since its so far gone u may have a bity of pain while its undercontrol and being seoerated often its painless when wet
      on theres alot of tips for seperating even when its extremely matted

  31. thedoncornelius says:

    I want to freeform my hair. I stopped picking it over 2 years ago and it’s done nothing. I have curly hair and when I wash it it just curls up. And it also seperates into the stages but that’s it. Any suggestions on what to wash my good hair with? Or should I not try the process all together?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      a good dread shampoo makes the best but whenu say “good hair’ (hate that term) im guessing your african american
      the liqiuid dreads caucasian hair fast cause of the sea salt wich dries it out so it dreads fast but african american hairs generaly super dry by nature so use the bars instead or alternate

  32. darrel says:


    • soaringeagle2 says:

      well you can
      but the reason and only reason not to wash every day is they take so long to dry thats whyyou dont wantto rinse every day

  33. Judson says:

    If a section of hair begins to tangle at the ends, will it move up towards the scalp naturally?

    • soaringeagle2 says:


      • will says:

        Ok I have somewhat caucasain hair but its super thick and about 3 inches long but because its so thick it doesnt seem any longer then an inch. Also its very oily. I dont want to just freeform I want thin dreads but im not sure how often to wash and what exactly the steps are for my type of hair. Its pretty much naturally backcombed.

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          u can freeform and keep them thin by seperating but 3 inches is a lil short 5 is recomended you can twist n rip backcomb is alot more damaging
          to stop oiliness wash with baking soda a few weeks wash with 1 part baking soda 10 parts water pour on soak 10 min then rinse noscrubbing needed start at every 2 days then every 3 once u get to 4 days and its not oily you can switch to a dread shampoo like or after rinsing the bs out do a very weak acv rinse .. the bs/acv methods explained alot on

  34. Judson says:

    I’ve been letting my process go for about a month now and I have some definite locks. Obviously, some of the hair on the sides and under in the back aren’t forming yet. I know its soon though. I will backcomb here and there, roll places that are forming, and even take my palm and push sections on my scalp in a clockwise/counterclockwise motion to tangle.

    I would like to know if these things are ok to do AND, I put my hair in a ponytail for work sometimes and I was wondering if this pulls the tangles out. I haven’t noticed much but I was just wondering.

    Plus, I only was about once a week, if that, and do so with a shampoo for my scalp that REALLY itches after a bit.


    • soaringeagle2 says:

      1 dont backcomb esopecualy dont roll and even more especialy do not rub against the scalp the last root rubbing can oull 1/2 the hairs right out of the scalp! just washg and seperate nothing eolswe at all is best wash 2x a week if needed and cut the hot water out cool to colsd washing more and u wint itch and will dread faster

  35. Caroline says:

    I’ve wanted dreads for years, but only lately have I been looking into it more seriously. I was originally thinking of using twist and rip, but my hair is so baby fine that when I did 1/2inch sections, the dreads were only 1/4 the diameter of a pencil, tiny! And my hair is naturally, without conditioner, silky and slippery, that the dreads just fell right out after two days.

    SO… I’m looking into freeform now. My concern is that I have 1 year old twins who are constantly raking their little fingers through my hair and I thus have to keep it up in a bun or pony tail the majority of the time. Should I wait until my babes are older? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      tnr will aklways be much thinner then the sections then thicken as they mature
      theres no race, keeping it up will drastically slow progress but theres no reason to not start now sure the kids will untangle some but thats ok they dont needto be dreaded by a deadline the ones in back will dread fastest anyway and the front they play with will dread last anyways too so whats it matter if that part dreads as they grow up dreads are alot like children they develop in stages they mature at diferent rates and how they Are treated affects how fast or slow they mature ..but thats ok thats how they develop thier unique personalities

  36. Shawn says:

    Hey I’ve been freeforming for about 5 months and I was wondering whats the best way to put coconut oil in my hair? Meaning after washing and shampooing my hair or before and let it sit in than wash it out? (also i use the dreadlockshampoo you recommended)

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      well if your african american u can use it now if not id wait awhile u can either apply directly if you want a real deep moisturizing or add to a rinse pour on wait a few min then a quick rinse i dont do a full rinse just a quick spray to spread it around and wash out any excess buit still leave a lil in

      • keithen says:

        I use a dorag for my hair and my hair tends to get flat when i wear my dorag i have started wear a tam yet,but wen my hair is flat it like a low cut but have a mini afro.will it still dread

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          ofcourse its flat your smooshing it flat and preventing it from moving dont wear anything if u must then wear a tam

      • HuShawn says:

        When should u start seperating? I have a 6 month freeform fro and I have some coils popping up on the top of my head and back but not on the sides cause I at on the but it feel like it’s matting together and I don’t want it to be one big dread but than I don’t wanna mess it up and pull stuff apart and keep it from dreading.. (Also I’m a African American)

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          when they form too big (over an inch) or when 2 dreads try to combine at the roots, modt likely you should have started months ago

  37. Jesus says:

    Hi, I want to know if I’ll be fine wearing a bandana on my head for 8 hours a day. Your see I work in a painting company and can’t afford to get hair in my dreads, I’m 3 months in and I started my backcombing and twisting/curling them with my fingers. They always get loose after I wash them I guess because it’s curled up so from now on I’m going to just wash and leave. But my question is if it’s harmful to keep it in a bandana for 8 hours a day? U see I can’t really avoid it at work but as soon as I get out I take it off. Thank you

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      if u must cover them then thats the best way to do it the worse that covering does isslow progress but a bandana shouldnt affect it much except maybe on the sides

  38. solras says:

    My (new) dreads always combine each other at the roots after i took a shower. What can i do to prevent the combining? I thought of rubber bands but i dont think it would be a good idea.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      rubber bands would be a horific idea very very bad the fact they try to combine after every wash shows u how much washing makes then dread its so simple its instinctual if 2 dreads are joining together..pull them apart
      if they are joining together 2-3 times a day a bead or wrap near the roots will keep them apart
      while wet simply grab 2 dreads pull away from eachother and connected hairs will pop free and they will be separated..if its ever hardotr hurts do it more often and it wont

  39. Ariel says:

    I’m 3.5 months into my freeform dreadlocks journey and my hair has shrunk from 31 inches to 8 inches – that’s 23 inches! I knew my hair would shrink but I never expected THIS much. Anyway, my question is – when can I expect my hair to gain it’s length back?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      very common the longer it is tostart the more drastically it shrinks your only 3 months in you got a good long wait to grow it generally takes a year to get mature if u shrunk thsat much that fast tho your well on your way once it shrinks as far as it can shrink there will be a few months zero growth then begin tio grow but heres the thing when u combed uu created split ends wich then got trimmed every couple months so u chopped off 1/2 the growth so with dreads when they grow they seem to grow twice as fast

  40. shaun says:

    I have been freeforming my dreads for probably 10 months now. and I can not get the front to lock up. They have slowly began to sleeping on my side more, which I do not prefer. any suggestions to help the front and top along?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      front will just take longer to catch up really slkeeping on your face can help but yea not so comfy..just give it more time isall

  41. Shane says:

    I currently have a mini afro, and I’m trying to grow freeform locs. The problem is every time I go to sleep, my hair just gets flat, and I feel like its just matting instead of dreading, it’s very flat. Is this part of the process, I’m so confused.✌️

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      it is dreading but if you are set on no seperation sothery form any olb way theuy want leave em be otherwise doing a lil seperating will help em forem more individual locks

  42. Shane Venegar says:

    I currently have a mini afro, and I’m trying to grow freeform locs. The problem is every time I go to sleep, my hair just gets flat, and I feel like its just matting instead of dreading, it’s very flat. Is this part of the process, I’m so confused. Thank you in advance. ✌️

  43. Jay says:

    I am scatter brained so not sure if I posted this already or got distracted and ran off. I am a caucasian with thin, straight hair that doesn’t lock easily. Started with mostly backcombing, and palmrolling to maintain but it’s too much for my scalp to handle so now my scalp is red and sore. How can I salvage my semiknotted “dreads”? What about scalp relief? Is there a healthier way to make them neater? I am looking for employment soon and feel as if messier “dreads” might negatively impact the process. They’re only a week old now.

    Thanks so much, I’m sure you get a repetitive barrage of these questions all the time <3

    • Jay says:

      Lol yep I posted twice. Ignore my previous post! Scatter brained.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      you can get a job with messy dreads in factgy the only way they are guaranteed acceptable by law is if they are natueal and spiritual or religios in nature palm rollingdoes nothing at all thats helpful..only harmful

  44. Jay says:

    I am a white female with thin, straight hair that doesn’t lock easily. Started primarily using backcombing about a week ago. Since, I have palm rolled daily. My scalp is incredibly red/sore and my roots already feel like they’re being weakened. Does wearing a hat or scarf in my hair help or harm the dreading process?What can bring my scalp relief/is it too late to save them? Is there a healthier way to keep it neater? I am looking for employment soon and though I know places that will accept locks, I feel like unkempt locks might not fly. I also have no idea when to wash cause I’ve heard everything from three days to a month…sorry for the barrage of questions that have probably been answered somewhere a million times lol!

    Thanks so much <3

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      wash when u want after 2 days or at most a week 4 dont palm roll,,wever at all dont wear hats they will sklow the progress all u need is towash and seperate as needed they will get crazy before they get neat

  45. Luca says:


    I was wondering if you had any tips or advice to get dreads similar to these, this is the look im going for:

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      looks like tnr probly maybe waxed once or twice (badidea)
      though its not a good idea to try to get dreads like someone elses you will only be disapointed when they end up like yours and yours alone
      better to just let them develop thier own personality that comes from you

      • Luca says:

        Thanks for the reply, yeah I figure Im just going to let them go naturally with a little tnr everynow and then, I want dreads around that size but with my own natural, unique twist haha

  46. Harto says:

    Hi, I have one question….i am trying to get natty dreadlocks about a year.
    It goes well, but at the back of the head (near neck) dreads are not locking like the others. The others are almost fixed, but at the back of my head not….
    It is normal?
    THANKS :)

    PS: my English isn´t very good :D

  47. Jex says:

    Hi, my hair is a few different lengths (about 4 inches to 5 1/2 inches at the longest) should I let my hair grow a little longer before starting my journey? And if so, do you recommend anything to get it ready? Also my hair is coloured, I put an all natural dye in my shampoo, that way when I wash it, it keeps the colour going, will this cause a problem? Any and all tips are appreciated! Thank you!

  48. Luca says:

    Hey All,

    I wanted to start forming dreads naturally but had a few questions. First off I should let you guys know that I’ve got around chin length hair that is straight.

    Firstly I was wondering whether during the day I should just let it hang down or if I should put it up in a loose hat/beanie?

    Also after I get out of the shower should I rub and dry it with a towel or just sort of shake it dry and then let it air dry?

    Cheers, Luca.

    • Luca says:

      One more question guys!

      I was having a look at and was wondering if it is necessary to get their dread shampoo blocks and himilayan sea salt spray or if it is pretty much the same as baking soda wash and my own sea salt spray?


      • soaringeagle2 says:

        well the answers not so simple you see the liquid not bar is what u want early on to dread faster the baking soda has the advantage of being a no touch method so no undoing knots scrubbing..but long term the baking soda may weaken the hair significantly so the shampoos are far far healthier ..
        sea salts optional its not nesacary
        the advantages dreadlockshampoos has though is 2the pink salts the purest on earth with the most unique minerals but also it has added proteins and vitamins
        regular sea salt u will want to rinse out after no more then 2 hours or can really fry the hair the dreadlockshampoo stuff much more healthy and can be left in longer safely

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      leave em hang rubbing with a towel can create a general knottymess that needs to be ripped apart into dreads or can undo knots that formed id shake out andf air dry

      • Jesus says:

        Hello :) I bought the liquid dread shampoo from LOVE it btw) and I was wondering since iv just started natural neglect dreads about a month ago if when I use the shampoo since I scrub my hair and rub it in the scalp will this prevent knots from forming? I stopped towel drying but I don’t know if running fingers through my hair would reverse the process and take out knots, what are your thoughts on this n what would you recommend? I have real stright hair btw and I know it’ll take a longer while to form dreads than normal.

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          yea you dont want to runthe fingers through the hair! scrub only the scalp..carefully the less u didsturb the hair the better
          then rinse it through the hair
          once u wash right uu maybe surprised how fast it dreads

          • Jesus says:

            Thanks soaring, would you reccomend just kind of squirting the shampoo in the middle of my head and scrubbing it in the scalp? Or can I still pour it in my hands lather it up and do it that way?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      leave em hang rubbing with a towel can create a general knotty mess that needs to be ripped apart into dreads or can undo knots that formed id shake out andf air dry

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      leave em hang rubbing with a towel can create a general knotty mess that needs to be ripped apart into dreads or can undo knots that formed id shake out and air dry

      • Luca says:

        Thanks man,

        One more question. I’ve ordered the sea salt spray and shampoo, how often should I use the sea salt spray?

        Once a day after my shower?


        • soaringeagle2 says:

          weekly or twice a weeks more then enough

          • Luca says:

            Hey SoaringEagle,

            I’ve got another question if you’ll so kindly indulge me.

            From what I understand I just let my dreads form naturally and then depending on what size I want them I just keep separating until I reach that size?


            • soaringeagle2 says:

              well not exactly as you worded it
              they will form all diferent sizes..but if u dont want them over a certain thickness u seperate any that are forming bu=igger then that
              also once forming 2 or more might try to beccome 1 at the roots sop u seperate dread from dread to preventthem from joining into bigger dreads

  49. jennifer says:

    Will my hair still dread up if I have to keep it up all day while at work?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      yes but slower maybe alot slower

      leave it down after work when its up keep it loose as u can u may also need to seperate more once dreading

  50. Tj says:

    Hello! I have started dreading naturally about a week ago and my hairs about 4 – 5 inches and I was wondering if the hair grows out the same as it normally would while knotting?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      the answers yes but not quite that straight forward lol the hair growth happens inside the scalp so is always unafected but 1st off unless u got more africanish hair it most liklely (but ciuld still) wont dread till 6 inches
      once its dreading it will shrink dreading naturaly the shrinkage isnt as sefere or sudden but di=uring the 1st year it will get shorter or staythe same as the dreads tightenand shrink but growth from the scalps unaffected
      once its shrunk and tightened as much as it can it grows and grows but heres the thing
      when u comb u damage the hair especialy the ends causing split ends wich typicaly are trimmed every couple months
      you frrow abiyt 1/2 inch a month trim 1/2 inch every 2 months your apparent growths 1/2 whbat it would be so when mature they tgrow faster then when u trim 1/2 the growr\th off

  51. Grace says:

    oh ok understandable. what type of shampoo do you recommend?

    • soaringeagle2 says: is the best the liquids drying to help caucasian dreads dread faster it hassea salt it maybe too drying for your hair type
      the bars though will keep them super healthy and theres a giood chance u might not need all the extra oils and stuff

      they smell amazingtoo

      • Grace says:

        oh ok cool i have thick hair (i’m black) so yea that makes sense. i’ll check out the website and look into the bars as well. thanks

  52. Grace says:

    I started off twisting but i stopped because my hair kept unraveling i think because of the conditioner i was using at first. so from then i left it alone to just form on its own. im using the jamaican mango and lime tingle shampoo and protein conditioner. and i spray a combination of cocoa butter hair oil, grapeseed, coconut, and olive oil and rub it through the locs and massage it in my scalp. i blow dry my hair after washing it instead of air drying so it won’t smell. my problem is that the ends get tiny balls of hair that sort of hang off (the tip of my hair locs). i’m still in the starting stage so my hair isn’t fully locked, its been a few months. how can i get my hair more manageable without altering the free forming pattern, but stop the ends from forming the tiny hair balls and thining out?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      those are just shed hairs they will suck in if u leave em alone im not convinced that shampoo is any good at all i know many of the other products they make are no good

  53. Shawn says:

    I have been using the dreadlocks liquid shampoo and my hair feels great but i have noticed that my scalp has has a creamy texture on it.. I scratch my scalp with my nail and I see it in my nails.. Is that normal or am I doing something wrong?? (Been freeforming for almost 3 months with a small 2 or 3 inch fro and I’m a African America)

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      maybe your not rinsing enough i use a hand held massage shower head on the massage setting to ghet the most pressure and hold it close to the scalp
      maybe u might need to massage the scalp while rinsing or even scrape at ot with fingertips
      i do find the liwquids not as easy to rinse as the bar
      but also the liquids got sea salt wich dries the hair ..great for caucasian hair but african hairs already too dry the sea salt maybe drying the scalp amd what u got is fd=dry scalp coming og=ff u maybe will do better with the bars

  54. Samantha says:

    Hi! Just starting my natural locking journey! Wondering if it is okay to pin up my hair or use a hair tie in the beginning if I don’t fool with it too much when I do so?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      if u must but do it loosely and not all the time tying it up all the time will slow or stop dreading and can encourage a pony dread or bun dreAd..all of it dreading into 1 big dread
      the more its free to move the better

  55. Ktags says:

    I have really been wanting to start forming natural dreads and was almost committed to it. Until I read about how you have to dry your hair thoroughly after washing or mold can form? That seems very time consuming. I was really hoping dreads wouldn’t be too high maintenance. Is there no natural alternative to this predicament besides putting a blow dryer to them for an 1hr + ? Someone please tell me there’s an easier way! Thanks.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      you can just drip/air/sun dry the only thing to avoid is tyin g them up, wearing a hat, or going to bed while they are damp..anything that restricts the airflow around them
      i only blow dry in winter and just a few min here and there in quic k bursts over a long period of time sitting in the hot summer sun dries them faster then anbything

      • The420Souljah says:

        That lock n up shampoo is some good stuff didn’t know my hair would look good without getting it maintained at a barber ect.the lady sent me a soap bar can i use it on my hair?

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          what all did they do to yours? it woulda lookied felt and been better especialy healthier to avoid them..especialy the maintenance
          the bars best on mature dreeads the liquid while trying to speed up dreading

  56. Melissa says:

    Been allowing my hair to dread 100 % naturally for a little over 8 months now. My concern is how dry and unhealthy they look and feel. Do you have any suggestions on what I can use to help them. I usually use the baking soda and acv rinse method once or twice a week. Sometimes I throw in dandruff shampoo since I’ve always struggled with dandruff and itchy scalp.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      i would never use dandruff shampoo in dreads
      add teatree rosemary for dandruff
      but i think its about time u switched to these
      teatree rosemary for severe dandruff but they all are great for dandruff
      if your a good ways from mature, the liquid locks u fast (contains sea salt tho so lil more drying then the bars less then baking soda tho) if they are fairly well along the bars are superb for extremely healthy dreads and scalp
      1 use and you’ll be hooked and see and feel them being extremely healthy and happy
      tip,, its flat rate postage so u can get several at once for same shipping so you could get 3 bars 1 liquid or any combo for the same shipping cost
      add till the shipping goes up then remove 1 its usually 4 or 5 maybe even 6 you can fit in a box at the lowest shipping rates
      even though mines very mature i use the bars almost always but if im getting few too many loose hairs i use the liquid just once and bamn..knotty like crazy i mean i have to separate thoroughly cause they all try to congo and a dozen baby dreads pop up over the next few days
      so u might want to consider both and use whichever feels right that wash (then u can try different scents too wich are all amazing)

  57. Sarah says:

    I very loosely locked my hair using the twist and rip method a few weeks ago and have left them alone since. The top half of my hair is so loose that it is hard to tell by looking that my hair is even locked(the bottom half is doing wonderfully, though)! I know that they will eventually find a lock to be with, but I am having a bit of trouble with them trying to combine with locks that are not really in their section. It seems so obvious after having typed this that the solution would be to just take the loose hair out of that lock and just wait patiently for it to eventually find the right one. Also, I am feeling that I may not have sectioned my hair very well when I was locking it, as I was just grabbing sections without really looking and going to town on it. This seems to have led to a lot of cross hairs. Would I also need to just pull these away from the lock they are currently in? Is there any other advice that you can give me for my little predicament?


    • soaringeagle2 says:

      well it would have sectioned naturally but all u need to do is while wet pull each dread away from eachother this breaks all connecting hairs free it will need to be done often early on especially less often when more mature

  58. Mike says:


    I am considering natural dreads, i get two strand twist a lot because my mom doesnt want me to get dreads.. but i have a few questions.
    first i have mix textured hair.. i am african american as well as puerto rican, my hair is some what rough but also some what curly. so my first question is how long would it take to lock? i’ve been told because of my texture it would take longer than usually but ive also heard that it would be quick.

    second how should i sleep while trying to get dreads my hair (when straightened) is at my chest. i usually sleep with it in a high ponytail (pretty much above my head) should i sleep with my hair completely down or what?

    lastly my hair is somewhat curly the main thing stopping me from dreading my hair is fear of losing my texture… would my hair not curly or be crinkly at all once i dread it? my hair texture is some what like “robb bank$” (a florida music artist) & i know he has natural dreads but i cant find any pictures of his dreads to really see how mine would turn out


    • soaringeagle2 says:

      how long it will takes hard to predict but sounds like it should be fairly fast..but its not a race
      id leave it out of a pony tail but instead toss it up over the pillow so its not under your back
      the faster it dreads the more you need to separate especially early on
      it will retain some curliness early on especially and as they mature get straighter
      id go on check out rachal natty dee i think hers might be similar texture?

      • Mike says:

        Thank you i will sleep like that tonight and yes my hair is similar to hers i guess i could get used to them being straighter as they mature

  59. Kim says:


    Im looking for some advice, and since i don’t know anyone here in holland with natural dreads, i turn to you.

    6 months ago i started my freeform locs. They are silly with a lot of loops and are thightening up.

    The problem is that i think they are TOO THIN. (some are 3 to 4 mm diameter) I tried palm rolling some together, but i am afraid that these dreads are not going to be as firm as the ones i diddn’t join together.

    My hair itself alsways was thick, but didnt have too many of it. also it is very straight. I have like 70 dreads now.

    My question to you is: Can i trust them to be oke in time, or should i comb out some locks to let them dread into thicker ones. Or better i start all over again?


    • soaringeagle2 says:

      dont palm roll at all..ever it does nothing helpful but can cause permenant harm
      i had 1 dread 2 mm that was actually 3 even thinner dreads combined was over 4 feet long and plenty strong
      heres the thing..if u want them tio get thicker and combine all u need to do is stop seperating them

      when i started i had 78
      that grew to over 200 at 1 point
      i let them combine at will for 4 years and 6 turned into 1 thick 1 in many spots now i probably have only about 40

      loops are a good thing thats how they dread
      if your still concerned join and post a few photos (by the way theres quite a few from holland with natural dreads on there..and its odd youd think holland would have moree natural dreads then other places)

  60. Shawn says:

    How short can your hair be to start freeforming? (Currently have a lil 2 month fro, thats probably not even 2 inches yet) thanks

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      well technicaly u can start freeforming at birth or at bald but might not dread till long enough in caucasian type hair thats often n 6 inches in more africanish hair its way shorter and 2 inches is most likely plenty

  61. holly says:

    im white and my hair starts to dread within a couple of days if left and i have been thinking of just leaving it, i have read some people use rubber bands to separate them do i need to do that? i dont want big matted flat lumps but i dont want them too perfect either im also a bit scared to do it.


  62. Emitt says:

    I’ve been on my journey since like January I believe. and I ordered the liquid shampoo around march. I noticed my hair feels like two big matted parts in the back(my hair has not entirely matted) my question of 2 is… matting ok? I kno that’s really the whole point but it doesn’t feel like a dread, just matted? also I wear a tam a lot and it does have room inside but my hair has gotten round-ish because of that(I don’t wear it in my sleep) is my hair still going to lock? I am African American. i’d appreciate it if you could answer those two questions, thank you!

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      well to answer this i would say ues it will and is dreading but how it will dread in the long run will be affected by what you do if you wear a tam all the time u can get a single tam shaped dread! the part in the back is dreading but as a huge dread
      if you dsont want huge dreads u need to separate into smaller ones..while wet fweel around for what feels like the natural sections and pull them apart if u havent done it in awhile this may not be easy and may hurt..thats why you should do ioy at least weekly or after every wash
      if you have tyrouble separating u can take extra steps but lets not get into that till i know u need it..try to let em hang loose as mich or more then u wear the tam and the more u wear it the more u will need to separate as well

      • Emitt says:

        Well I go to college, also my mom doesn’t support me freeforming that’s why I wear the tam. she wouldn’t mind once my hair has actually shown a decent amount of dreads, but she always insists I do something with it. so rather than wlk around school n home when im around her with my hair just nappy I decided to wear my tam. but during the day time when she’s at work and/or when im in my room its never on.(I know it sounds lame lol). my tam doesn’t stand up, its more or less a dome-ish shaped beanie, what sort of dread will I get from that? also so your saying those two matted parts in the back are turning into dreads? I started with a decent fro btw(I dnt mind congo’s I was inspired by basquiat and he had a lot of them)

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          yea that ares starting to dread
          u just dont want a wide flat area dreading flat against the scalp in a hair helmet type situation so the more they are free the better

          • Emitt says:

            well do you have any other recommendations? anything else I could wear or could do? because covering it up has been my only sort of way im staying out of it with my mom? wat about wearing a hoodie or a long shirt over my head? tho its still covered it’d definitely be more free?(women wear shirts over their hair all the time at my school)

            • soaringeagle2 says:

              looser bandana something like that or just let it be free let mom get used to it and just explain that hiding it only makes it worse

              • Emitt says:

                I HOPE YOU RESPOND QUICK PLZ LOL YOUR THE ONLY PERSON I KNO I CAN TALK TO ABOUT MY DREADS THAT COULD HELP. I haven’t worn a tam since out last discussion n ive felt very free. I pulled apart the top matted part so that it wouldn’t dread like a helmet but here’s my newest problem. im debating if I should separate some of the matted hair on the main concern is I will be messing up my hair in some way by pullin some parts apart. but I wake up and the majority of my hair(in the front n sides) feel like just one big congo. and like I said I like congo’s but feel like part of the reason they’re not sprouting crazy and seeing a mass improvement like the back is because its all feels like its congo’d together. I guess wat im asking is should I separate them or not? lol

          • Emitt says:

            or a bigger tam with a lot more space and not as tight?

            • soaringeagle2 says:

              yea that works too
     has alot of cheap tams..all hand made

              • Emitt says:

                Thank you, you’ve been a big help! one more question though, im going to try to eliminate wearing a tam so much in my early stages but what should I do about my hair right now? when I wake up its still round-ish(from the tam I assume/or just not being all the way dreaded) what should I do prevent that helmet shape in the long run just stop wearing it and it wont be flat?

  63. Nathan smock says:

    Alright well atleast my hairs only an inch long should I wait for my hair to grow longer to start free forming an should I air dry any soaps you would recommend I could pick up in the U.S.?I really just need to know the basics on getting started

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      you can start at bald but african hair will dread around an inch other types closer to 6 inches.. shampoo is best the liquid helps young dreads dread fast the bars are awesome on more mature dreads yea air dry blow dry when u must in winter

      • The420Souljah says:

        Alright I’ll look into the shampoo some more seems legit and I might be on here a lot cause it seems like there’s a lot to know about maintening dreads .

        I’m The guy who was using irish spring

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          if u use the liquid u will notice an immediate improvement
          also has 1.3 million pages of the best dreadlocks info this is just my personal blog dreadlockssite is the main site for dread care

          • The420Souljah says:

            Alright the liquid stuff will be the best to start free forming with. any other tips? I have a video on youtube of my hair type if you want to check it out I’ll send you the link but I think I’ll buy it any should I keep going to the barber for line ups or something or nah.

            • soaringeagle2 says:

              i wouldnt go anywhere near a barber u can send the link if u want

              • The420Souljah says:

                I tried to send the video but I’m on my iPhone if you want you can look it up the just type in i need tips on how to free form my youtube acount name is kAsHMoN311

                • soaringeagle2 says:

                  stop touching it so much, wash with a dread shampoo as it starts to knot up u can seoperate to keep them from growing too big unless u want total freeform like hatsdontfit on youtube in wich case they form any way they want and can be huge
                  but separating is a good idea
                  lil more length will help it dread faster
                  hatsdontfit is hummingbirdlovegorilla on dreadlockssite

                  • The420Souljah says:

                    Thous dreads were cool but I think I’ll separate how do I buy this shampoo I can’t find any where to order any

                  • The420Souljah says:

                    Thous dreads were cool but I think I’ll separate how do I buy this shampoo I can’t findout any where to order any

                  • The420Souljah says:

                    Alright cool just use the soap every 2 or 3 days and just leave it alone.even with bed head?

                  • The420Souljah says:

                    I bought some liquid lock up shampoo yesterday how long should it be till it gets here I have not been washing my hair at all since you told me not to use irish spring thinks its with the wait till it gets here

                    • soaringeagle2 says:

                      it will be fast..she ships the next morning and depending where u live it sould be there very soon if your not in usa it takes longer but in usa east coast a day or 2 west coast 2 or a guess..its fast though cause she wastes no time in getting it out..its on its way today

                    • The420Souljah says:

                      Cool man i live on the west coast any thing you would recommend wash my hair with till the shampoo gets here I have not been washing my hair at all

                    • soaringeagle2 says:

                      mix 1 part baking soda and 10 parts water stir to break up clumps pour over head soaking 10 minutes then rinse well after rinsing the baking soda out mix a couple spoonfulls of apple cidder vinager in same ammount water pour on and rinse right away

      • The420Souljah says:

        Cool man I’ll try it out

      • The420Souljah says:

        I got the stuff in the mail yesterday washed my hair with it now i just let it grow ?

  64. cedrick says:

    I have been twisting my locs for 3 years but now I want to free form. I still don’t want to take a razor to my head. How does peoples locs hold up after doing this.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      they will thank you for it are u planning to just stop twisting and let them recover or combing out and starting over..eithers an option
      if your not starting over you may need extra steps to recover if you got alot of scalp showing u may have traction alopecia so u may need to massage the scalp daily with essential oils that stimulate bloodflow.. if the twisting hasnt caused balding issues yet then all i need to do is stop the twisting and they will be fine

  65. Nathan Smock says:

    I’ve been using irish spring soap bar (guessing its atleast better than old spice conditioner) moisturizer I’m half black half whit my white mother had curly hair so I got some thick curly hair my hair looks kinda dumb but if this is what it take I’m ready let me know what else I should do

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      dont ise that! you ever take a bath with it then see a soap scum ring around the tub? thats all residue that will build up in dreads causing a swampy condition perfect for mold growth i recomend highly theres other options too but never body sopaps never regular shampoos..definately no irish spring

  66. Rambo says:

    Thanks and does only take paypal?

  67. Rambo says:

    Hey, I’m new to dreading and i wanna do it the natural freeforming way! I have a lil afro and i had washed it last friday and haven’t touched it, greased it or anything.. What else should i do or get to help my dreading experience? (shampoos, etc..)

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      wash weekly or 2-3 times a week use a dread shampoo is awesome the liquid makes it dread fast but might dry it a tad the bars u most likely wont need grease or anything
      scrub the scalp carefully then rinse shake out air sun or blow dry (blow if u must in winter) as it starts sectioning and dreading seperate as often as needed to prevent too big of dreads or dreads combining

      • Rambo says:

        Is there another website or brand cause that one won’t let me order without a paypal?

      • Slater says:

        I saw a video from some guy on youtube saying “if you were blessed to have long hair when you started freeforming then all you have to do is wash it & separate” I’ve been freeforming since January and my hair has definitely knotted up since then and to my knowledge I haven’t separated because I want congos?? but is separating something I have to do? he didn’t state whether it was optional?

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          congos aere fine but would never let it congo till mature i didnt separate my 1st set and had 2 horns and a beavertail..not good if u dont separate u might get dreads as thick as your leg that take a week or 2 to dry cause pain are very hard to care for and what happens if u get 2 congos the size of your arm that then congo again? keep in mind also that till mature they thicken so u may try congoing early on only to find thwey get 2-3 times thicker then you expected

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          congos are fine but would never let it congo till mature i didnt separate my 1st set and had 2 horns and a beavertail..not good if u dont separate u might get dreads as thick as your leg that take a week or 2 to dry cause pain are very hard to care for and what happens if u get 2 congos the size of your arm that then congo again? keep in mind also that till mature they thicken so u may try congoing early on only to find thwey get 2-3 times thicker then you expected

  68. Roux says:

    Sir i wanna grow dreadlocks…but right now i have short hair..i haven’t been combing for past 2 years….but if i don’t wash them for a day or too they start smelling and again dandruff issues and then i clean them again..again i try..and the same thing goes, will it be a good thing to grow my hairs first…in a an absolute clean manner and then follow the process of dreadlocking???

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      smelling like what? is it oily? is it the natural hair smell minus the shampoo scent?
      it will need 6 inches to dread naturaly (unless african hair) 5 to use any other starter method
      theres ways to make it less oily and the shampoos i use (and highly recomend) keep it smelling awesome for a week
      u can let it dread as it grows just start washing in a dread freindly way

      • Roux says:

        Hair smell…but i am not used to that….anyways my hairs still 3 inches long…haha…:) will grow and try by your methods…thank you so much for the response(and this site)Mr. Soaring☮Eagle…:) Love Peace & Blessings.

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          its funny how conditioned we are to think a clean healthy natural smell “stinks” unless were all covered up in perfumy smells that are artifucial and completely unatural to humans ..

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          but taking biotin daily will eventualy double even tripple the growth rates

  69. chronos says:

    Hey there, great post! thank you for that.

    I’ve been naturally dreading my hair with the help of this post for about 6 months now, and so far I’ve achieved 2 locks which I’m pleased with. But it’s been a while now since my hair got knotted for the last time, and it’s starting to frustrate me. I know it’s supposed to take a lot of time, but I was wondering if it’s possible to artificially create a knot in the hair using just a few hairs tied together, that will ultimately start a new lock?

    What do you think? did you have any experience with that, or know other people that did?
    I know it says “don’t force it”, but it’s just that starting knot that’s supposed to form naturally, but takes quite some time…

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      yea its possible if u do it do it near the tip but lets look at your routine and see if theres any issues actualy this is just my blog we have a massive community with 1/3 million pages of the best dreadlocks advice here
      post all the details of how u wash with what how u dry wether u tie it back or wear hats etc etc
      and we can spot things that maybe preventing progress

  70. Richie says:

    Does wearing a tam some parts of the day influence if my dreads will grow up or more downward? because usually when I take my tam off my hair is usually ALL flat and some of the dreads are pushed down but they tend to stay that way until I wash my hair

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      depends on the tam how u tuck them etc look at the dude from steel pulse and how his mega congo formed inside a hat

      • Ritchie says:

        its a tam that covers all my hair, its small, not too big but its spacious but its like bowl shaped so when I take my hair out of it its circular. it definitely isn’t wide enough at the top to get jt growing straight up like that david guy idont believe?

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          haha his hat was shaped like that they can influence how they form especialy if theres not alot of movement room inside but dont worry flat dreads dont usually stay flat

  71. nickynoodlez says:

    when naturally forming should i towel dry or air dry and not touch it?

    also i use mane n tail shampoo, is that okay for the dreading process?

  72. Deacon says:

    I saw you say to the noah guy the liquid dreadlock shampoo locks ‘especially’ im assuming you mean more than the shampoo ‘bar’? is that indefinitely?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      yes ofcourse but once mature you will want to use the bar way more often the liquid makes them more dry then youd want mature dreads to be

      • Deacon says:

        I ordered the liquid shampoo that you recommended but im not sure if it sent it? I got an email with my receipt an an order confirmation but don’t you usually also get a message saying it was sent? idk I just hope I didn’t do something wrong because its showing that I payed, please let me know

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          she ships within hours 24 hours at the most so doesnt bother cause 1/2 the time u receive the order b4 checking email its probably there already

  73. Noah says:

    Heey! does anyone know if you have to pay shipping for a shampoo bar? or is it just 10 buck? im on campus and cant really afford any more extreme expenses

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      if you mean the ones yes but its flat rate shipping so its the same fee for 1 as it is for 5 or 6 then same rate to 11 or 12 ..

      • Noah says:

        yea that’s what I was talking about. Thanx man, I plan on getting just one so are you aware of how much the shipping is? im going to take out money tomorrow and I wanna make sure I have enough, would it be more than $15(with shipping included)?

  74. Tracy says:

    hey its me again. I just got a $15 American express gift card from one of my aunts, would I be able to order the shampoo bar with this? (sorry if I sound stupid im just trying use all the resources accessible to me)

  75. Tryingtobelikeabel24 says:

    hi.if I wet my hair at night does that help the dreading?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      if you do it once to wake up all messy might not be bad but in general if your sleeping on wet hair your likelyu to wake up with stinky hair

  76. Barry says:

    Hi, I have been naturally dreading my hair for about 6 months. I didn’t read anything about it before I started. I have very thick, curly, coarse hair. I have many sections however the curly nature of my hair seems to cause lots of smaller hairs and frizzies on the top of my head. What would you recommend?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      nothing at all..well maybe sea salt.. you see no matter the hair type..or method used to start all dreads have that unless theres something seriously wrong..medically serious
      sea salt..and time will make it somewhat less however you will always have some..african hair its less apparent as the tight curls keep it against the scalp in a mini fro
      but any other type the hairs are there everywhere
      as you seperate u create them but then a few months go by and they dread into a dread or become a new dread
      but theres always new 1s being created

      i mentioned medical reasons why you might not have it.. salons and locticians love overtightening the roots by force (especialy in african american “locs”) this causes traction alopecia.. the tension on the roots kill the bloodflow to the follicles so the toots die and refuese to grow back leaving bald gaps between over tightened dread roots

      if you dont have tracti0on alopecia you will always have short hairs between dreads..always
      by short i mean too short to dread they can get to 6 inches b4 dreading however usualy will shorter

      • Barry says:

        Thank you for the info! I had one more question if you don’t mind. A buddy of mine told me before I started that I could only wash my hair with cold water. This is how I have been doing it since then. Would warm or hot water detriment the development?

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          no not detrimental but if you have itchy dry flaky scalp hot water makes it worse cold water helps
          tho in winter i use semi warm..
          today probly pretty hot since our heats been out a week and just getting it on today

  77. badmon twon says:

    the way eye sleep compresses my hair, does this matter? also I rub my hair and play with it like twisting and un twisting it. should I stop that? I just began to stop combing two days ago

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      yes stop the less you mess with it the better twiddling with it might create a knot 1 day the next undo a weeks progress

  78. badmon twon says:

    The way I sleep pushes down the back of my hair. Does this matter? I play with my hair a lot too, like twist it and un twisting it. Is that bad? thanks. Also I stopped combing 2 days ago

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      pushing it downs fine it ill help but really try not to play with it anymore
      wear a pendant around your neck to twist

  79. Twon says:

    I just began to stop combing my hair to form natural dreads. The way I sleep pushes down the back of my hair. Does this matter?

  80. Duke says:

    Hey, I wash my hair with Dr Bronners lavender soap bar and I was wondering if I was to wash with Dr Bronners “peppermint” soap bar(during a different wash or a different day) would it effect my dreads in anyway using two different soaps?, im recently starting as well.(this is my second post, it said my first wasn’t valid?)

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      doesnt matter what scent u use tho the liquids better so u can dilute it
      but if u have hard water..dont use bronners at all

      • Duke says:

        im a little confused to what you mean by hard water? you mean like water coming down in the shower??

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          water is classified by hardness and softness hard water contains undisolved heavy minerals like calcuim and lume pire soaps are very hard to runse out of hard water and leave a stucky residue
          some hard water is sofyened ysing water softeners but that makes all soaps and detergents alike hard to runse
          natyurally soft or only slightly hard water you can use bronners in
          water so\fteners are only ised when its hard enough to corode the plumbing
          but just google “hard warter map” and your country if its moderatekly hard or harder dont use bronners

  81. Duke says:

    hey I use dr bronner’s peppermint bar soap, if I use a dr bronners lavender bar soap at the same time (meaning like a different day or different wash) will it mess up my hair? or effect the dreading. because I currently own both but up until this point I have only used peppermint

  82. Tracy says:

    hey I’ve been reading a lot of these. very inspirational. I started freeforming in January and from the looks of it I might be having the same problem as “Donice” with my hair just getting sort of frizzy and soft towards the middle/center. and I don’t have a credit card nor the money to buy dread shampoo at the moment =(. but I do wash my hair every other day so I have two questions if you don’t mind

    1.if I wet my hair with a spray bottle of some sort before I go to bed will that somewhat help the dreading process while im sleeping being that the hair will be sort of wet?(really just spraying in those spots)

    2.i had little “twisties” in my hair before I started to freeform and though I took most of them out some of the smaller twists like on the side(that I didn’t really take out because of how small they were) have just shrunken or just got tangled with some of the other hair. does this hinder the dreads in anyway or will it just end up becoming part of dread?

  83. Rachel B says:

    Anyone with oily hair successfully dread naturally? I can’t make any headway. Please any advice would be so helpful. I’m getting discouraged.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      many yes go on search oily hair but oily hairs complicated by over washing and too acidic ph wash 1 day less often using baking soda only 1 cup baking soda 10 cups water pour on (no scrubbing or touching needed) soak 10 min then runse after a week or so reduce it 1 more day till you can go 4 days without being excessuvly oily
      next you can start a very weak acv runse after or switch back to a good dread shampoo
      what are you washing with now and how often

  84. Donice says:

    im not sure what happened to my question lol but i’ll try it again. basically in my question I explained that I have been wearing a tam since I started my journey last week. and im already starting to get some dreads but my concern was that in the morning my hair is always “flat” or “patted down”. could this effect the dreading negatively? and if it could should I try to pull them up or anything so its not flat and shrunken like when I take my tam off?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      the more u wear it the more you’ll have to seperate to avoid a single tam shaped dread leave em out and loose as much as u wear it …but dont worry biut em being flattened down

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      dont worry bout em being flattened down but the more u wear the tam the more you’ll have to seperate to avoid 1 single tam shaped dread

  85. Donice says:

    I sleep with a tam every night on my head(since I begun my journey January 19th) and I notice dreads starting but one concern I have is in the morning my hair is always shrunken down because of the tam. does this effect the dreading process negatively? if so should I separate my hair in the morning, like run my hands through it so its not flat and patted down?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      why do you wear it at night and how do you keep it from ending up on the floor under the bed? just leave em l,oose at night

      • Donice says:

        Thank you for responding. I wear it at night because I heard it somehow helps the dreads form quicker, like speeding up the process because of the friction? is that false? the tam i wear to bed is pretty fitting for my head, its not too tight but its tight enough to where unless im moving crazy it in my sleep it wont come off lol

  86. MiMi says:

    I started my own dreads in Jan 23, 2013. Some is growing faster than some do you know why that is. And how often should i moisturize it, and what type of oil and how often should I retwist it. Any recommendations?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      never retwust it! that only causes traction nalopecua and balding they should shrink b4 they grow so the aparent diferences in growth rates is just based on which are dreading fastest
      go to look in featured videos for 1 called twusting interlocking root tightening dangers
      twusting kills the curculation to the roots so you go bald

  87. ZaineC says:

    Hey there I have a question. I have really really curly hair and it’s super thick I am starting my natural dreading this week and was wondering if I will need to watch out for anything that tends to go wrong with curly and thick hair?

  88. Emile says:

    I have 1 congo dread and it is getting huge and uncontrollable and i feel uncomfortable more of the time how can i fix this without cutting any idea

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      theres 2 ways
      1 comb it out with loads of conditioners and pick comb or brush at it from the tip up slowly it can take alot of time and effort
      or split it from the root to tip but your breaking every single hair in it many times and often it wont split evenly..

      combings best option but not the easiest or fastest

  89. Rebecca says:

    Hi! I was just wondering, I’m doing neglect dreads for around 6 months now. I have only a few dreads, maybe like 4-5. The rest is just sectioned hair. It feels like everyone else’s hair is locking up really fast but mine isn’t. :( Even when I didn’t want dreads/had “perfect, conditioned etc. hair” I didn’t need to comb my hair very often because it wouldn’t get very messy/tangled. But now I want it tangled haha so it’s kind of frustrating. Is it okay to put one bead in every “dread/section of hair”? Here in my country where I live it’s winter at the moment which is making my hair go static, which is really annoying so I thought that the beads may help. If they don’t they are at least cute ;)
    Do you think that will ruin the process to put a bead on each one? Or is it okay?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      beads definately help..but can get stuck as they thicken..leaving a thinner spot where the bead is
      so move it around often

  90. Lorelei says:

    Hi :) I started my natural dreads 4 weeks ago. Just washing twice a week and an occasional swim in the ocean. They’ve started sectioning but every 2 or 3 days a knotted clump of hair will come off some of the ends. I end up pulling them out as they’re just dangling at the ends of the hairs.. I do put my hair up a bit as it is too hot here in Australia’s Summer to have hair out. Are the knots falling out normal in the early stage? I kind of assume they might be the baby dreads and i fear i am slowing the process by removing them… Should I just try not playing with my hair or putting it up as much? Would those knots get pulled back in if I left them? Thanks xx

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      yea id just leave em be they will suck back in
      id also leave em down as much as u can if u must tie em up do so loosely and only as long as nesacary

  91. tay says:

    I had a friend back comb and twist n rip my whole head. They’re a week and a half old born Dec 15
    I washed the first time today with baking soda adv lemon juice and sea salt and water.
    I’m fine with the fuzziness because it is normal
    But.. The roots still feel oily..? Did I not rinse as much as I should’ve ?
    I normally had straight hair that got oily fast..
    Is there another shampoo I should give a try ?

  92. Jake says:

    Hey, I started my journey about a month ago. I already have 1 dreadlock that I formed using twist and rip and another that I tried backcombing, but hated the result and the damage done to my hair. I have long, pin straight, fairly thin hair. It doesn’t seem like much progress is being made, but I expected with my hair type that it would take a while. There are some very knotty sections just starting to form and it’s really exciting! I just wanted to say great tips! I found that once I cut my washing down to about twice a week my hair started knotting faster as well as looking healthier. I can’t wait until my dreads are fully formed, but this journey sure is fun still :) Thanks for the advice! Natural is far superior to other methods imo, but if other people try other methods, it’s cool by me!

  93. Connie says:

    I started my dreads about two weeks ago using the twist and rip method. I wanted some organization but not too much as this is so much more than a hairstyle to me. I was planning on letting the rest happen on its own so I haven’t been twisting or anything like that. I have several different textures throughout – from tight curls to bone straight. My hair is webbing, loose, frizzy, and kind of driving me crazy but I’m willing to deal with that, I guess. The “problem” is that the fine, straight hairs at the back of my head are attempting to merge into one massive congo – not just at the roots, all over! That particular section of hair seems to be very dry, maybe that’s why? I’ve been separating on a daily basis so I don’t really get it but I’m now considering taking a more active role in guiding my hair. This site has been such an inspiration and source of information while I researched and began my dreads though so I wanted to see if I could get any suggestions here before I did anything I’d regret. I really love the idea and look of natural/freeform dreads but I’d like to have more than one, lol.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      if its dreading realk fast then youll need to separate alot (when wets easiest) you only need to separate when they are connevted between 2 dreads so when you lift 1 2 move, the roots near the scalp may never be fully separated
      you can put beads by the roots on the real problem ones that will help keep em separate
      peyote sleeves are an option too

  94. Sam says:

    I want neglect dreadlocks but need tips

  95. Lovey says:

    Heya :) mine are now 10 month old…i love them…i wash with baking soda…they loose lenght and knot..but they are not round…will they become round naturally? Thx and all the best <3

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      nothing in nature is round noy even the earth or moon but they will most like;y become roundish when you flatten them 1 way then flatten another they tend to get rounder
      but..if they what? the 1 that refuses to get round will be yoir fave cause its not like the others

  96. Christina says:

    I’d like to make sure I am understanding the process correctly.

    1. Do no comb
    2. Continue to shampoo hair, but omit conditioner
    3. Sleep with wool on pillow to speed up knotting process

  97. Becky says:

    Hiya, sorry if you have to repeat yourself, I’ve looked through but can’t find anyone asking the same question. I’m Caucasian with perfectly straight hair (so annoying!), I began my dread journey 6 months ago by sectioning and using the twist n rip method mainly at the roots as I’ve ridiculously thick hair and wanted them roughly the same size, I only wash using bs/acv method or natural non residue shampoo soap. My question is, my roots have locked up beautifully and I have plenty of kinks/bends however below these the remainder of the hair is straight and doesn’t seem to want to dread (approx half of a dread is dreaded basically. Is there anything I can do to help them out or will they eventually even themselves out? x

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      how much isnt? under 3 inches? time or a bead
      i’d actually like to see what they are looking like now
      could you post them at :)?

      • Becky says:

        Yeah sure, I’ll take some pictures tonight and put them up. My hair was just below my shoulder blades when I started and it’s way more than 3 inches that are loose, I’ll try using a bead and see if that helps them along. I have quite a bit of stray hair everywhere too, is it best to include these when I put the bead in or just leave them do their thing? x

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          depends they will become a new dread if left alone thats best but if its not enough to then u can include it i guess what are u washing with? how/ and how re you drying? (or did i ask this already) is the hair oily by nature etc

  98. Sam says:

    I have long straight hair and am trying to dread naturally. I stopped combing my hair but have had to keep it tied back at work (tomorrow is my last day so this wont be an issue anymore) the bottom of my hair has formed some pretty.good dreads but the tops are still very smooth and untangled. Would it be better for me to comb these out and start the process over again so it can form evenly from top to bottom or is it usual for just the bottoms to form at first?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      no such thing as forming evenly the side you sleep on forms way faster the hairline slowest..just let it go now that yoir not tyed up all the time the rest will catch up soon enough
      why go back to square one when it still will dread more in some places then others for a good while

  99. Tony Theomae says:

    I am thinking of making dreads but i am not too sure yet on where to start.

  100. Jan says:

    I started my dreads two weeks ago using the twist and rip method. I really wanted to let them form naturally but had anxiety about where the sections would be and how big the dreads would end up. Now I wish I had just gone natural! I am constantly separating them, they love each other and all want to hang together. I want skinny dreads so I can’t let them form this big Congo they’re trying to create on the back of my head! I’m thinking that maybe if I had let them section themselves it wouldn’t be such an issue. I also didn’t know I would be separating and popping this much already. Ouch! Should I just comb these out and start over with the natural method? Or just make them cooperate and wait for them to calm down?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      you’ll still have to seperate just as often but you’ll be less neurotic abpuit it
      separate when wet it hurts less and if u seperate often enough only a few hairs are connecting so u shoulfnt feel a thing
      the decision to start over naturally has to be 1 you make yourself
      but if you do uoill probably worry less and it will be a more relaxed journey

  101. Koji says:

    I started allowing my hair to dread in February (about 8 months ago). Before making the decision to go natural I had bleached the front of my hair. The majority of it was left its natural color. I realized because the bleached section was damaged it would probably dread more quickly. Now I have three lovely bleached dreads but the rest of my hair has done nothing. no sectioning, no knotting, nothing. I am wondering if my hair will ever dread or if some people just have too strait/fine/naturally oily hair to dread? My hair was short to begin with, but I would think with how solid the bleached section has become the rest would start to show some signs. Any advice? Anyone just never have dreads form naturally?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      how long is it
      what are you washing with
      if its oily wash with 1 part bakiing soda 10 parts water (no scrubbing pour on soak 10 min then rinse)
      do this every 3-4 days add sea salt to it too 3 1/2% of the water volume
      in a week or 2 it will start getting less oily
      then you can slowly add a very weak acv rinse after the baking soda or switch to a dread shampoo the liquid 1 from is the 1 i recomend
      dont towel dry

      • Koji says:

        Thanks for the response. It is just about shoulder length. I am washing once a week with baking soda and once a week with Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree… I do a sea salt spray every 1-2 weeks. I am, however, towel drying. Maybe that is part of the problem.

  102. Melissa says:

    12 weeks in and beginning to see progress. I have som concerns with the overall layout of the beginning stages of the natural dreading process. Although I am really excited about how crazy and fun my baby dreads are coming along, I am worried about how flat they are. I have seen many videos and photos of people who are dreading naturally and many seem to have flat dreads as well. Do you have any recommendations for rounding them off.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      they flatten 1 way then another then another as you sleep they tend to get round by flattening in multiple directions
      having said that..the 1 dread that refuses to become round and stays flat will be your fave because its not like the others

  103. Ian connor says:

    Hi im in the process of growing natural locs but only on the top of my head i shaved the back and sides and have almost a hitop fade and plan on only growing the top with dreads and the rest keep it cut and maintained… Two questions how many times a week should i wash my hair i normally wash it once a week because it doesnt get dirty and stink since i dont do much (my hair is curly and smooth about 3-4 inches) second question should i let the rest grow also or only having the top wont make a difference in the locking process

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      to grow or not to grow is a matter of preference and wont affect it
      wash 1-3 times a week i do twice a week except in winter only one a week

      • Ian says:

        Is it helpful to rub my hair with a wool hat i heard that helps the process if so how many times should i do the rubbing

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          it creates a general knotty mess that then needs to be ripped apart into dreads if you do it do it once and once only
          rubbing can create or undo knots continual rubbing will cause zero progress as your undoing knots u created he day b4

  104. Kelly says:

    I have about half of my head already dreaded ((I started crocheting)) but still have the whole top half to let dread. I want to do this naturally, but I don’t really want the loose hairs to just cling to the dreads that I already have. I also don’t want dreads that will be super big- most of my bigger dreads are on the underside of my hair. Is there a way that I can ensure that my free-form dreads won’t be huge or just grab onto my older dreads? Also, on the dreads that I already have, the roots get loose within a couple of weeks of tightening, and I hate having to re-crochet them, since I’m aware of how damaging it is ((as well as causing serious hand cramps, neck cramps and overall discomfort)). What do I do about this?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      crochet was a huge mistake not only cause of the severe damage but 1 use will delay any dreading by 6 months at least and take a year to lose the harsh crochet look and feel
      to control the sizes if the dreads seperate as needed (when wet or damps easiest)
      do nothing about loose roots they must must must be loose for many months typicaly 1-3 inches loose this room is needed to move and dread remove it by force and u stop the dreading in its tracks
      as they mature that tightens up to 1/2 an inch
      any tighter then that and you destroy the bloodflow to the folicules causing traction alopecia and balding
      the roots never should have anything done to them except seperating

      • Kelly says:

        Thanks for your quick reply. I’m guessing it was in the books for me to begin letting the rest of my dreads happen naturally and just enjoy the process, since as I write you my initial question, my crochet hook fell into a crack of the couch which I probably won’t ever be able to retrieve it from. Send love and happy dreading thoughts my way, mister, cause my natural dreading journey is getting started NOW.

    • Curt says:

      I am almost a week in on my natural dreads. I have been using suave daily clarifying shampoo every 2-3 days because I have oily hair. Is this shampoo okay? i’m noticing my hair start to bunch and look oddly parted. does this mean they’re coming along?

      • soaringeagle2 says:

        clarifying shampoos are highly toxic and only meant to be used once every several months to remove buildup they have thier own residues too id highly recomend switching to something like or the baking soda deep cleanse on
        but yea your seeing progress but dont worry if its 2 steps forward 1 step back awhile

        • Curt says:

          I figured it was fine because the bottle says it removes residues. i’ll try a dread shampoo, theyre just so darn expensive lol. My hair is also still pretty short so i’m guessing it’ll take a little more time until it gets longer?

          • soaringeagle2 says:

            those shampoos are worth every penny they are amazing but if your on a budget baking soda and acv is the cheapest way to go
            although long term your hair will be healthier with those shampoos
            but baking soda has the no touch advantage early on
            if its 6 inches its long enough to dread if under 6 no harm in starting now it might dread shoerter but 6 is the magic number at wich all hair will dread

  105. Michael says:

    Do you use conditioner on your hair as well as shampoo when doing this process?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      no conditioners are madr to prevent dreads once dreaded u can use something like aloe or jojoba to condition when really needed u also want a non residie non conditioning shampoo like dreadlocks shampoo
      if your african american though u will need something to moisturize throughpout the process

  106. Cary says:

    I am a couple days into not combing my hair. I heard that after a couple weeks when the hair starts to stick together that you can twist and rip to the hair to help facilitate even sections of hair. What do you think about this? Thank you.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      you could but why bother and those who did almost all regretting not letting them form completely natural many even start over
      also those that tnr a few and leave the rest to form naturally say the natural ones dread faster and look better

  107. Mark says:

    I am going to stop combing my hair to let it dread through the neglect method. Will it be okay to still wear a turban while they are going through the process of locking up?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      is a turban a cultural or religious thing for you?
      yes a turban should be ok but if its socially permitted the more they stay out hanging loose the better
      having them bound up in a turban, even if loosely will slow progress
      additionaly you will have to seperate way more as they will try to dread in 1 mass the shape of the turban
      if able try to ballance the time they are in the turban with time hanging free to move

      • Mark says:

        Thanks, I will try to balance the time.

        normally I tie my hair in a rishi knot on top of my head before putting the turban on. Should I not do this when I wear a turban?

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          i can vaguelly picture what that is ..if its loose its probably ok if tight i wouldnt although it would be better to not knot it

          • Mark says:

            another question… I have lock up shampoo, should I start using it right away, or wait until my hair starts to lock up on its own? also, is it okay to blow dry my hair (at least partially)? Thanks for your help!

  108. taylor says:

    I did research for a year while letting my hair grow out from my Mohawk. Its a bit past my shoulders. I decided to go the natural way and bought residue free shampoo off line. I already have baby dreads forming. I wash about every 3 days because my hair is prone to get oily which sucks. But on the 3rd day the dreads are noticeable, when I wash them they seem to become soft and informed until my hair is dry and its been a day or 2.. Is this normal? Is there anything I should do to help form them better? Its been about a week or week and a half since I started them. Also I feel the roots on the dreads that are formed together and the roots are formed long ways instead of circular like. Is that ok? Can I separate them so the roots are more circular rather than long ways? Are small rubber bands a no no? I have maybe 3 in but they’re loose and not too close the the roots.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      rubber bands are a huge nono that cause dozens of problems
      whats the residue free shampoo if its anti residue they are not safe for continual use (extremely toxic)
      no 2 dreads roots should be the same shape it doesnt make any diference at all
      just make sure that the size doesnt average out to more then 1 square inch
      if your seeing dreading in a week then your in awesome shape
      dont worry at all about the 2 steps forward 1 step back progression its normal
      when washing only scrub the scalp that way your not undoing knots scrubbing the hair itself

      • taylor says:

        I ordered knotty predread shampoo to test it out. So far I’m pleased with it but when it runs out I’m going to look into buying shampoo off another site possibly.
        I’ll take the rubber bands out now !
        They are pretty well formed already which I’m pleased with. I noticed when my hair starts to dry the dreads start to form back up. I don’t ever was the dread itself just the scalp :)
        One other slight problem I have is that the back of my head looks all knotted. Not forming as well as the sides.. Anything I should do for that or just let it be? I have my hair down a lot so when the dreads start to mature it wouldnt… I guess make my head feel funny if I ever put them up since they’re used to being down?

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          best shampoo knottyboy should be boycotted!
          the back..well all of’ll want to separate often so they dont form too big or grow together
          seperate when wet
          nope putting them up shouldnt feel funny

          • taylor says:

            The dreads in the back are pretty thin.. Should I palm roll some that are close, together, to make a thicker one?
            I’m such a worrier and kind of a perfectionist… That’s why I’m trying the natural way, to learn to not HAVE TO have complete control of something lol

            • soaringeagle2 says:

              no you shouldnt palm roll at all it does nothing good but do it enough and it causes permenant harm (doesnt take alot) dreads will be thin at 1st and thicken up as they mature i would not ecven consider combining them till mature and you know how thick the 2 together will be and when you do all you got to do to combine them is not seperate them or at most put a bead over the 2 thick dreads can cause problems too u might want to stick with thin for awhile anyway

              • taylor says:

                Ok thanks ! I’ll just continue to let them do their thing and watch and enjoy them ! Sorry about all the questions lol no one where I live has dreads and I just read mix reviews on everything I search… Your experience has helped so much ! Thank you again ! I love this site. Good info for natural dreads and I really dig the quick responses from you ! I’d give it 5 stars ! I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions in the near future !

  109. newbie says:

    hello sir

    Im just starting to dreads naturally as you’re recomended. For your infomation, im from malaysia which the weather was so hot in here. And my question is everyday i woke up in the morning and to take a shower, should i put a shower cap or i just let my hair getting wet? If i let it wet, will the processed of breading keep on running or it will slow it down? Im just started bread on 20th of october 2013.

    Sorry for the bad english

    Tq in advance sir.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      it wont slow it down but once dreaded they can take too long to dry to soak every day
      a shower cap would slow things
      instead just dont stick your head under the shower stream if the ends get damp so what just dont soak your while head

  110. Rainee says:

    What if you have reallly short layers? Do they become tiny dreads that pop out or do thet just form together with the longer hair? I really like dreads but my hair is super layered… :P

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      some may lock into existing dreads but most just wont dread till long enough
      they shouldnt pop out really if they are healthy and clean usualy just waxy or crochetted fdreads are stiff enough to stick up

  111. Garrett says:

    I’ve been neglecting my hair for a few weeks now, and been putting it up into a large beanie daily while I’m at school, the only knots forming are three in the back, but the front doesn’t seem to be doing anything, even separating. Do you think I should I stop putting it up in the beanie?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      absolutely although its still lil early to expect too much
      and the side you sleep on will dread fastest and front slowest anyways so what your seeings probly bot all the beanie but the beanie will still slow things

  112. Philippe says:

    Thank you so much, I have been looking for ways to dread my hair but always just found complicated ways and somehow that just didn’t make sense. because I doubt they had expensive hair saloons or hair treatments in Jamaica.

  113. Teddy says:

    Hey, I was thinking about dreading my hair naturally. I’m caucasion and have extremely curly hair. Does it matter how long it is when you start dreading? My hair is 2-3 inches long, would it dread the same as hair that’s 12 inches?

  114. louis says:

    does dr bronners 18in1 hemp pepermint prue castile shampoo work.for dreads

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      theres no yes or no answer it depends
      in soft water yes its great in hard water no it sucks
      in anmy water its got to be diluted 12-1 12 times more water then soap..minumum many do 18 20 even up to 40 times more water
      but in hard water no amount of dilution will prevent sticky buildup
      in soft water the dilutions not because of residue but bronners is a super concentrated extremely strong multi purpose soap that has a diferent dilution ratio mfor every purpose
      if you dont have hard water then its a great choice (ass long as you always use it in a soft water location, going on trips you never know what water you might run into)

      if you have hard water is made for hard water (any wayer type but its as pure natural and ethical as bronners just works right in hard water)

  115. Arghya Supertramp says:

    probably you have already answered many questions like this in this thread… But I’m just finding myself lost in the long thread as I’m browsing from my cellfone. So sorry for the repetition. :)

  116. Arghya Supertramp says:

    Hi, appologise in advance if I’m being stupid… But I really need help badly. I’m a 24 year old Indian guy, with approx 20 inch long straight silky hair(almost the kind most of the teenager, wanna-be-model girls dream of :P). And I’m kinda despo to have dreadlocks! I’ve been studying online for quite sometime now, (as I failed to find someone/a salon in my city who knows about forming natural dreads ) untill I found you. I just want to start my journey, but heres my problems….
    1. Its nearly impossible to collect ACV,tea tree, lavender, gel, dread shampoos etc here, the only thing I’ve been able to find is Edible Soda(which I guess is same with baking soda and is not baking powder), and I know theres lemons in my kitchen.
    2.I live in a hard water area,with a significant ammount of iron io water, which makes my hair fall a lot if I dont shampoo.
    3.I need a step by step guide about how to use soda and lemon in my hair, and is it ok if I dont find ACV?
    4.What do I do about itching sculp?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      glad you didnt find a salon thats the worse mistake you can make
      dont use lemon at all
      read the edible soda ingredients it should say bicarbonate soda no added starches or anything
      any vinager will do it doesnt need to be acv apple cider vinegar (acv) is best but white vinagers fine too
      you can order online the shipping to india isnt cheap but you can fit 5 or 6 in a box for the same shipping fees so you can get 6 months worth at a time and then its reasonable

      • Alexander Supertramp says:

        Hi, thanks for replying so soon, I just finishd checking all the links mentioned all over this thread. I cant tell you sir, how excited I am to find you and your words, it has inspired me a lot, and being so I’ve strictly decided to stick to the (so called) neglect method. :)
        I think I got misguided about the lemon juice and BS solution from some forum, but I’m actualy feeling a lot better after using soda (and lemon also, as I dint come back here then…..) to wash my hair for the first time. Significant drop in hair fall rate too….
        I still got few silly questions for you.
        1.Is it possible to achieve neat, and evenly round dread through natural process? I mean I let them tangle themselve, but maybe I can devide a bunch of hair sometime and roll them in palm sometime?
        2. My hair is shiny black, and I want this color to remain when I’ll have dreads too, what can I do about that?(I’m noticing its turning bit gray after my first soda use)
        3.will vinegar and soda take of the health of my sculp too?

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          like i said lemon seeps into the inner later where pigment lies when exposed to sun or heat it bleaches
          baking soda strips color treated hair colors faster so may not be your best option
          the baking soda exfoliates so if you get a dandruff or dry skin buildup it removes that dead skin
          you might want to try these
          you can seperate to keep them even if you want but some variation in size and looks a good thing
          they will be loopy early on
          palm rolling really does nothing (only temporarily seems to help) doing it alot or agresssive can cause permenant harm..ive never palm rolled once in my life personally
          the loopies and flat ones should mostly self round over time
          the one that doesnt will probly be your favorite

  117. davin says:

    I been growing my hair about 1 3/4 and I want to start freeform dreads. my hair is in a afro right now. is having a cap on my head all day everyday making my hair lock faster or shorter?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      actualy the oposite well depends on the hat tight hats will prevent progress loose tams especialy wool tams will help somewhat but they still need equal time loose and dfree
      if it did dread with a cap on 24/7 it very likely would form 1 dread the shape of the hat

      • davin says:

        so whats the best thing for me to do to make process easier?

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          patience theres nothing to add tht legitimately makes it easier everything that claims to actualy makes it harder..they are scams
          washing is what makes them dread

          • davin says:

            alright. yea I started washing it with baking soda vinegar and water. so how long it should take for them to dread? im half Bahamian/african

            • soaringeagle2 says:

              your not mixing them right you using baking soda 1st then rinsing then acv after? it varies how long is the hair hair type p]oiliness all make a diference also how you dry matters some see dreading in hours or days many more weelks most a month to 3 months with a verty rare few taking longer

              • davin says:

                no I wash it with baking soda and let it soak for about 20 minutes then wash it out wit vinegar and warm water. then I shake my head and then use a dark color towel and dry it that way for a while and let it air dry the rest. my hair bout 7 inches long and kind of nappy but curly too

                • soaringeagle2 says:

                  rinse with water b4 you do the acv make the acv very diluted and dont towel dry you’ll rub way progress

                  • davin says:

                    don’t rub the hair with hands either?

                    • soaringeagle2 says:

                      when washing? no mostly concentrate on the scalp scrub the scalp carefully with fingertips then rinse through the hair
                      one thing i noticed while showering is as the water runs through the hair the surface tension pulls it together into sections..the water gets turbulant as any deviation from perfect straighness ocurs wich starts the hair tangling and twisting around eachother the more it does the more turbulant the water gets want it to stay as tangled as it can gwt then when yiu sleep those knots compress and “set in” it may be a 2 steps forward 1 step back for a bit untill theres enough progress to prevent it from untangling between and during washes but just trust in the process it will happen

                    • davin says:

                      okay, last question. when I go to sleep use a cap or no?

                    • soaringeagle2 says:

                      do you like crawling under the bed looking for a cap in the morning? the only reason to wear a cap is if you really enjoy searching for it under the bed in the morning cause 9 times out of 10 thats where you will find sure wont stay on your head and theres no point in wearing it anyway

      • davin says:

        so whats the best thing to do to make the process dread quicker

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          wash often every 3 days with a quality dread shampoo like dont try to rush it let it happen..anything that yiu do to try to rush it is harmful and backfires crochet gives you dread like things in a day but then makes it take 6 months longer to actualy dread and causes extreme patient let them form at their own pace

          • davin says:

            alright. yea I started washing it with baking soda vinegar and water. so how long it should take for them to dread? im half Bahamian/african

  118. ddq says:

    quick question.. is the Rasul (soap clay) dread friendly when starting and later on :)?

  119. Melissa says:

    Hello once again good sir,

    I contacted about a month ago and appreciated your advice so I figured I ask you a couple new questions about the process. I am a month into dreading and I am concerned about my progress. My hair is soft and curly and after a month of not combing my hair once all I have to show for it so far is a bunch of frizzy nonsense (my hair is naturally very frizzy). The frizz is worse by the roots but is pretty much all over the entire length of my hair. Is this normal? I have watched as many you tube videos I could find with people who have similar hair types as my own (not many available…most videos are people with very straight hair or very kinky courser hair textures than my own) and have found that their hair has progressed so much more than mine has in a months time. I separate often since I wear my hair up for work everyday, but in all honesty I don’t see anything that even closely resembles a dread yet. The closest thing I can compare my hair to right now is a birdsnest ( my coworker actually told me that yesterday :-( . My questions are

    1. Is this normal? And if so …..

    2. Is there anything I can do to tame the frizz during this awkward phase?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      its normal so is it taking longer to dread in some cases..but what are you seperating if theres nothing like a dread yet your probably pulling apart would be dreads
      dont seperate till you have dreads forming that you can feel
      then separate if they are too thick or 2 are combining
      aloe or the karma magic locking gel from are options
      but aloe will condition and slow progress

  120. bonnie says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting dreads. I’ve always wanted them but have always had short hair until these last 4 years. I have a few questions. My hair is thinner and straight and 2 inches below my shoulders. Should I let my hair grow more or just start now? Also is it ok to wash hair everyday? I’m an nurses aid and my hair gets so gross after working and is usually all oily and sweaty. While the dreads are forming can I put my hair up in a ponytail or maybe a clip to keep it out of my face? I don’t think we are allowed to wear hats or anything like that. And my last question. I have very mild psoriasis on my scalp(it was in other places but as I switched to an all natural soup it went away). How will that work, or should I just forget about it? Thank you :)

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      you can start at shoulder length
      as for washing every day yes you can, but you should try to get used to every 2-3 cause once dreaded they dry slow
      hows your diet?
      the more pure the diet the more clean the sweat so wont stink and will just be salty water really
      if your veg or vegan it’ll be less of a problem

  121. Bonnie says:

    Also, can I put my hair in a pony tail or a clip while its dreading? I hate when I’m
    Working and my hair gets in my face. I don’t think I’m allowed to wear hats at work.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      you can but will slow the dreading in the front wich already dreads slower
      leave em loose all you can when u must put em back loosely somehow..bandana or scarfs a good choice

  122. Bonnie says:

    So I’ve been thinking about dreads, have always wanted them but until now my hair has always been short. My hair is thinner and just below my shoulders. Should I wait until it gets longer? And when I start, can I wash my hair for the most part everyday? I ask because I sweat so much at my job that it gets real oily.

  123. I started my dread journey 4 months ago when my hair (fine, thin, straight and bleached)was about 3 inches long using root and tip rubberbands and the twist and rip method. I am caucasion. I have retwisted them monthly and put fresh rubber bands on as needed. I’ve used Murray’s Beeswax Cream for a month, applied 3 times, each time after washing it out thoroughly and there does not seem to be a build up. I know that some of what I am doing is a no-no. Problem is I have to keep them somewhat manicured or my boss requires I wear a cap over them which seems to cause more problems in keeping them attractive for when I don’t have to wear a cap. Anyway, any suggestions on how to keep them more manicured for the picky boss other than using product, re-twisting and using rubber bands. I don’t seem to be having a problem with thinning roots luckily. I have about 50 thin dreads that have formed nicely. Just need to see if there is a trick or two I can use to keep them more manicured at this point so I can get away from the bad habits before they cause problems. When they get longer I anticipate there will not be an issue as it will simply be the character of the style and the boss will simply have to get used to it. I am trying to be respectful in needing to look professional and have this personal journey at the same time. Also, can you explain to me how you separate them. I don’t have that issue yet since I am banding them but when I take the bands off and they begin to grow together, how exactly do you separate them. Never understood that.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      1st by law your boss cannot make you keep them neat nor cover them. but that really only applies to natural dreads for spiritual reasons
      the rubber bands must come out they cause so many issues
      1 they contstrict weakening the hair causing permenant dents and weak points
      2 every time you remove them you undo progress
      3 they can get swallowed quickly and be stuck inside dreads forever
      4 they can break into peices and peices get stuck in them forever
      5 they can melt into a sticky goo and get stuck in them forever
      6 they can dry rot inside dreads forever if swallowed

      wax is a dread killer it has to build up to “work” works in “” cause it only creates an illusion of helping
      reasons why wax is so bad
      1 it just glues hair together to look like dreads and actualy delays or stops progress only hardens to resembly maturing
      2 it traps dirt and water and leads to mold
      3 it never washes out..never if you put in after every wash you got alot to remove makes wax b gone that is needed to get the wax out
      4 wax dreads rarely survive past 3-4 years

      twisting doesnt work at all in caucasian hair..ofcourse caking them in wax will make it seem to work and its really bad to do repeatedly in any hair

      go to
      search for letter to employers (theres more then 1)
      take what you find and make it your own
      explain that what yoir doing to your dreads to satisfy his idea of how they should look ultimately will make them stink and be ruined.
      heres what you do

      remove all rubber bands right now today they did not belong there after day 1 or 2 max
      get the wax b gone and start removing the will need multiple treatments based on how much wax you used
      stop twisting
      which shampoo are you using?

      to seperate just take 2 dreads that are connecting and pull in oposite directions

      when the wax is removed you will possibly be shocked t not only how much better they feel..and look but also how little progress youd actualy made
      they will be messier but a more beautiful messiness then the waxed down rubber banded mess u got now..this messiness is esential to its progress
      you will see loose hairs between dreads (softening the look nicely)and along those dreads..
      how are those loose hairs going to become part of the dreads through tangling and matting when you keep gluing them down so they cant move around and tangle?
      they will begin to progress much more quickly as soon as you remove all the bands restrictions and gunks and let them be clean and free

      the karma magic locking gel on is probably the 1 exception to the rule
      if the boss really wont let u keep them free of products then that gels special ..after the wax is all out you can use the gel to tame frizziness just put a dab near the roots then with a slight..and i mean slight..twist run it down the dread (1/2 to full turn your not twisting the dread just your hand as it slides down) this gels majical cause even after sliming up your hands while gelling up each dread ypu wont need to rinse your hands the gel just goes away leaving no stickiness no residue only a scent

      but really once the wax and rubber bands are gone all you need to worry aboput is seperating and letting them dread

      • Excellent feedback and will follow it. I agree that I should not be required to cover them up. I was actually “requested” to wear a cap which to me means my job is not necessarily in jeopardy and we know how that goes, get you on something else as a means of justification. This journey is very much a spiritual one for me based in a shamanic journey I have been pursuing for over a year now, the last of which has been the change to a more natural hairstyle and a vegetarian diet. I have not been able to find a letter that would be appropriate to provide my employer. I work as a counselor for a Lutheran non-profit and I would think that given the religious nature of the organization they would follow their own dictates “Thou shalt not judge” when dealing with their employees. It just tends to upset me given that not once has my boss asked me what I was doing or asked why I am doing it. Prejudice…..will it ever get better?

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          well just explain to them the nazarite vow and that jesus, joseph, sampson and john the baptists were all nazarites and all had dreadlocks
          sampsons 7 locks are famouse john and josephs not so much but were to the ground
          jesus only hair mention is hair like wool..wool forms dreadlocks easily because of the lanolin content ..wich has to be removed in order to comb it out and make it usuable so its safe to assume hair like wool refers to matted or dreaded hair

  124. naajee says:

    can I naturually dread my already twisted hair ?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      ofcourse but
      if you had used wax your going to want to remove the wax asap..even start over if under a month in
      technically they are only natural if started naturally but..we coined the term natural surrender for dreads started other ways then surrendered to the natural process..or..naturalized dreads
      no matter what you at least want to stop twisting thats really bad for them

      (ps the only if strarted thing isnt some elitist thing its by definition natural means occuring in nature without the intervention of man)

  125. that615guy says:

    Yo, I’m just now starting my free form journey, probably been only 2 to 3 weeks of not combing..I’m a mixed breed(black&white) so I have that natural soft, curly, tangly hair..been growing my hair for about a year now I would say, and my hair is about 7 to 8″, aside from the washing and not combing throughout my growth do I need to do any twisting at the roots or anything to form them…orrr just let it be??..I can already notice little dread-like strands of hair forming..n my hair is knotting up alot(mostly in the back)..I usually tend to just rub my fingers through my hair often n just fluff it out a little, not so much seperate the tangles cause I can already notice a shrinkage in length. I mainly just wear my hair back in a ponytail with a rubberband n a hat on while out n about n I don’t wrap it up or anything while sleeping..should I basically just continue to let it be & tangle or occasionally seperate to form my dreads?..I want to end up with decent sized dreadlocks but not big clumps of just matted up hair type dreads.

  126. Kenna says:

    Is it possible for me to free form my locks? I have been growing my locks for 14 years now and palm rolling. I also dye them raspberry. I hair texture is mixed so when it get wet it looks slick. Can I benefit from free forming or am I stuck rolling? I really want a more puffy organic look. But I also want to keep my raspberry color.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      and you should stop palm rolling it does absolutely nothing helpful but can cause permenant harm

      but its never too late to let em naturalize
      however was wax ever used? even once? of so your going to want to do wax removal

  127. David says:

    My hair just 1 inch long, but I can already feel clumps in my hair, and they feel like twists and knots, I have a lot of loose hairs coming from my scalp, but I’ve been going to the beach quite often, and sometimes stay in the water for several hours, by any chance if my hair becomes to dry will I still be able to dread? Or will I have to condition and start over?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      arfrican hair will dread very short and dread while being conditioned regularly caucasian hair should be on the dry side to dred and should not be conditioned during the 1st year
      being dry it will dread faster but african hair can be too dry and get brittle and break spending alot of time in the ocean can over dry any hair especialy if not rinsed out after

  128. Marcus Davis says:

    Hi, I am an african american. I want to start dreading my hair naturally but i dont now if i can start them if my hair is only an inch long. Plus, i have been on various sites and everyone of them says something different on how to start them or what to put in them.

    Can you please help me!

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      yes african hair will dread very short
      and put nothing in them at all wash with a dread soap like dont comb or brush
      its up to you if you choose to seperate or not ..for most ppl id recomend seperating so they dint form too huge but some like the total out of control just let whatever happens happen look

      go to read the dreaducation page
      you may want to join too for advice and support

  129. Latarus Brown says:

    Im African American about a month into my baby dreads, is to okay to use the sea salt spray? Ive heard it helps durong this stage I just dont want interrupt whata happening. I also want to know how often in this stage should I ger my hair retwisted, my hair grows kind of fast.

  130. Chris says:

    Hello, you have probably been asked this a hundred times before but here goes! I am about 7 weeks into growing natural dreads, and all is going pretty much as expected. My hair is very thick and curly, and dreads are forming and looking a bit wild with kinks a plenty! But a lot of the dreads that are forming are pencil thin, I have a few thicker ones but I’m worried about the thin dreads, will they thicken up over time? Also they seem to be forming faster at the back of my head than the front, is this normal? Many thanks.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      yes they will thicken but whats wrong with thin dreads
      most of mine were pencil thick or thinner
      and yes perfectly normal since u sleep on your back

  131. Melissa says:

    Hello good sir,

    I have 2 questions for you. Let me begin by explaining that I am an older hispanic woman with thinning mid back length soft spiral curly hair. Question #1. Due to my job I am required to have my hair pulled back in a tight bun every work day. Will this cause any issues regarding the formation of dreadlocks? Question #2. Im concerned about a statement you made in regards to how much length could possibly be lost once the dreads begin maturing. Is a huge loss of length most definitely inevitable? I am only 4 days in and seperation has begun. My goal is to try to have them form as close to actress Lisa Bonet as possible. I think her hair is breathtaking.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      oh yes she is
      well yes length loss is inevitable and necessary
      take a string.. stretch it out straight
      then crumple it up into a ball
      essentially thats what your doing your hair goes from straight or curly to zigging zagging every wich way even upwads chaoticaly so u do lose a bit of length though its more gradual when going natural
      the tight bun will have 2 effects
      1 slowing progress and 2 encouraging congoes
      you will have to seperate more often so you dont end uo with a bundread

      just leave em loose soon as u step out the door after work
      leave em free on the drive home

      • Melissa says:

        It made me happy to hear that I’ve been doing what your recommendation said I should :-) I had to separate them today because they were looking awkward so I will most definitely take your advice and continue on that path. I’ve also been letting them loose as much as possible when I am not required to put my hair up. As far as the slowing down …..well….good things come to those who wait so I think I’ll just hang in there and enjoy the ride.

        Thank you!!!!

  132. Ella says:

    Does your hair dread faster if you are using the baking soda wash instead of a residue free soap bar or is there no difference?

  133. viktoryia says:

    Hi, I wanna start the process. But im nervous for the change. I have not combed my hair. Its only been a couple days. Do I really just let it do its thing?

  134. Ras Eason says:

    Greetings I have been re-twisting my hair for about 6 years now and decided today that I no longer want to do so..I want free form locs. Is this possible after 6 years..they are kind of small now. like regular size the perfect size..and Im just done with Babylons ways…I want to be free…is this possible.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      not only possible but absolutely essential that you stop ..however its possible you may need extra steps to recovery do you have alot of scalp showing do you have widening gaps between dreads and the roots are thinner then the tips (interlockings way worse but both cause these)
      traction alopecia is caused by over tightening the roots nearly 100% of salon dreads and maintained or “tidy” dreads (among african americans ..among others the % is less) have traction alopecia in fact salons define this as tidy but its a medical
      what to do
      stop twisting use the popping method to seperare if desred
      if you have scalp showing ..dont tie em up or style em in any tim=ght styles wear em up loose in a tam if its bad or hanging loose with no tension on the roots
      massage the scalp daily with pepermint oil or other essential oils that stimulate bloodflow
      the root tightening kills the root prevent ting bloodflow so it wont grow back
      biotin stimulates hair growth too
      umm look at this
      that was caused by 12 years of twisting
      he was so far gone i was afraid there was no hope
      but hes had 85% recovery last i heard by now problty over 90 ..wich i find amazing i didnt think there was much hope
      but his names jay sillons
      on there find him in members look at his posts
      especialy pay attention to panterra caraways responces
      shes a tru expert in hair care and the only reason we were able to save his dreads
      twisting is really a horible thing to do to dreads so stopping is the best decision

      i hope u werent twisting with wax if so u need wax b gone too

  135. Lorraine says:

    Hey there, really needing help! I have been growing my dreadlocks for 5 months now and until recentley have been maintaining them with the help of a hairdresser. But after reading this and some other websites I have decided to go it alone and just let my hair be and form as it wants. My problem is mainly that she has used yarn to keep the ends tied up…as some undone after she crocheted my hair and I asked her to chop them after as it was too long! My mistake, but she has sewed them in to keep them uniform. I don’t think she understood my desire to go natural. I trusted her as I didn’t know enough about it until now. So now I’m lost at what to do for the best! I don’t want to cut them off yet….until there’s some length behind it. Can i just let my hair grow and dread itself with me just seperating it. Or should I do the rip and twist way myself, because it’s already sectioned?? My hairdresser is used to doing afro hair mine’s a mixture which is why I thought she could help. But I don’t like having thread in my hair but there’s sooooo much of it! I hoping I can just grow my dreads from this point naturally and chop the ends off when my hair grows long enough and what grows dreads naturally. Some advice would be great. Thank you!

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      not sure i understand (salons do really confusing things to dreads) ok she crochetted the dreads then added yarnm as extentions? wtf?
      or i am confused but if its just the ends with string/yarmn dip the ends in olive oil and comb them out up to 1-3 inches enough to get all the yarm=n and string out
      then wash to remove the oil
      was wax used or anything

      • Lorraine says:

        Thanks for your reply. Unfortuatly shes sewed down the entire dread…..all of them she thought they were too thick and not dreading at the bottom. She folded the ends up and sewed them in so it looks like a blunt rounded end. Which my hair is now slowly coming out of. She also told me not to wash my hair but I couldn’t do that so washed it every 2 weeks. I wish I had found this website at the start of my journey. But at least I have you now! Thank you for your guidence.

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          salons are such scumbags the only thing you should do is wash way more often minumum 1 x a week but 2-3 times a weeks better just wash with the right stuff in the right way
          the roots are suposed to take a long time to dread they will be loose till 8 months in or so
          they need to be
          i would seriusly demand a complete refund she has no right doing dreads if she doesnt know the 1st thing about them
          absolutely everything she did was wrong

          ok recomendations
          well actualy before i give recomendations i want you to join
          in the salon dread recovery section of the forum post a discussion explaining everything she did and used
          add multiple detailed photos (not as attachment in the toolbar above where u type click the 2nd lil photo button)
          after we see whats going on then and only then will i be able to recomend what to do
          but..definately demand a full refund
          theres a chance your best option might be to comb it out and start over but i cant be sure till i see what was done
          also list all products that were used if any

  136. Kyle says:

    Can i still get my hair wet everyday without washing it?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      u could wash it every day but the reason why you dont want to wash or wet it every day is once dreaded they can take hours or even over a day to dry and if they are always damp u can get dread rot so typicaly every 3 days is good but in hot summers it dries fast if u sit in the sun so dont avoid water if u need to cool down just be sure they get completly dry also never tie up or cover when wet make sure they are loose and get airflow around em

  137. Carissa says:

    I’m 2 weeks in to the dreading process, the first week I lightly backcombed then I read on natural dreading and I’m now letting it do its own thing, I also used a crochet needle to loop the ends…I wash my hair with anti residue neutrogena shampoo every 3 days and I sometimes lightly spray my hair with a lemon baking soda water mix I notice few knots forming but the rest is loopy and I have flyaway hairs EVERYWHERE. I have very long hair about 2 1/2 feet. I’m white and I have super straight virgin hair… I know it says not to worry but I’m worrying lol at the rate I’m going will they form well? And do you know the estimated time my hair will take to loc?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      your doing many things wrong 1never use a crochet hook you dont want to blunt the tips or thwt will make em take 5 times longer to dry and will cause a mold risk
      nutragena is not non residue its anti residue ,.a residue stripper thats extremely toxic and only safe to use a couple times a year!
      never mix an acid with an alkeline lemon juice shgould never combine with baking soda baking soda is a wash not a spray and shouldnt be left on and should be followed by acv to restore ph (after rinsing it out)
      your 2 seeks in its suposed to be loopy with flyaways if it wasnt thered be a problem loops are how it dreads
      how long? longer then 2 weeks! thats the last thing your doing wrong..worrying
      to mature takes a year..or more but month by month they will get better..after a couple months of getting worse (when u backcomb..going natural its all forward progress backcomb u step backwards a few notches 1st)

    • soaringeagle2 says: shiuldnt even own a crochet hook unless its big enough to make tams..if u have 1 small enough for dreading u maybe temped to use it ..if u use it it will do severe harmn and break alot of hairs that then pop out so your tempted to use it again and again till they aree so weak they break
      crochet hooks re dread abuse

  138. Mary says:

    Okay, I’m trying to let it do it’s thing naturally but I have really frizzy thick hair. It’s ending up in just a ball of knots. I feel like I’m doing something wrong. I have only one section that is actually dreading. Any advice?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      well seperare it if 2 sections try to merge into 1 (if too thick over an inch at the roots) or seperate any single sections that are too big
      some have to seperate more often daily even but weekly is typicaly enough do it while wet its easier
      but dont seperate whats not knoted let it get knotty and form clumps before seperating
      just be sure to not let it dread into 1 big dread

  139. kesha says:

    Hi so i’m a little confused ,how to i start dreads ,right now i have an afro so do i just stop styling it and wash it every 2 days ?. how do i dry it ,is it bad to rub it with a towel? or should i just let it air dry ? do i put products in coconut oil

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      african hair dreads so easy u will need to prevent dryness with a minumal ammount of jojoba (better then coconut) or aloe avoid a towel if u can shake out and air dry

  140. Chad says:

    what helps make the dreading process faster, its been 21 weeks since i last combed my hair, i see other dreaders hair forming faster than mine, is there anything i could do to speed up the process

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      too many factors involved but its not a race
      hair length texture what u wash with and how how you dry and sleep daily activities wind hair oiliness or dryness
      you shouldnt compare at all but fill me in on youir entire routine and if i spot any issues ill offer suggestions but
      go to the pink himalean sea salt helps alot

    • Kadeem says:

      I have a very small Afro, I was wondering can I start letting it take it’s natural course now or should I wait till I got at least a couple of inches.

      • soaringeagle2 says:

        african haur dreads way shorter then most so chances are it will dread at under an inch so start now

  141. Mystie says:

    So I started my process today!! No brushing but my hair is naturally greasy and its already looking that way. Also my hair is only sitting on my shoulders. Would it look bad starting them with my hair this short? And also how do I wash my hair without messing up the process? Any pointers?!

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      ok so your hairs about 6 inches thats perfect
      but its greasy and u want to know how to wash without messing up the process well i got the solution for both
      greasy hairs usualy over washed to prevent oil buildup but its the stripping of oils that sends the scalp into panick and triggers over production of oils to compensate, that and oily hairs too acidic
      so use 1/2 cup baking soda (bicarbonate in other coutries) and 5 cups waer pour on and soak 10 min then rince repeat every 2 days then every 3 then every 4 when you get to 4 and its not too oily at day 4 start slowly introducing a very weak apple cider rinse after like a spoonful to 5 cups then 2 rinse it right away
      as they dread and mature u can switch to a dread soap makes the best ones or just increase the acv to 1/2 cup and soak in it 3 min b4 washing the bs/acv is a no touch method no scrubbing pour soak rince so no knots are disturbed
      dont towek dry shake it out gently then sit in the sun wind or by a fan blow dry if needed in winter
      gently on a cooler setting

  142. cathy says:

    Hi Soaring eagle,
    unfortunately i just have my 50% hair done into dreads by using backcombing and crochet method, and i really regret what i did, now i want to free form the rest of my hair grow into natural dreads. by the way, i even used to firm my current dreads with crochet hooking which led my hair to a higher level of damage. i dont want to cut all the dreads off because my hair is very long, it reaches to the hip. so as i’ve only done half of my hair, i really want to keep them grow naturally along with my future dreads (free forming dreads), is there any possibility or solution to safe all of them? and will the new grown roots of the dreads be able to combine with the old dreads (the damaged one)? please help! thanks!!

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      unfortunately crochet takes a very long time to recover from (damage is permenant) but takes 6 months to loosen enough to dread right and could be a year to lose the harsh crochet look but just leave em alone to naturalize and they will be fine as canbe
      go on post a freeform/crochet timeline so you can track the progress of both and show others the diference

  143. Beth says:

    Hi, ive only just started my dread journey (im about 4 days in) and ive already gpt a lot of babys forming. I was just wondering if its alright to towel dry my hair after I wash it as my hair has a habit of holding in water as it is. By the way, your dreads are incredible!

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      well towel drying can undo knots best to shake em out then go sit in the sun
      10 min in the sun dryies more then an hour towel rubbing or blow drying
      in fact a towel wont do much at all

  144. Tim says:

    These Questions are for Soaringeagle.

    I have stopped combing my hair, for a week now and i just purchased a bar of loc shampoo from this site. Will a dread hat worn during the day hours help with forming dread locs? And where can I get the hats and Wool Tams?

  145. Jaelen Porter says:

    What should you do if your hair flattens when you go to sleep?

  146. Lovey says:

    Aloha :) thanks for this page…so my very long curled hair is now naturally dreading….its now I guess 4 month and i think they’re just change to teenage age right now….
    My issue: I am mostly not caring at all trusting the process and wearing a dot…(is this “bad”..the dot?)_
    Now they are not seperated at the top clean but start to (i think you called it) congo…what can I do now to seperate them…shall i do anything or is it just fine..thank u so much :)

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      not sure what u mean by dot but most hats will slow progress and u will have to seperate lots more or u get a hat shaped megadread if u wear a hat a tams best but give em equal or more time to hang free and to seperate pull them away from eachother when wet ripping the connecting hairs u shouldnt see scalp between them tho but any hairs connecting up the body of the dread need to be released
      if they wont come loose when wet a lil olive oil on the connecting hairs might release em easier
      if they are too fused u may need careful surgical snipping if thats the case come back and we’ll go over what to do or just join

  147. Faith says:

    so i want to start dreading my hair. im trying to do this all on my own and naturally. so all i have to do is not brush my hair and just soak it with baking soda? i have really greesy hair, how am i suppose to go 2 days without washing it. im just confused and need help or tips on how to start dreading my hair

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      hairs suposed to have oils when you strip it constantly the scalp rebels and goes into survival mode and pumps out extra oils to compensate..additionally oily hairs more acidic then dry baking soda is alkaline normaly you follow bs with acv (apple cider vinegar) but to reduce oiliness use just baking soda extend how long betwewen washes u go by a day then a week later another day till u can go 3 or 4 without getting oily
      once its more dry slowly introduce acv after the bs to reset the ph to more neutral

  148. Chris says:

    My son has been growing his dreads for about 8 months. Some of his dreads are still puffy tho. What is a good product to use to make the hair stay together?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      please tell mjke u8 never used any products to hold them together! if u used wax..even once its in there forever destroying them u got to remove it agressivly wax b gones the best way its pure evil its criminal they sell wax for dreads now they are fine poofy they just need a lil more time but ..fill me in how were they started what products were used ..any maintenance? what was done include every detail even just palm rolling or twisting the more complete the list the better i can help
      are they natural (assumming u found me here they may be) if so natural dreads will rarely be mature b4 a year a few months more may be all it needs

      • Breanne says:

        Yes wax was put in them:( I didn’t know. I have gotten most of it out. Every other time I wash my hair I do a hot water soak then ACV soak then I wash them. Its really helped a lot!! The person that did them separated my hair, lightly backcombed,waxed, palm rolled. It’s taken a while to get all the wax out. The last time I did a soak, right before I pulled the dreads apart and got a lot of the knots out so that I could get even more wax out. OH MY GOSH, was there a lot! But now theyre doing a lot better. The only thing I do is separate the congos. It seems my hair just wants to form ONE dread!I think after one more hot water/ACV soak the wax will be gone. But I will do it a few more times just to be sure:)

  149. Breanne says:

    Help! So about 3 weeks ago I decided to dread my hair. Upon research I stumbled across dreadheadhq and thats where I got all my info. A friend did it for me (shes a hairstylist and said she studied how to do it) and she sectioned it, backcomed and then waxed. My hair was FULL of wax. She told me to reapply it so I did. Then I started reading about wax and had this HUGE battle of getting it out. I am really disappointed that I didnt let my hair naturally dread. The roots are starting to dread together, not where the sections are. I feel my hair is unnaturally sectioned. How can I fix this? Or is it too late? I truly am so upset I didnt know anythig about natural dreading before I did this, i am regretting my decision to have had someone do them:( Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!

  150. Nat Silberg says:

    Hey soaring eagle. Awesome site…my hair began twisting itself at least 6 Months ago. I never even considered dreads as an option, I’d always just rocked the “jew fro” haha. Now that my hair is dreading naturally, I’m all about it. I seem to have hit a snag though…Everything seems to be going smoothly in the front and on top,but in the back and on the sides, im getting very few twists. I definitely need to stop playing with my hair, but is there anything else I should/shouldn’t be doing? I wash my hair about once a week with “anti-friz” shampoo and conditioner. Can you recommend something better?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      its kinda amazing its dreading with how your washing those are made to prevent dreads so it just proves how badly it wants to dread is by far the best get the pink Himalayan sea salt spray as well as some shampoos and it will dread up much faster

      • Nat says:

        awesome,thanks! Should i start with the liquid shampoo and then switch the bar after my dreads are developed or it doesn’t matter? How often should I use the sea salt spray?

  151. Nicolas says:

    I would like to know if its possible to know if I could do dreadlocks, i’m a 20 years old boy from France and I have thin hair which never curl, my hair are approximately 3 inch long but I have still one month before doing it even if my hair don’t grow fast.
    I will he in south Africa in this moment, I heard they have a specialement treatment for dreads, they burn the end (?) is it ok or no, and for my type of hair?
    And can I do something in this month I have left to prepare my hair or something?
    Thank you

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      burn the hair? come on does that sound smart? stay away from any places that claim to “do dreadlocks” thwy are all ripoffs and do extreme harm!
      at 3 inchesits a lil short for any method backcomb or tnr need 4 but 5 is better and at 6 it dreds itself
      its really best to let it dread itself theres no better way!
      at 4-5 though if u want you can twist n rip (better then backcomb) but do not use wax or crochet hooks!

      salons that will burn your hair have got to be among the worse out there only worse salon i ever heard of poured a bucket of black liquid latex (yes..rubber) over a freinds blond hair turning it into a black sticky mess that destroyed every peoice of clothing and furniture she owned

      u got to stay awy from any place that says they do dsreadlocks..dreadlocks do

      • Nicolas says:

        Ok thank you very much for the advice.
        But a problem is that I cannot do it myself… And if I don’t go to a salon.., all of them are piece of shit about dreads or something?
        And are you shure that a kind of hair such is normally never destined to be like dreads will do it itself naturally?

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          all hair dreads naturaly some slow most fast some extremely fast
          salons are the absolute worse mistake u can make
          and if u must do dreads its incredibly easy to do yoirself
          go to read dreaducation read the forums join ask questions therss nearly 12,000 ppl there to helkp you

  152. Taylor says:

    Hello there, I am a Caucasian female with shoulder length hair (give or take half an inch); it’s very smooth/soft, fine, and wavy. I have been DYING to dread at least like three small chunks of my hair (not my whole head) for years now. I want two dreads on one side (near the back of my ear to sort of mix in with my hair — so “accent dreads,” ya know?) and one on the other side of my head near the back of my ear… is this even possible for my hair type and length along with the fact that I want only a few as opposed to my full noggin? If so, how do you suggest I go about this process? If not, take care and keep spreading the love! Thanks :)

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      well u can do it naturaly by just finger combing theparts u dont want todread..or u can use twist n rip to get em started
      but once u have a aere going to want more and more

      • Taylor says:

        What is the twist and rip method?

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          take a section..twist it a bit (not tight) split into 2 parts (not in 1/2 split randomly as you can) pull the 2 paerts away from eachother wich pushes knots to the roors (note to ger the 1st base knots started may take several pulls) after u pull them put them back together split in a new location pull every so often retist (like every 10-15 pulls)

          the more random the better it might look slightly braid like at 1st if not random enough but the braided look will go away as it dreads

          use no rubber bands waxes products only a dread shampoo like

  153. Angelica says:

    Hi soaring eagle, I am new to the natural dreading process (just started a week ago) and I just had a few questions. I am Caucasian with fine, wavy hair and I have stopped brushing and I wash my hair every 2 days with baking soda.

    1) The ends of my hair are very dry and damaged. Will this cause problems and make my hair more difficult to dread?

    2) I work in a restaurant and I am required to pull my hair back in a ponytail or bun. Will this cause my hair to dread more slowly? Does hair lock faster when it is up, or down, or does it matter?

    3) I sweat a lot in the spring/summer so I prefer to take showers frequently (once or twice a day). Is it okay to constantly be getting my hair wet in the shower as long as I’m not washing it every time? Does wet hair make it harder for the hair to lock up?


    • soaringeagle2 says:

      1 no that wont matter mighteven help 2 this will matter some typ]\ing them up alot will slow things and will require more seperating as they truy to form a pony dread or bun dread the looser u can tye the better and let them be free soon as your able the greasiness from the kitchen might slow it some too but slows not nesacarily a bad thing. 3wetting..and washing often helps it dread but..u need to be sure its drying completely especialy when dreaded they tke hours even days to dry if they stay damp they get mildew/moldso its best to get used to wetting only every few dys however summer sun dries them fast so if your out in the sun and heat they will dry plenty..during colder months washing/wetting weekly is best 4 oh wait there was no 4 haha so ill summerixze you might dread slightly slower but thats ok be extra careful with seperating leave em down and free as much as u can and..let them dry completely b4 wetting or tyoing them up if u tye em uop damp your adsking for trouble same goes for wering a hart or anything t5hat restricts air flow

  154. rachelHe says:

    Hello, I was recently going to backcomb my hair and start my dreads that way but when i realized there was an all natural way to get them i decided that would be better. I’m a female and my hair is about three inches long all around. I had it shaved for a long time. Last night was my first baking soda wash. I was wondering will my hair dread? Also do i just let it dry however and let it do what it wants, or can i push it back to get it out of my face and wear a beanie at work?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      for most hair 3 inches is too short (for any method) but some ppls hair will dread that short
      yea just let it air dry a beannie will hurt if tight a tams better

      • rachelHe says:

        I guess its like five inches, will that dread alright. its down to my shoulders in the back and past my eyes in the front.

  155. Katieanne says:

    I have fine soft straight hair. I have short hair, shoulder length in back and to my eyebrows in the front. I’ve been dreading for about 3 months. The back is doing well, the front is still a work in progress. I’m wanting to make a homemade sea salt spray. What should I put in it and the proportions? All feedback appreciated greatly(:

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      hi the fronts a lil short to dread a sea salt spray should have sea salt 3.5% of water volume
      but i wouldnt put it on for longer then 2 hours
      my friend vicki makes a hugely superior himalean pink sea salt (most pure salt on earth) with added proteins and herbs that works way better and is actualy healthy to leave on longer
      its on there

  156. jason says:

    nah i was because i got the dry ichies alott and i thought the moisturize would help the process lol
    do dreads dread any while they are pulled up ? like in a hat for example?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      it really slows things ..wash more add teeareee and rosemary oils olive oil! what are u washing with

      • jason says:

        where could i get some of that teatree an rosemarry at? im washin with the knotty boy residue free soap bar.

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          thats the best place to get the oils
          the knottyboys not as horible as dreadheadhq but i wouldbnt use anything from either site
 is by far best shampoo the teatree rosemary bar is best

          • jason says:

            thanks, any tips? im wanting to bind up one of my dreads or maybe 2 like they did in biblic times. think it would be nice.

            • soaringeagle2 says:

              tips..stay away from knottyboy and dreadheadhq
              to bind em u mean to combine 2 dreads? they will combine if u dont seperate
              if u dont seperate they combine ..u can force it by wrapping 2 together in hempor embroidery thread

              • jason says:

                yeah, mine are only ab shoulder legth and my 4 up front from my bangs are ab cheeck bone length. so i want to wait untill theyre a little longer. once the mature i hope theyl look better, then ends of mine look ridiculous because some of them are well formed from being tucking in and twist and rip and some iv just left alone to tat up naturally.

                • soaringeagle2 says:

                  tucking in the tips wasnt a good idea blunted tips make thenm dry about 5 times slower that greatly increases the mold risk loose tips let the water drain out easily

                  • jason says:

                    so no blunted tips ever?

                    • soaringeagle2 says:

                      i wouldnt sat-y that if they naturaly blunt be it but its silly to force them to blunt cause it holds in water so much longer
                      however theres a racial diference and racial advantage african hair self blunts almost always caucasian hair doesnt usualy africans come from very hot climates si slow drying cools the brain longer with very lil risk of mold cause the excessive heat causes fast drying
                      caucasians tend to come from cooler to cold climates so wet hair for 5 days can be a real hazzard

                  • jason says:

                    so no rounded tips ever?

                    • soaringeagle2 says:

                      didnt say that if they blunt on their own just accept it but forcing them to blunt is silly
                      just leave em to do what they want to do

  157. jason says:

    i work 3rd shift at a processing plant for sandpaper and what not so i keep a hat on the dreads to keep all the pollutents lingerin around from them. sand dust and what not.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      are u african american?
      olive oils a thicker oil thats extremely easy to over use and it will b hard to remove twice a days excessive for anything.. reaklly if u wash once a week u should be anble to mou=isturize once a week too jojobas a better option..igf your not african american i wouldnt at all unless they are very dry and brittle all that oils going to prevent dreading (african hair will dread no matter how much oils u use practicly but still seems lu[ike twice a days extremely exsessive)

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      srry that reply wasnt to u
      thats a good idea liningthe hat with satin or silk or even a plastic badg will keep very fine particles out

      • soaringeagle2 says:

        or haha actualy was to u but in resoonce to te other question

        and wearing thde hat alot will slow progress bit

  158. jason says:

    what do ido ab new growth that doesnt find its way into dread but just looks ridiculous? lol. im ab 7 mayb 8 months in my dreads. did them from back combing, and the twist and rip, but im wanting to let everything else go fre form now because i dont want to damage hair anymore than i already have. might not be too late lol.

    • soaringeagle2 says:


      • jason says:

        also iv been moisturizing a bit because its winter and i only wash them once a week because of how long drying period takes on thicker locs. iv been moisturizing with olive oil pep oil and water mix i made myself, is twice a day too much you think?

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          are u african american?
          olive oils a thicker oil thats extremely easy to over use and it will b hard to remove twice a days excessive for anything.. reaklly if u wash once a week u should be anble to mou=isturize once a week too jojobas a better option..igf your not african american i wouldnt at all unless they are very dry and brittle all that oils going to prevent dreading (african hair will dread no matter how much oils u use practicly but still seems lu[ike twice a days extremely exsessive)

  159. Philip says:

    I’m almost a year in, and notice little pellets of hair that dangle by themselves an inch or more from the hair that is (finally!) locking. I’ve been snipping them off, because they look like flies swarming me, and I wash regularly. I also moisturize with argan oil, sometimes VO5. Is this the messy-weird stage before things truly start to settle in?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      what type hair are u african american? you dont need to be snipping anything off they will suck in if left alone but if your not african american then the moisturizing has been slowing the dreading alot
      what do you wash with also?

      • Philip says:

        I wash with Dr. Bronners, or homemade soaps that I buy. I’m Afro American, and I moisturize to combat the dryness of it. It gets like hay sometimes.

  160. Dreadhead420 says:

    Great site soaring eagle … Please help ! Have had my locks for 4 years now , with no real sign of growth … I wash once a week with dr bronners bar soap . Is my hair simply to dry n breaking ? Or is there something more ? I have cacausion hair (very straight) and my dreads are natural (no comb or wax).if I start moisturizing with jojoba oil will I maybe finally see some growth ? Please help before I give up all hope …. Peace

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      unusual are u seperating? did they dread very slowly are u deficient in your diet?
      some grow at diferent rates i mean i know a guy who started his the same week as me mine are 6 feet or so his barely 1 or 1 1/2
      sometimes the roots get all bunched uo and u grow almost a hair hem]klmet at the roots if your not seperating when i seperate after a long period i feel like i gain 1/2 inch length just from releasing those hairs at the roots

      try biotin every day for 6 months see if it helps

      • Dread_head_420 says:

        Thank you so much for your quick reply back . I definitely do separate congos as the form, my hair dreaded fairly quick and went threw all the stages you mention on this site . I have always been one to “twist” and play with my locks .. Since realizing this causes dread breakage (last year) I have stopped doing that . I have also started moisturizing my dreads with a water and jojoba oil spray daily . To see if there just to dry and breaking . I also have been trying to make my diet much more healthier as I know these all are factors in healthy hair growth . I certainly will try biotin , do you know of anyone who has personally had good results from it ? Hopefully I’m on the right track now , ill keep you posted with my journey . Thanks again for the advice . Peace ✌

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          the twistings horible it causes widespread balding biotin is very helpful but takes 3 months to see any results on in featured videos theres 1 called twisting interlocking root tightening dangers u see how bald he is but in 3-6 months after finding us haqd 85% regrow by now hes probably back to 100%

  161. Calista says:

    Will I lose hair length when my dreads are done forming? (I started last week)

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      when u take a strentched out string and crumple it into a ball is it not shorter? yea it will get shorter but natural dreads may shrink and grow at same speeds so itd just a zeroo growth period instead…but it varies alot but ofcourse knotted hairs shorter then straight hair

  162. Devon says:

    Hey soaring eagle I have (african hair) have been growin natural hair for a week the sighns i see are only just really bumy nots they some what sectioned.One last question I want some what thick locks how do i form them do i have to wait for more length.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      they will always try to get thicker and thicker thats why you shpuld seperate also dreads that start off thin thicken till matur e the root area determines the thickness of the mature dread but the thicker the dread the more problems u might have anything over an inch requires special care

  163. Marv says:

    Hey soaringeagle thanks for the great site. Ive had two year old salon maintained dreads(african hair) but iv had enough of the ‘tidy’ look and want to change to free form dreads. What steps should i take?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      that depends on alot of factors what was done and used?
      if wax was ever used even once start the wax removal process use wax b gone ad get the wax out next salons cause extreme harm and in african americans especialy..traction alopecia do you have alot of scalp showing between dreads? thinning roots with the hair pulled in painfully tight? what salons call tidy is a medical condition they cause purposely which will end up causing balding if your already showing signs of it u should massage the scalp loosening up the roots and getting blood flow to return so the hair grows back

      next take all that ridiculous amount of money you save and spend it on something useful (ive seen ppl spend 10-15 thousand on dreads only to have total disasters)

      oh and wash them alot more often then the salons recommend and do w clarifying shampoo to remove build up from gels and crap
      as they get more healthy if they try to grow together and u dont want them to ..pull them apart never twist them
      and drop by for more tips theres a salon dread recovery section too

      • julia says:

        hey i was looking up ways to dread your hair last n ight and this way seemed like the best but i wanted one immediatley just to see how it would look so i did the crochet way and now i have one and it looks pretty cool but will it affect anything and do i seperate them or do they do it by themselves whenever they start, i just stopped brushing my hair yesterday :D

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          the crochet way is 1 of the worse most abusive things u can do to dreads it does extreme damage and delays any progress by 6 months!
          your hair will section itself in a few days to a week then begin to dread as dreads form they will try to re-join eachother and become bigger dreads so thats when you seperate them

          • julia says:

            okay thanks and i read that you get really bad dandruff and have to cutt them off but ive heard bad things about all of the methods and i feel like since this is completely natural its the best but idk

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      any dr4eads no matter the method are prone to dandruff early on due to the lack of scalp stimulation but it gets better and u treat it with teatree and rosemary and it goes away no dreads need to be cut (well waxy dreads often are) u can comb them out even after decades but crocheted dreads u will lose most of the hair since most was broken by crocheting

  164. Roro says:

    Dreading for 7months now going through the shrinkin stage, need tips for my dry scalp, i have a shampoo with tea tree oil, mint, and ginseng, i also poured a little more tea tree oil extract into shampoo bottle, still have some bad scalp i wash hair every month. i got wavy hair not african hair

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      this is a no brainer you wash your hair every month? no wonder wash it 2 times a week no hot water and dont add teatree add rosemary but chabces are thats not a good shampoo to use the teatree rosemarry bar from will take care of it or the patchooli bar (any will but u should use 1 of those till its under control then try the others) dreads need to be washed wayy more them=n monthly..weekly at a minumum 2-3 times a weemks even better

  165. Donaldtitux says:

    Greetins soaringeagle, started my freeform 4 about 3mths now, although i can notice soo many baby rasta my hair seems 2 break always wen i wash and also i do dry rosemary and sage tea rinse with some few drops of apple cider vinegar every week and its makes me feel so bad and i dnt c my hair growing at all. Could it be da breakage dat resist my hair 4rm growing fast. Coy if it pays 4 me 2 cut and grow my fro one again i wud andstart with da freeform again

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      are you washing? if u have more like african hair you need to moisturize too (aloe or jojoba) dreads dont grow in the 1st year they shrink but breakage is a problem its too dry

  166. Devon says:

    hey soaring eagle my hair is pretty short is that a bad thing when starting dreads and hen i tried to twist them they were puffy at th roots what do i do

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      do u have african hair type if not then dont twist but african hair dreads shorter then any other its not bad to start short if you have any hair type but if u dont have afrocan u might not see dreading till 6 inches 1 thing the roots should be puffy twisting isnt dreading and whatever you do do not retwist! i know salons say to retwist monthly but thats why all salon dreads are going bald twisting causes traction alopecia and balding wether u start naturally (freeform) or twist after day 1 just wash and seperate and nothing else

  167. Justin says:

    Oh my apologies theres one more question i forgot to post.Is it ok i get my hair wet when in the shower on the days that i dont wash my hair and if so do i folliw the same steps in drying daily even if the hair wasnt washed that day? I highly appreciate the assistance!

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      u can but when dreaded they can take longer then a day to dry so you might want to get into the habbit of not wetting every day

  168. Justin says:

    I have about 7mnths worth of very thick course african american hair, do i follow these same step or do they change? Also if i seperate the knots as the form wikk that effect my dreads?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      well its the same except african hair requires more moisture to prevent over drying
      well u seperate 1 dreads from another u dont want to seperate knots that would be a dread unless its forming to big

  169. Dread joe says:


    I’m an african American. I have had my dreads for about 8 years. They won’t grow pasty my shoulders. I am Guitly of the salon wax gel twisting. Is it to late to fix my hair and go all natural

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      you can save them but u must follow these steps
      1 remove wax
      2 stop twisting
      3 stop going to the salon
      now heres where we might have to take extra steps going to a salon and twisting causes traction alopecia and balding that scalp showing look they sell as “tidy” is actualy a medical condition that can make u bald
      if you have alot of scalp showing thats most likely why you have zero growth
      you need to follow these extra steps
      1 massage the scalp daily with oils (panterra will tell you wich oils see below)
      2 take all tension off the roots no tying them up tight no pulling back tight no braiding twisting etc
      3 join
      4 after joining click members then you will see member category links at top click hair and scalp health experts click panterra caraway
      consult with her on how to best recover from traction alopecia

  170. Jaydub says:

    Hello everybody! I have some questions and concerns. I just started dreads about three weeks ago. I definitely should have read up a little more before stating this whole process. Well I wanted to know if I should start over or keep it rolling from here. I stated by palm rolling…i know, bad idea. I have a bunch of baby dreads that the roots aren’t locked up on but most of the hair was forced into locks. I stopped messing with them about a week ago and just have been dancing working sleeping with them and they seem to be doing a little better. hair close to the scalp is all puffy and dry and seems like ot wants to dread. just a little worried that this may alter the whole process becaise the ends of my hair are all tangled but the roots are not.I wondering if I I should comb it all out and just let them do their thing from day one or just keep them in and let the roots and rest of my hair nautically dread up. Also I have been hearing from a couple of ppl that by doin it this way and not having done by someone who knows that they are doin, that I will eventually go bald and or have bald spots. Is this true?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      ypur fine letting them go from here and no thats the oposite of true if you went to a salon youd be bald in a hurry they force the roots to be supernaturally tight wich causes traction alopecia and balding by letting them dread naturaly your hair will be healthy as can be
      do you see any bald spots on me? ofcourse not but look at every salon that does dreads they all look like they are going bald from day 1

    • Jaydub says:

      Thanks soaring eagle!! You have really releaved a lot of second thoughts about this life journey i am undertaking. I have had a lot of ppl with and without dreads giving me mixed advice. I’m glad to hear that every little thing is gonna be alright! I always knew it would…intuition never lies! Have a blessed and beautiful day filled with happiness, light, and love!!

  171. Chris says:

    Ive been reading a lot of your info on how to dread my hair and from wat I’m understanding all you are saying I have to do is wash my hair every 3 days with non residue shampoo and let it air dry and the dreads will form by themselves?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      you see we have always done it that way always knew how it happened (although in Shakespeares day they believed elves tangled the hair in your sleep and it was bad luck to untangle it)
      it wasnt untill recently that certain greedy unscrupulous companies realized the potential in profiting from mns seperation from nature and desire to reconnect to naty-ure that other methods were creatted to imitate what nature does alone
      now lets examine 1 companies approach
      agressive backcombu=ing then coating in wax then rubber bands palm rolling root rubbing crocheting interlocking felting powders butters waxes etc
      now lets examine natures way
      a breeze tangles the hair
      sleeping tightens the tangles
      washing tangles the hair wich tightens as it dries

      so the companies hacked away at the hair damaging the cuticles then those knots are sealed in place in wax unable to move (or have more knots form) palm rolling compresses the hair in wax wich hardens making them seem more mature (but you still have only the tangles u had on day 1) then rubbing rolling and brute force knot creating year after year anerd then u end up with a style resembling readlocks but hardly locked at all wich require constant maintenance and repair

      naturaly dreads require washing..and seperating..thats it

  172. Damian says:

    Irie Bredren, InI just had one question? Have your locks been at a certain length for a while? like do they stop growing at a particular length? I have a lot of new baby locks that just started on their own, I would say about 8 to 10 new ones. All InI do is just wash and go, that’s it. Maybe it’s just I, but my mature ones seem to have hit a certain point and just been at that point for sometime. Perhaps you can give i some tips or feedback and tell I what the case may be. Thank You! Peace and Love!

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      how long are they? i know jah levis were as long as mine when i met him long ago now they are 14 feet mine had reached a certain length then the ends broke off often from being stepped on etc but hasnt happened in a long time some grow slower some faster some reach a certain length and dont want to grow longer 1 friend started his same time as me and his arent even mid back how old are yours too assumming they are mature they should keep growing as long as theres no vitamin deficancy

      • Damian says:

        My front is at middle of chest, a few goes past that, my back is at shoulder blade, a few slightly longer. I’m a vegetarian and I take mi vitamins. Like multivitamin,biotin,fish oil, Vitamin D3, Very health conscious. InI believe in the body being a temple and must be taken care of to have maximum life upon earth. I’ve had my Locks 5years. Please Let I know your opinion, InI would greatly appreciate it. Thank You!

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          fish oils not vegatarian its pescatarian you can get b12 from nutritional yeast i see no reason it should stop growing so short unless possibly if your letting the roots matt all up and congo at will that matted roots can get dence and limit growth i think i almost never seperate anymore except the alreadty thick ones but often when i would seperate id gain a 1/2 inch or more just from seperating the rioots

  173. Ras Khalil says:

    Hi, eye a an afro teen. My afro is medium in size and eye am a rasta . I’Freeformomg and eye was wondering what shampoo eye should use? Eye would like to keep in touch weekly if possible . My email is and my number is 7044334428

  174. Philip says:

    Hello Soaringeagle–
    Hope all is well with you. I wrote you back in May, and thought I would give an update.
    My freeform journey has continued, and some kinking has begun to set in! They fluff out with washing, and are still a bit frizzy, but after all these months, it’s starting to happen! All I do is wash in a clockwise motion. Have others used this method? Thanks for your advice.

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      well, the whole clockwise/counterclockwise things a myth 1/4 of all heads the hair spirals the other direction and a spirals only a spiral at the crown everywhere else a curve so 1/2 is still rubbed against the grain plus any rubbing can create or destroy knots its better to use fingertips to just scrape at the scalp ignore the hair and then rinse thru

  175. says:

    I started to dread naturally for about four days now. So far I have baby dreads coming out.
    I wash my hair about every three to four days.
    My question is when showering in the days that I don’t wash my hair can I still get it wet?


    • soaringeagle2 says:

      absolutely they love getting wet but
      the only reason not to wash or wet every day is dreads take a long time to dry if they dont dry they get musty at 4 days thats not an issue but 1 day will be
      also if you dont shower every day you wont have as much dry skin issues showering every 3 days is plenty..unless you have a real poor diet eat alot of meat and processed crap that cause alot of body odor issues but for general heigein and skin hair health a few days betwen is optuimum

      since your dreadin so fast pop on over to and post a timeline

    • says:

      Thanks for the quick reply! I live in Puerto Rico and work outside all day, so showering is essential!

      • soaringeagle2 says:

        understood as they get tighter tho u wont want to set em every day well actualy the hot sun dries em faster so if yoir out in the hot sun its not as much a risk

        • says:

          Thanks again for your knowledge!
          I’m developing tons of skinny dreads and I would like to have thicker
          Dreads. Should I do something about it? Or do they group together
          Eventually? I do play with my hair a lot… Meaning I take the palm of
          My hand and go in a circle motion all over my head. Should I stop doing that?

          Thank you again!

          • soaringeagle2 says:

            stop rubbing!
            and be carefull what you wish for
            thicker the dreads the longer they take to dry tge more likely it is to get mold or uneven pulling
            now dreads start off thin as they shrink and tighten they fatten up so judge the mature dread size by the root area
            now its nit recomended to do anything to fatten up dreads till mature cause they may end up way too fat so when mature if you want en fatter just dont seperate and they grow together
            bu stop all rubbing!

            • says:

              Ok thanks!
              I have over 40 little baby dreads that average from a 1/4 of an inch to 1/2 an inch in thickness.
              I just don’t want to end up having to many skinny dreads and also having a Congo dread with three
              Separate skinny dreads.

              • soaringeagle2 says:

                40 is average i had 75 to start i guess at 1 point was nearer to 200 i stopped seperating completely 4 or 5 years ago and now as many as 6 congoed into 1 but i never let any get over an inch

  176. kyle says:

    Also i forgot to mention that my only means of transport is motorcycle and in nz helmets are compulsary. How will the compression of the helmet affect the growing of dreads?

  177. kyle says:

    I see, it literally is ‘free forming’ =) thanks eagle

  178. kyle says:

    Hey all, im a 17yr white boy with a 5 an’a half inch long (average length) afro, when it gets wet it kinda looks like your steriotypical surfers mop that comesdown to just past my eyes…
    I can see the sections of how/where my hair would dread and at times it can get quite notty but i need something to persuade it and to help it kick into gear… Any tips from experiences and advice on the earlier stages of dreading would be greatly appreciated. And thanks in advance for response

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      no it needs nothing to encourage it but how lonbg is it oulled out it probly needs more length only
      however sea salt sprays help or swims in the ocean just dont leave it in long a couple hours max
      it will get there as it grows a bit more

  179. Khoral says:

    Thanks so much for putting this up :)
    I’m about to start the dreading journey, and I am pretty excited!! :)



  180. aunaturel says:

    Hey, I have a few questions.
    I read your how to section.
    I am an Afro-american so my hair is very tightly coiled, my hair is about 8-13 inches in some places.
    Should I just stop combing/detangling my hair if I want to dread…
    I know afro hair dreads the fastest, but I am unsure if I should section my hair off first before I just don’t do anything to it…
    I really want my hair to turn into dreads, but I don’t think my hair will section off.. it will probably just turn into one big knot.
    I just want my dreads to look nice.
    Please reply! :| ..TIA
    Should I visit a loctician for advice? And should I cut my hair? (I really don’t want to cut off a lot -_-)

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      absolutely do not go to a loctician worse mistake you can make they will screw u evrry time even make u go balkd while charging you up to thousands of dollars
      your hair wikl section and dread byut will drad fast so will try to congo (combine) all you need to do is rip sections away from eachother that try to connect at the roots join http://www.dreadlockssite look at trina sanders dreads they are natural then look at jay simmons and i cant remember the other 2 all 3 went to locticians for years all 3 were going bald from it the 1 just shaved her 15 year old locks cause locticiabns screwed hee up so badly

      • aunaturel says:

        Thanks for the reply!
        I have been looking at your forum site (FAQ and first 5 months) and I am pretty relieved to say the least. My hair will lock naturally.
        Thanks again! :D
        And I saw that video about retwisting it was pretty scary.. :(
        I want my hair healthy for the long run..

        • soaringeagle2 says:

          well next time your out and about look at 1/2 the african americans u dsee with dreads on 1 hand u see the natural dreads that look healthy but niot all exactly the same size then on the other u see the salkon dreads mot of which u will notice the roots are way thinner then the ends theres wide gaps of scalp showing and they are pulled into extremely tight styles locticians call this a tidy look but its really traction alopecia starting it takes years to gt as bad as in that vid but every single 1 off them that interlocks or twists are headed that way it will get worse and worse till dreads fall off and they go bald

          • aunaturel says:

            Yeah… Now that I think about it.. It doesn’t look healthy..
            And our scalp isn’t supposed to be spaced out.. O.o
            I do see people with retwisted dreads and it seems they have a permanent space there..
            I certainly don’t want to go bald, so however my hair wants to dread. I’ll just let it.
            Thanks again soaringeagle!

            • soaringeagle2 says:

              there was a loctician that joined dreadlockssite and the pics she posted were scary there was 1 elderly woman with tiny lil dreads ticking straight up ..with gaps between dreads that were nearly 2 inches wide
              and they use fear and shame based tactics to sell you on this saying you wont get a job if you dont make every loose hair get pulled in weekly or you’ll look ugly and homeless if you dont make every dread look exactly the same..
              i get told daily that my dreads are the nicest they ever saw but every loctician i ever talked to say they look like shit and i should let them fix them
              meanwhile all their clients look like (and are) going bald

              • aunaturel says:

                That’s really scary.
                I don’t know how these people live with doing and letting these people go bald and have these issues..
                It’s really wrong.
                Glad I stumbled on this site before deciding to do anything.

                • soaringeagle2 says:

                  well they are tought wrong if you go to school for cosmotology or do loctician training they never even mention that hair will dread itself they only teach brute force dreading and many still believe wax helps dreading the companies that sell the wax creatted the training material s and it just got worse from there..but most refuse to learn better ways..egos u know the ol ive been doing it this way for x years i know what im doing syndrome
                  then most of their clients find our site only after having problems like dreads breaking off

  181. Mike says:

    hey, so i was going to start off with sectioning the hair, my hair is down to my nose. now when this page explains how to do dreads it doesn’t say much. do i literally just have my hair into sections and just wait for knots and dreads to start?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      theres no need to section it it sections itself perfectly in fact forcing sections often results in the sectioning bein g rejected and the roots trying to split into 2 or 3 dreads so just let it section itself and dread
      just be sure to seperate so u dong have the section try to grow together

  182. Philip Scott says:

    Hello Soaringeagle
    My journey began in late March. I’m in the frizzy bumpy stage at present. Doing the freeform thing. I’m bald in the front, and the frizz has hard knots of hair beneath. They don’t come loose with washing. Should I twist where it hasn’t knotted yet, or use gel to help it along, or just wait it out?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      wait it out twisting is very bad for dreads instead you want to pop them to seperate never twist twisting causes a slow gradual receding of the hairline into the dread making the roots thinner and thinner till they break and can cause traction alopecia and even permenant balding..twisting is just another salon scam thats very harmful and is why african americans have an epidemic of 16 year olds needing hair transplants
      this vid shows you the severe damage twisting can cause

  183. Samson says:

    My hair is very curly, and 4 inches long. can i start my natural dreading process?

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      you can start the natural dread journey at bald, however it may..or may not begin to dread till 6 inches sometimes it will dread shorter..often it wont but theresz no reason to wait to start if your ready to start

  184. Dan says:

    Greetings Dude

    My one and only question is what is the best length to start growing dreads? I’ve always had long hair and at the moment its about 6 inches long of non dreaded hair.

    Thanks for your help

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      Sorry I didn’t notice this earlier, if you TNR or backcomb, 4 to 5 inches if you go natural six. Unless you’re African-Amethen it can be shorter

    • soaringeagle2 says:

      the best length is any length we have a few starting from bald, however longer hair dreads faster…and shrinks more..most hair wont dread till 6 inches (some will dread shorter especialy african hair) so 6 inches is great yours will dread fine

  185. Jessica says:

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom :)

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